Anime Freak FX Vol. 2 - Rolfee message
Anime Freak FX Vol. 3 - Rolfee stamps & Game stats
Anime Freak FX Vol. 4 - Rolfee “goodbye”
Battle Heat - Extra fighters & PC-Engine warning
Blue Breaker - Character effects & All characters
Der Langrisser FX - Bonus options code does not work with PC-FX version
Farland Story FX - View FMV cut scenes
Kishin Doji Zenki: Vajura Fight - Stage select
Sparkling Feather - View animated scenes
Super God Trooper Zeroigar - Sound test
Super Real Mahjong PV FX - Cinema menu
Tokimeki Card Paradise - Animations & image gallery

PC-FX System FAQ v6
Created by Aaron Nanto

Battle Heat Move List (.doc download)
Created by Aaron Nanto

Last Imperial Prince (.doc download)
Team Innocent: The Point of No Return (.doc download)

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