With the innovative design and power of the PC-FX, the face of videogaming has changed. Sporting a 32-BIT V810 processor, millions of colors, and one of the highest quality FMV in any home video game system, the PC-FX is definitely the system to get your hands on for some great gaming excitement.

It all started with the joint collaboration of NEC Home Electronics and Hudson Soft of Japan that spawned the PC-FX on December 23, 1994...

The PC-FX is one of the most unique video game systems ever made. Instead of the usual flat & square designs associated with most game systems, NEC decided to use a different approach when designing the PC-FX. One main factor was making the system expandable. Taking a card from the PC market, it was decided to create a tower shaped video game system that offered 3 expansion ports for upgrades and peripherals.

The front expansion slot was to be used for the FX-BMP, a memory expansion module that allowed you to save games to it, rather than the FX internal memory.

The rear and bottom expansion ports were available for connections to the PC-9800 series of computers made by NEC. One of those connections were used for a PC-FX-to-SCSI adapter which allowed the FX to be used as a SCSI CD-ROM drive.  To the rear of the unit, you can also find direct A/V, S-VHS connections and the power cord. Voltage and other power information can be found to the top of the rear panel.

In addition to playing PC-FX games, the unit could also play audio CDs (with an expansive CD menu control screen), CD+Gs, and Kodak CDs for viewing your home photos.

The PC-FX main menu

The front expansion port

The rear A/V ports

The top of the PC-FX

The PC-FX CD menu

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This is a screenshot of the official NEC PC-FX website on 1.14.99, which was the last known update before being taken down shortly thereafter.  The official address of the site was:

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  • CPU
    32Bit NEC V810 RISC Microprocessor
    Clock Frequency: 21.5MHz
    MIPS: 15.5
    Main RAM: 2MB
    VRAM: 1.25MB
    CD-ROM Data Cache Memory: 256KB
    Back-up RAM: 32KB
    ROM: 1MB
    Television Output Type: NTSC
    Video Output: 1.0Vp-p 75 ohm
    • S-Video Output
      Bright-Signal: 1.0Vp-p 75 ohm
      Color-Signal: 0.286Vp-p 75 ohm
    Maximum On-screen colors: 16,777,000
    Resolution: 640x480
    Maximum Parallax: 9 layers
    Effects: Rotation, magnification, reduction, cellophane, fade, priority
    Image Compression: JPEG w/Run Length compression, full-screen/true color decompression at 30fps, Kodak Photo CD compatible.
    16-Bit Stereo w/2 ADPCM channels and 6 sample channels at 44.1kHz.
    Sound Output: 1.0 Vrms (0db)
    Sound Frequency: 20Hz~20kHz
    Standard 2x CD-ROM drive compatible with 12mm/8cm CD
    2 PAD Terminals
    EXT1 (for Back-up memory)
    EXT2 (for extra functions)
    EXT3 (for main memory expansion)
    132mm (width) x 267mm (depth) x 244mm (height)
    FX-CD, CD-DA, CD+G, CD+EG, Photo CD
  • WEIGHT: Approximately 2.9kg

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NEC PC-FX Controller
FX-PAD - 2,980Y - 12.23.94 On Sale

The PC-FX controller sports an 8-way directionsl pad, “Select” and “Run” buttons, six action buttons, as well as two unquite “mode” switches that changes button mappings for some games.

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FX-BMP - 4,980Y - 11.10.95 On Sale

The FX-BMP is the memory expansion module for the PC-FX.  The PC-FX had only 32KB of backup RAM and because of all of the RPG/sim games released for the system, the FX-BMP extra memory was a must.

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FX-MOU - 3,000Y - 11.24.95 On Sale

The PC-FX Mouse came in handy for games that had more of a point-and-click interface, such as the Anime Freak series, and various RPG/sim games. Games that support the mouse are labled with the mouse icon.

FX-SCSI - 12,800Y - 03.17.05 On Sale

The PC-FX SCSI adapter allowed owners of the NEC PC-9800 series computer to use the PC-FX as a external SCSI CD-ROM drive.

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PC-FXGA for PC-9800 - 46,000Y - 12.08.05
PC-FXGA for DOS/V - 46,000Y - 06.28.96
PC-FX98IF for PC-9800 - 36,800Y - 03.17.95

The PC-FXGA was NEC’s answer to the consumer PC-FX SDK.  It allowed for practiclly anyone who knew how to write FX code able to make homebrew games.

There were groups in Japan who were dedicated to making homebrew FX projects and demos, but because of the lanaguage barrier, FX development never really expanded to US/EURO PC-FX owners.

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