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PC-FX World Updates

 10.11.05 Major Game Overview video additions & Updated PC-FX Users List
- Added 33 Intro and Gameplay videos to the Game Overview section. Now the Fighting, Sports, Table Game, RPG, Shooter, Strategy, and Action game areas all have Intro & Gameplay videos.  More to come!
- The PC-FX Users List has once again been updated - it is still wonderful to see that there are people discovering the PC-FX.  Welcome!

 2.16.05 General tweaks & updated PC-FX Users List
- Changed some spelling errors on various pages, and updated the PC-FX Users List.

 11.10.04 General Updates
- Added new Tenchi Muyo FX review

 09.09.04 - PC-FX World Grand Reopening
The PC-FX World is now at a stage where I am happy enough to reopen it.  It has been rebuilt from scratch, expanding on every section that the old site had.  Sections have been added, shuffled, merged, info expanded and/or corrected....check out every section, for Iím sure you will find something new!  - Aaron

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