This article, TurboDuo: The Super CD Has Landed was taken from GamePro magazine, October 1992 issue.

TurboDuo: The Super CD Has Landed

Turbo Tech Rolls Out Its Double-Barrel

While other game companies are still talking about their future CD units, Turbo Technologies (TTi) has just released their second generation of CD-based game systems. Determined to make compact discs the standard for gaming, TTi´s TurboDuo is poised to leap into stores this month, lapping the competition in the CD race.

When, Where, and How Much?

On October 10th, the TurboDuo will be available only through selected stores in the Los Angeles and New York areas at a suggested retail price of $299.99. The distribution of the Duo to the rest of the nation is tentatively planned for early `93.

The Bang for Your 299 Bones

At a rather pricey $299.99, gamers will want to know exactly what they´re getting.  Here´s a list of they key features that make the Duo package worth it´s weight in plutonium.
     The TurboDuo is a sleek integrated unit with a lot of potential.  The Duo conveniently combines the features of the TurboGrafx-16 and the TurboGrafx-CD. It even plays Turbo Technologies´ new Super CD format.
     So what? So, you also get $250 worth of software and two Super CD discs. One Super CD disc contains Bonk´s Adventure, Bonk´s Revenge, and Gate of Thunder. A second disc includes the games Ys Book I and II.  You also get a coupon booklet worth $50 towards the purchase of any Duo software or hardware.
     If that´s not enough, you get the first issue of TurboForce, a new magazine entirely dedicated to Turbo Technologies´ hardware and software.  That´s a total of $599.99 worth of stuff, not counting the magazine. Not only do you get all this, but some time in 1993 there´ll be a peripheral that will turn your Duo into a CD-ROM drive for the IBM PC or Mac.

What´s So Super?

The Super CD capability of the TurboDuo is by far the most important development in CD video gaming to date.  It allows for four times the storage of the older TurboGrafx-CD games, amounting to 6 megabits (256K). This increased storage provides programmers with the space to create more graphics, better sound, and longer play time for games.  ShapeShifter is one of the first games to tap into this intense increase of depth.  On the horizon are even better games that´ll take advantage of the Super CD.

A Deal for Loyal TurboGrafx Users?

If you have a TurboGrafx-16 with the CD Player, then you can upgrade your system to play Super CD´s with the Super System Upgrade Card, which will retail for $95. This won´t allow you to take advantage of some of the cool features the Duo has to offer, like personal computer CD-ROM capability and a slightly faster access time.  However, it will come with the 3-in-1 Super CD that contains the two Bonk games and Gate of Thunder. If you´ve already invested in a TurboGrafx-CD player, you probably can´t justify buying a Duo unless you´ve got a PC and a need for a CD-ROM drive.
     However, if you´ve only purchased a TurboGrafx-16, you´d be spending $245 for a CD player and the upgrade card.  It may behoove you to spend the extra $54 bucks for the Duo and give the TurboGrafx-16 to someone less fortunate than yourself.  If you´re a first-time buyer and you´re interested in a system from TTi, then definitely go for the TurboDuo.

Super CD Lineup

The following is a list of games that will be available on the new Super CD format:

Splash Lake by NEC Avenue (August)

In this addictive puzzler, you play Ozzie, a strong-beaked Ostrich.  Ozzie´s goal is to sink colorful enemy animals into Splash Lake by taking a crack at pieces of a bridge.

Dragon Slayer by TTi (November)

It´s your turn to take your rightful place as the true heir to the throne, restore the kingdom, and avange your father´s death.

Camp California by ICOM (Fall)

The object of this side-scrolling action/adventure game is to keep the beaches clean so that everyone can appreciate the rad surf without dirty turf.

Loom by LucasArts (December)

As Bobbin Thredbare, you live in an ancient city of Weavers.  The city is in danger.  You must save the Weaver´s Guild by collecting puzzle pieced and solving the musical brainteasers.

Far East of Eden 2 (Under Negotiation)

Human Sports Festival by Human (Under Negotiation)

Shadow of the Beast by Psygnosis (September)

You play the main beast in this action/adventure game.

Prince of Persia by TTi (October)

In this popular title, you must escape a dungeon and rescue the princess before it´s too late.

Gate of Thunder (November)

Gate is an awesome shooter designed to take advantage of the TurboDuo´s capabilities.

Riot City by TTI (March 1993)

In this two-player fighting game, you´ll use those street fighting techniques to beat up bad dudes, thugs, and hooligans, who are creating danger in your `hood.

Dungeon Explorer 2 by TTI (Winter 1993)

Up to five players assume a character and attempt to defeat the evil King Blade in this action RPG.

Populous, The Promised Land by TTi (Under Negotiation)

You´re the supreme being in control of the world.  How will you lead it?

SimEarth by TTI (Winter 1993)

You control the Earth´s environment and evolution in this simulation game.  This one was a big hit for the PC.

Spriggan by Naxat (December 1993)

It´s an all out awesome shooter.

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