OMG! ZIRIA! ZIRIA!! ZIRIA!!! IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!! 34 YEARS LATER!! The epic/legendary Tengai Makyou/Far East of Eden: Ziria JRPG has finally been localized! Supper the Subtitler struck again! Simply unstoppable, NOTHING can prevent him from TOTAL PCECD localization domination!!!! WHACHA GONNA DO BROTHER?!?!
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I found out the little switch in the battery compartment is to cut off the AV out from headphone jack so it doesn't interfere with the sound when actually using headphones.  I originally thought it was a region mod switch but I was wrong.  From what I can tell it actually doesn't have any region mod installed. 
Was eating dinner with the family when I noticed this popped up on kijiji for $300CAD which is about $220US from a game store in the GTA called Retro Game Bros. Unit is re-capped, screen mod, controller out mod, and I think a region switch In the battery compartment but doesn't seem to work.

I'm gonna post pics of the inside if anybody with mod knowledge can tell me how it looks, I don't know much about mods.  They said it was done by a well known modder in the GTA that they trust, but opinions from you guys would be appreciated :)

I'm finished!

Replaced all the caps including the super cap, did the jailbar fix, greased up the laser gears and rails, PC Engine Duo working perfectly :)  I got lucky this unit had nothing wrong with it but bad caps. 5 pads got lifted from removing the surface mounted caps and had to be repaired but everything is working great now.  I also accidently melted the top of the switch for the cd door, but cds are loading regardless, not sure how but I'm not complaining.  I'll have to try to find a replacement switch if possible

I played 3 stages of Dracula X so far, I'm gonna sleep good tonight knowing the system is working perfectly lol.  Very happy tonight!

Thanks to all you guys for the help and advice

Quote from: esteban on 04/20/2017, 08:56 PM
Quote from: LowRes on 04/20/2017, 08:38 PMHey guys,

So I just started collecting PC Engine games and I just bought Street Fighter II dash on ebay tonight.  I was wondering why this game comes in a double case?  Is there any purpose to the double case?
If an instruction manual was REALLY thick, it could go in the extra side of a double-jewel case. But the SFII' manual isn't particularly thick...

(1) I think it was to make folks feel like they were getting their "money's worth".... The largest HuCARD came with a MEGA price tag (¥9,800)...still, it's sad that PCE owners didn't get an extra item (RPG's would come with a map, for example) to store in the extra jewel case.

(2) Also, I have a totally WEAK (that is, unfounded) theory that NEC was looking out for folks who got the SFII' PCE bonus booklet (Fan Book) store "Fan Book" in the other side of the jewel case. This, admittedly, is pretty weak. I don't think this is the actual reason why NEC went with a double-jewel case:


Read more about the launch of SFII' PCE here:

(3) Also, the raised HuCARDs can fit in a regular jewel case...even with a sleeve + foam cushion (I think the phat system cards came in regular jewel cases...correct?).
Thanks for the link, it was a good read.  Now I know if I ever find the mini comic book it will fit inside the double jewel case :)