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Updated 9/20/15

So, hey, I seem to have neglected updating this again. I feel like I did have some stuff I wanted to put up, but I went and forgot what it was. Actually, I've made some minor changes that I didn't feel were worth mentioning, but the real reason I'm finally calling this an update is I now have a YouTube series. Since it's video game related, the permanent link will reside in the Video Games section.


By the time you read this, I'll hopefully have my small collection of toy pack-in comics re-scanned and posted to tumblr.

The Global Ranma Insanity Thread (GRIT) Chatroom
Probably a relic of an earlier time, it still works so I'll still host it. Even if GRIT itself seems to be in a terminal coma.

Video Games
A trio of sarcastic game reviews from the era when that was pretty much what the Internet was used for. Possibly still mildly amusing. Also, a link to my YouTube series, also possibly mildly amusing.

I should probably disassociate myself from most of this, but it's not like there aren't other copies in easy to find places, so I guess I might as well own up to it.
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