@GTV reviews the Cosmic Fantasy 1-2 Switch collection by Edia, provides examples of the poor English editing/localization work. It's much worse for CF1. Rated "D" for disappointment, finding that TurboGrafx CF2 is better & while CF1's the real draw, Edia screwed it up...
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I'm sure this will be successful, maybe it could lead to some other official releases. As an ardent lover of RPGs, I'd love to see more of them translated.
Yeah, I've seen some of his videos. It's what got me interested in it originally. I was curious if anyone here and tried it yet. I know it doesn't work with CD games at the moment which is a let down, but perhaps in the future. I told my wife I want one for Christmas so I guess I'll know more then.
I've been thinking about toying around with the Mister FPGA and I was wondering if anyone here has tried the TG16\PCE core and how well it works?

This seems really cool, but I just can't justify it. I have a doujindance Duo-R that need some work done and I think that would be a better place to put my dollars.
I just got an email about a change in publisher. Will this have any effect on the PCE version?
I'm glad to see this thread is still going. I love these cityscapes.

Quote from: NoSexGex on 07/11/2017, 10:26 PMCurious if anyone has ever gotten a good TG16 deal from Amazon. I've looked a couple times, but have yet to find anything that's decently priced
I've actually found a few good deals on Amazon, but it really is a a slog to look through the listing in search of a deal. One little trick is to find a seller that will combine shipping and order a couple of items.
I liked it as well as my wife and 14 year old son. Honestly, it's not worse than some 90s\00s game to anime conversions. I think Trevor talked too much. I think Ryan Gosling Drive style minimalism would have been more appropriate, but it's a minor gripe.
Quote from: Psycho Arkhan on 06/28/2017, 04:39 PM
Quote from: technozombie on 06/28/2017, 04:35 PMI've always wanted to make a game, but I never really had a "vision" for what I wanted to make.
so make a game about someone who doesn't know what they want to make.
Arkhan, you're such a genius will you take me on as you disciple.
I've always wanted to make a game, but I never really had a "vision" for what I wanted to make.
I haven't really made any progress. I made my pong style game and never did any more. I get distracted really easy without set goals.
Off-Topic / Shantae GBC Sealed Unboxing
05/10/2017, 07:44 PM
So the completionist guy on YouTube just did unboxing video for a sealed copy of Shantae for GBC. I thought it was cool he was opening, thinking he was eschewing collectard'ism for gamer cred. Turns out he was basically forced to in order to get a good deal on the game.
On a side note I'm not dissing the guy I do have a few sealed games myself.
I prefer the roast beef variety.
Legendary Wings is a pretty good and inexpensive game. Also, Rygar, which happens to be one of my most favorite childhood games.
Burning Force: a fun Space Harrier style game from Namco, nice music IMO.

Light Crusader: Isometric  action  RPG  from Treasure. Late Genesis title with good graphics, but does suffer from some difficulty stemming from the isometric view point.

Chiki Chiki Boys: Fun action platformer/ arcade port.  Discussed more in depth on another thread on the forum.

Tiny Toons Buster's Hidden Treasure
Shadow Dancer
Bio Hazard Battle
Genesis 6-pak
I grew up watching TNG and watched the first season or two of DS9 as it aired. Growing up,TNG was definitely my favorite show that wasn't a cartoon. I also watched Enterprise and liked it at first, until they went on a single story tangent that I didn't find interesting.  Also, I hate Scott Bakula, always have always will. Reading this thread makes me want to go back and re-watch them all.
The one in Dallas was quite a bit bigger, although I didn't  go last year.
I spent more money than I should have.  I did buy Splatterhouse and journey  to Silius from that guy that had the air zoom and magical Chase.
Saw my first copy of Magical Chase with manual only $2100. Needless to say,  I passed on that one.
I'm going. I live about 1.5 hours away.
Quote from: KingDrool on 04/18/2017, 11:57 PMPlayed it up through the merman part. I absolutely love it. I found a secret area, which was crazy hard, but everything else plays just like the original.
Was the secret area something that was in the original or something they added?
Anyone get this yet? I'm  still busy with Legend of Zelda,  but I'm tempted to buy it just to make my kids play it.

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General Gaming / Re: NES classic
04/18/2017, 11:12 AM
Quote from: SignOfZeta on 04/18/2017, 10:01 AM
Quote from: Necromancer on 04/17/2017, 10:29 AM
Quote from: Punch on 04/14/2017, 07:08 PMFair enough, I don't necessarily disagree with what you're saying, I don't really get why you're labeling people expressing their frustration with Nintendo's product strategy as "fanboys" though.
It's simple: in Zeta's mind, Nintendo is always right.  You either do things their way or you lose money hand over fist.
If that's as deep into what I'm saying as you can see...I guess you still get the point. Be it wisdom or belligerence, Nintendo has lost many many billions less than Sony and MS have in the last 15 years since Sega died and they didn't do this by just listening to Twitter feedback and fat fucks on YouTube. The success of the NES Classic is something MS and Sony would gladly enjoy but never could: a highly profitable well engineered yet sub-$100 item sells way beyond expectations, the entire project going from announcement to completion in less than a year.

I'm not saying they are always right. Painting me a loyal to any billion dollar corporation shows your willful missing of my point, as you have been doing here...since before Sega died. I'm not shitting on fanboys because say something contrary to Nintendo, I'm shitting on them because they say something counter to their own level of expertise which is usually zero.

If anyone here ACTUALLY MAKES SOMETHING then their standing increased significantly. People who live off eBay, work in food service, cops, lawyers,  bankers, the IT crowd, clerks, clergy, etc...I don't tell them how to make sales quotas so it's annoying to hear them pretend they know how to make a video game when an existing one doesn't meet every one of their criteria.

Obviously Elmer, Arkhan, Old Rover, Nightwolve, etc have significantly more standing since they have a greater understanding of what this kind of work is, although obviously that's very far removed. People who make anything are rare in the US nowadays but they do exist and those aren't the people who have done the most complaining from what I've seen. Mostly it's a bunch of no-nothing losers who couldn't even draw a picture of the NES Classsic let alone design one.

It's like the guy who loves to say "I told you so." except he didn't and he wasn't right about anything anything anyway. He's just fucking annoying.

Have you ever tested a prototype of something for a year only to have the project canceled because another design turned out to be a better idea? Have you ever worked on a project for five years and then see it tank because a supplier fucked up a minor part? Ever seen your sales reduced by a more popular but ultimately shittier competitor's product because of the price? Do you work in product certification and safety? Those are people with insight. If you had to shove your boss at 7-11 because you needed to get fired so you could go to the Gathering of the Juggaloes and now it's going to suck because you planned on having a NES classic in your meth tent, then please just fuck the fuck off.
Sorry,  but I'm  not getting your argument either.  The engineering, coding, and production  facilities are already  in place.  Nintendo would literally make more profit the more units they sale since they've  already put the work in on the front-end.  A slow trickle would prevent over producing, and they could curtail production as demand begins to diminish. Nintendo obviously has their reasons,  but this is definitely  a bad public image move. My guess is that they are ending production  because of an impending virtual console on the Switch.

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Quote from: guest on 03/22/2017, 06:18 PMGredler Binding of Isaac is a really fun game, played quite a bit on steam many years ago. Was thinking about getting it for either 3DS or Vita, so I'm wondering how the Switch version compares as a handheld port. Great game for quick bursts of action and a really fun and great atmosphere.
My son has this on PC, but decided to get the Switch version. He now prefers to play on the Switch and likes the controls better. Oddly enough, my wife likes to join in and play with him in the multi player mode.
If they are having to use google translate to ask a question in English, they aren't likely to be interested in English language games anyways.
PCE/TG-16|CD/SGX Discussion / Re: Ys IV
04/02/2017, 07:33 PM
I used to be against cheating, but with the limited time I have nowadays it's more important to get past a frustrating part and get back to having fun.
Crazy that you can use passwords back and forth between the master system version.
They need to take a snapshot of all the patches they host and put them up on a torrent. Even it was only done once a year it would be very beneficial.
ED is a cool looking game. I've never tried the SNES version, but I actually have a copy of the PCe one. Maybe one day....
As a backer of the PCE version, I'm just checking in. Wow, what a thread. I've never played rolling thunder for more than a minute or two but, it seems like an appropriate style for this IP.
Quote from: exodus on 01/24/2017, 06:36 PMValis III (pce on left)

Valis II
So the PCE Valis takes place in PCE town and the other one in Reno?
These are great. Soon I'm going to use magic engine to take some screentshots with only the background layer.
That's what it looks like to me, but there may be some other wires that  do not match.
I think that $200 is what it should cost based on the hardware, but I expected $250 because Nintendo Tax. $300 is too much for me.
Damn, I would have been 6. No wonder I sucked so bad at the first Megaman.
Adding PCE Snatcher


Another Cybercity

Is there a PCE emulator that will you let you strip away layers so you can get a clean screen cap of the backgrounds?
I decided to go ahead and make the Cityscapes post. Starting with the first thing I could find while searching. City Hunter Oedo 808

Quote from: gynt on 01/06/2017, 08:59 PMhttp://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/162349022967

nope, i have never seen this before.  but i will be first to admit i am not an expert in obscure accessories
i assume somebody has one
Shoulda searched the forums beeyoch. Consider yourself hazed.
General Gaming / Re: 16 bit cityscapes
01/06/2017, 08:53 PM
Which linl is dead? The neogaf link still works for me.
General Gaming / Re: 16 bit cityscapes
01/06/2017, 02:07 AM

I was just thinking about this thread and I decided to make a Sapphire GIF. I couldn't find any when I googled it.
Quote from: Bloufo on 01/05/2017, 12:45 AM
Quote from: Mathius on 01/04/2017, 09:12 PMSpeaking of weird consoles if anyone ever comes across an Action Max let me know. I had one of these growing up and would love to experience it again.
The one with that uses VHS/Beta? cassettes?, or something to that effect.
 I think I recall seeing one of those on one of our local auction sites. I may be thinking of something else, though.
Yup, check out this beauty.
Quote from: Mathius on 01/04/2017, 09:12 PMSpeaking of weird consoles if anyone ever comes across an Action Max let me know. I had one of these growing up and would love to experience it again.
Haha When I was a kid I bought one of those from a garage sale, but it never worked. I was thinking about it the other day and couldn't remember what it was called. After reading your post it was an Aha! Moment.
Has anyone tried modding a Duo to use HD Retrovision cables? The Dbelec guy recommends using the Genesis cable with his grafx booster whatever its called. My Doujindance Duo has an 8 pin + ground, C type DIN, and the Genesis uses a U type I think. Anyways, just looking for some input.
I wouldn't say I'm advocating hazing, just a casual hey go search a little bit and come back. There have actually been quite a few times where I wanted ask a question and then I thought I should search it before asking. Maybe, that's just me being afraid of looking like a dumbass lol.
A little poster intimiadtion is good. Such as coming down on someone to search the forum before asking a question. Even if your question doesn't get answered by the search you're more likely have a better, more informed question.
I just listened to the first two tracks, but it sounds like something from Super Hexagon.