Sega Lord X reviews the Street Fighter II Champion Edition PC Engine port.
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Quote from: nat on 05/07/2007, 12:26 AMHere's an older pic from my Dad's wedding. You can see my 16 year old cousin in the background looking like he wants to do something extremely creepy to the photographer.


Quote from: nat on 01/20/2008, 03:43 PMThis is the most recent picture I have of me. Not great but it "gets the job done":


Here is an old picture:


Quote from: nat on 08/15/2009, 05:39 PMIMG

Someone found our site a while back before we were really ready to publish it, but now we feel the time is right to "officially" go public with this thing. At present we have nearly 200 reviews online and will continue actively update the site with reviews and other content every week. The site is the offspring of a collaboration between runinruder, GUTS, (for those of you who know them) and myself. At present runinruder is responsible for about 90% of the content, with the remaining 10% being mostly my contributions, GUTS has contributed a couple reviews but more importantly, is entirely responsible for the site design. We decided to go with a blog-style site since it makes updating a lot easier. Our goal is to eventually cover every Turbo/PCE game ever made, and offer multiple viewpoints on many of them. Feel free to comment on the reviews using the comment forms on the site, or offer feedback in this thread. Enjoy.
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