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Arkhan Asylum Banned

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Shadowland fanboy
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Psycho Cyber Bully, Top Toxic Turbo Troll at something called AetherButt...
Much to say about this deranged, vindictive bully! He's NOT merely 1 prisoner/inmate, oh no, he's THE WHOLE ASYLUM!!!! BAN ON SIGHT!

Quote from: Psycho Arkhoe on 08/11/2008, 01:55 PMIMG

GameSack Joe correctly tried to ban this bullying blowhard years ago, him surviving/evading bans when it should have been permanent cost PCEFX greatly...

Andrew Doravich Dildovich will weaponize/incite any friend he has to harass/bully/stalk his targets... There is nobody left in PCE fandom that he has not tried to flex over/viciously assault verbally be it David Shadoff, Old Rover Perry, GameSack, Aaron, elmer, NightWolve, and one active woman, Michirin9801 (who SignOfZeta and fragmare also harassed!), etc.

I made the mistake of friending him on Facebook which gave him access to my Friends list which he could then bomb their inboxes with secret messages to manipulate, or otherwise come after me as part of broader cross-platform harassment, trying to sic his gang of friends, and attempt to turn your own friends against you, etc.! BAN ON SIGHT!

ALL THIS destructiveness, bridge-nuking, blackmail/extortion just to extort me (or Aaron) into unbanning ONE PCE PSYCHO, a 375-pound vicious bully known as Nullity/John Moriconi, who had HIS OWN PCE forum AND chatroom! He had somewhere else to fuck off to, back to his bitter shithole, so why destroy PCEFX for the rest of us just to force that ONE SOB back in here ? DON'T KNOW! THESE CRAZY FUCKS CAN'T DO LOGIC/RATIONALITY!!!

He thinks we - the PC Engine community - are supposed to treat him like a rockstar for producing a few Atari PC Engine ports/clones/hybrids and absorb all manner of abuse/harassment/hounding when he has his temper tantrums and starts nasty wars of choice... Yet if you looked at MindRec/BT Garner (now deceased, RIP), he also produced Atari PC Engine ports and last I checked he never harassed ANYONE, not once in complete contrast to this miserable, angry a$$hole going after EVERYONE given enough time!

Quote from: Arkhan Asylum on 04/01/2010, 02:30 AMClose enough
❤ Interests:
Causing mass destruction in PCE fandom, helping DPhile destroy/dissolve PCEFX thru mass/daily harassment just as he did on Facebook to the TurboGrafX 16 PCE group because he believes he is an exceptional/special testicle in our community for porting some Atari games to PC Engine CD, and therefore we must all bow down and kiss his PCE ring or face his relentless wrath... He is NOT the PCE community, he is in a small gang of beer buddies and bullies, but believes he should be the voice that speaks for us all!

❤ Games:
I'll collect his verbal abuse history here against PC Engine fans that didn't "live up" to his crazy standards...

1) Michirin9801 was the only active woman in the PCEFX forums, click in the thread to get a taste of how this f*cktard and SignOfZeta treated her, combative quoting games up the wazoo, heckling, psychological attacks, etc:
Quote from: Andrew Darovich on 11/19/2017, 07:30 PMTry f*u*c*k*i*n*g reading before you do your "reeeeeehururuuuuu don't invalidate me #triggered SJW I can do stuff too" bullshit. ... [blahblah] you're kind of a dipshit.  Plain and simple.
If I had done this whole exchange, his other psychotic pal also from Ohio, Brandon Walker the Stalker (spenoza), would've popped up to accuse me of being the reason why there are no women in gaming forums, but since they're beer buddies, met in real life at Ohio gamer nerd events, the disgusting coward has no choice but to look the other way when Andrew flips out on people! He doesn't wanna be targeted by him either, so the go-along-to-get-along dynamic plays out... Pathetic bunch!

2) StarDust4Ever - His inflammatory keyboard-warrior combativeness was deleted, but the link is where he started another one of his petty know-it-all feuds... The more I think about it, the more it angers me this motherfucker wasn't thrown off permanently when GameSack Joe had a chance with his first ban... Fuck this piece of shit and shit stain Atari games sold under PC Engine skin!

3) Dave Shadoff, targeted for "not working hard/fast enough" to do documentation grunt work for homebrew developers... That's right, he started an argument on this and I remember how outraged I was, and for not speaking up either since he kept me on friendly terms which I didn't wanna sour at the time... Had I known what a Nintega piece of shit monster he was all along, I wouldn't have sat as a bystander!

4) Of course he went after elmer for making jokes about those Saber Riiidddeeerrrs, rrriiiiddddiiinnnggg off with all yo money... It's only cool when this bitch makes jokes at others' expense, see how that works ??

5) Here he is being an abrasive psycho cyber-bully on the MSX forums because the "hero" "caught" someone using sprites/art in their homebrew which was done intentionally as tribute. The target of his wrath eventually pointed out how his shitty Atari ports that "pose" as PC Engine homebrew are nothing more than stolen/repurposed ideas/concepts from primitive Atari games of yesteryear and maybe that might explain Andrew's defensiveness ? Haha, in other words, he called him a homebrew hack! Apparently they temp-banned him for it, but then it was removed unfortunately.


❤ Books:
His deranged, homophobic friend, Wily Ryley Reynolds (Gex), only stalks men on the Internet, repeatedly keeps calling us f-ggots, screaming other weird obscentities, making crank-calls across 8 weeks after Aaron closed PCEFX, and continues to engage in defamation about the matter to this day!

His homophobic "associates":

#1 Don't ban me bro!

#2 Don't ban me bro, I AM the "PCE Community!"

#3 Don't ban me bro!

To put a stop to his buddy Ryley from vandalizing the registration with his homophobia and monthly stalking, I had to beef up security, disable proxy websites. The psycho screamed in text boasting, "You can't stop this nutter, funny that you're trying!" but I did. Unfortunately Psycho Wily Ryley is some kind of IT gamer nerd like Andrew, the worst of combinations...

❤ Quotes:
"Install the chatroom, NightWolve! Do it, do it, just do it! I'd never steer you wrong... It'll be great, trust me! Hehehehehehehehe!!!!!"

Quote from: TurboXray on 01/18/2012, 10:26 PM..... Arkhan, just let it rest. I wasn't replying to you directly or indirectly. Whatever your problem is, get over it already. I'm sick of you talking shit/snide remarks/attitude/whatever towards me on the forum. Quit trying to start/stir up shit. I purposely avoid replying to you or having any conversation with you on this forum. Please provide me with the same courtesy.
When Psycho Andrew Dildovich was harassing Malducci/Tom/TurboXray. I'll say this again, if GameSack Joe stuck to principle and banned this SOB years ago, my situation with Nulltard Moriconi and his DildoKKKobolds wouldn't have been half as destructive... It angers me this little manlet escaped bans so many times, that I never would've met him on PCEFX and he would've been somebody else's problem elsewhere to deal with, never mine!

Quote from: Arkhan Asylum on 12/28/2016, 01:27 AMHe's a cocksucking piece of shit, and I hope he gets his dick stuck in a car door that speeds away.
Quote from: Arkhan Asylum on 01/25/2013, 02:59 PMThey still look like fucking queers.
Quote from: PCEngineHell on 05/12/2011, 12:27 PMArkhan for trying to constantly speak on the behalf of others, and for all round generally random assuming and snide back-talking bullshit. Learn to shut yer fucking yap already
(sorry, couldn't find your pic, but this one looks close enough like you anyway, so we'll call it a even)

Quote from: blueraven on 08/29/2010, 02:34 AMWill You Miss Fighting Street?
Quote from: Arkhan Asylum on 08/29/2010, 03:40 AMNot really.  It'll just condense the forum back to being PCE/TG related.  If i want to go scream and bitch and be a jackass I can just go to 4chan/IRC/
I only say this because lately it seems chit chatting and fightingstreeting are more active than any relevant crap.

all fighting street does is immortalize arguments from shoutbox.
❤ Random:
Quote from: RoyVegas on 05/17/2012, 02:40 PMAh damn Ark, your stories coming apart at the seams and apparently noone has jumped in to save you!

That's what people like you to rely on, you need other people to jump in and swarm on me so you don't look like a rambling fool.  You need me to be overwhelmed with b/s posts so you don't look like such a failure. I may be shitty in peoples eyes for gouging, but you are nothing without other people swarming me on here.  

What now Ark?  Attack my family again or something since your failed ass b/s isn't being backed up?


Quote from: Psycho Arkhanerd on 01/27/2015, 01:30 AMIMG

Fuck Yeah.
Says it all right there on who you're dealing with!

He "won" the war to restore the chatbox, but then aided/abetted the DuoPhile war to sabotage it and then take down the whole rest of the forum with it - that's the stuff of legends right there folks! That was NOT on the bingo card in a list of possible scenarios, for most of us anyway...

I believe her name was Arcadia Rose? But now I remember: after she dumped the motherfucker, erased all her photos with him, and quickly replaced them with a new boyfriend in a blink of an eye, that's about when he started being more of an asshole to everyone else!! If you could pinpoint an approximate time, it'd be then! He's a serial abuser, that abuse goes around to everyone in all his relationships, so yet another burned bridge! He's older/uglier now, so no way he could get a chick again THAT above his class! Hell, I dunno how he pulled it off in the first place, she's WAY too attractive/cute to be down with a low-class, nerdy, "e-thug" manchild like him... I guess she realized the mistake before it was too late, ha!


Quote from: esteban on 04/03/2012, 07:38 AMArkhan, the machines are turning against you...
07/28/2008, 08:34 AM
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07/14/2024, 03:12 AM
This "max-level forum psycho" (:lol:) destroyed TWO PC Engine groups in rage: one by Aaron Lambert on Facebook "Because Chris 'Shadowland' Runyon!," then the other by Aaron Nanto "Because Le NightWolve!" Him and PCE Aarons don't have a good track record together... Both times he blamed the Aarons in a "Look-what-you-made-us-do?!" manner, never himself nor his deranged, destructive, toxic turbo troll gang!