10/31/2023: Localization News - Dead of the Brain 1!

No, NOT a trick, a Halloween treat! Presenting the Dead of the Brain 1 English patch by David Shadoff for the DEAD last official PC Engine CD game published by NEC before exiting the console biz in 1999! I helped edit/betatest and it's also a game I actually finished in 2023, yaaay! Shubibiman also did a French localization. github.com/dshadoff/DeadoftheBrain
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PCEFX Saboteur
John Brandwood - "hotshot" game developer/techhead...

So here's the thing John, you tried to take something from me that I loved/working on - PCEFX - and the productive plans I had, some of which matched Aaron's like moving to a cheaper host and finally getting rid of the Habboland theme (the 2 last things we spoke about after I activated the chatroom while others like /catalog were my idea)... Your stated/unstated goals were to force Nulltard back in, me "fall on the sword" to appease the rising mob, which would inevitably lead to sabotaging my friendship with Aaron (someone I go back to from 2002) and it did; your insane associates harassing him daily (Andrew "Arkhan" Dildovich, John "Nulltard" Moriconi, Kyle "DildoKobold" Thomson, JoshTurboTrollX-16, etc.), action/reaction, all of it led to that and we haven't spoken in ~2 years!

You took my friend from me, not just destabilized the forum further by endorsing the daily saboteurs/stalkers/bitter malcontents, and you better believe I wanna take something from you too you son-of-a-biotch! I owe you that, in fact! I owe you payback, but pursuing the matter isn't worth it! You got away with it, so pat yourself on the back and carry on...

Now Aaron hadn't logged in for 4 years, it'd be like you/your psychotic pals going over to Neo-Geo.com, causing conflict/chaos with xRotx and his staff, then demanding he resign, for Shawn to replace him... Shawn hasn't logged in for more than 8+ years and has no idea what's what, so the idea that this tactic is fair to xRotx is absurd!

You engaged in a gang "boycott" to drive me off the forum, get rid of me, leveraging/extorting the use of another PC Engine forum and membership-poaching (what started this mess in the first place!), but more pertinent than that was to extort/blackmail me or Aaron to put Psycho John "Nullity" Moriconi right back in the forum, to unban him, to put me back in the same room with my abuser and his crazed gang... You got a pair of balls on you in thinking for one f*cking minute I'd EVER again caucus in the SAME forum/group with that psychotic, doxxing, stalking, harassing nutjob!

John "Nullity/Bullity/Doxxity" Moriconi, Kyle "DildoKoBold" Thomson, Ryley "Gex" Reynolds knew all about the past suicide incitement by this KKKFarms . net, but that never stopped them from forming an alliance with it to extort/blackmail/harass me and they have no regrets/remorse with the later Byuu/Near suicide either as they operate on psychotic levels of hatred! It's similar to Dr. Shroom and the New Jersey Nemesis stalker, both of which also played doxxing games with my address... If you clowns paid RIP respects to the Byuu/Near situation, I hope you were all called out on it! Normalizing the DildoPhile gang in your forum makes you criminally complicit as far as I'm concerned!

Back to the matter at hand: If you did achieve the outcome that you wanted, a veto decision by Aaron (who hadn't logged in for 4 years, didn't see a SINGLE thing for himself!) it amounted to "getting rid of me" because I'd NOT return again under such circumstances! That psycho burned his bridges, no he nuked 'em, and the idea that you/your gang would use daily psychological abuse, harassment, boycotts, screaming, crying, stalking, external/relentless unwanted communication (which STILL occurs TO THIS DAY by DarkKobold!), and be rewarded for such extortion is ABSURD! Your nutjob associates thinking I/Aaron were supposed to reward you for extortion is ABSURD!!!

The ONLY reason you and the rest of the gang could try this hack "power play" is because you could exploit me not being the owner, one person above me, and him not being directly subjected to the abuse in his face by the DildoPhile Dicktator and his deranged DildoKobolds day in/day out... Having to scramble to write paragraphs and paragraphs to Aaron, Nulltard making bold claims, his ban/termination has to be "taken to the top" and nobody else but the owner can do so is ridiculous!
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Final Thoughts: I'm not gonna play your Legend of Xanadu localizations, I don't care anymore, pal... That's MY boycott right back to you and Sam! You go f*ck yourself for everything! Next time, sit your ignorant ass down, and stick to coding! Hope it was worth it, hot shot!

P. S. It's implied, but I type it for the record: Don't ever speak to me again you marthafocker, f*ck off for good, that goes for Sam Annus too! Frankly, you and Psycho Andrew "Arkhan" Dildovich deserve each other, just keep the hell away from me wherever you are... The second that you leaked my PM to esteban, revealing your Tom-chan Lipschultz deucebag character, I knew EXACTLY WHO/WHAT you are, I do not need ANY more information about you! And that's why I know enough to immediately cut ties with SOBs like you to prevent you from ever being in a position to once again try taking something from me that I love or anything for that matter...
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Reminiscing. Just ran into that one time elmer's approach garnered a not-so-friendly reaction, haha.

Quote from: elmer on 12/29/2016, 10:16 PM
Quote from: Alagor on 12/29/2016, 09:20 PMAlso, I didn't suggest that I would translate or help translate. I don't have any computer skills, really. Just a gamer who wanted to ask a question about some games he likes.
And so, you probably have no idea of just how many hundreds or thousands of man-hours of hard work go into reverse engineering a complex videogame and translating it.

Whoever takes on that task needs to have a real passion for that game in order to put that much effort into it.

QuoteI'm just surprised that there hasn't been a translation ( or an attempt at one ) since it's the one game and has a strong, cult fanbase. I understand that Zero and Ao are being worked on, so, it would be nice to see the second game of the original duology get translated.
Then you might want to suggest the possibility of doing a translation to the folks in the "strong, cult fanbase".

Until some selfless white-knight steps forward, folks here will just have to suffer the horrible "2nd-best" of getting translations of Falcom's own unique-to-the-PCE "Dragon Slayer: Legend of Xanadu" 1 & 2 games, rather than Hudson's port of the older-and-ported-to-everything (and frankly, less sophisticated) "Legend of Heroes II" game.  :wink:
Quote from: Alagor on 01/01/2017, 08:32 AMCalm down, cock body. Was just asking a question. You act like you freed us all from the Matrix. I didn't try to Catfish your mother so focus your nerd rage on someone else.

Hey CA-RRRAAAAZZZZYYY Dean, your mind is a soft trail of forgotten breadcrumbs.

And for the rest of you muppet-fisting f**k wagons; Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes 2, Cosmic Fantasy 1, 3, 4-1, and 4-2. Get on it. NOW.

Quote from: fragmareTell you what, man, how about you go ahead and lock this thread and I'll place Elmer on block, and we can just call it a day.

@elmer, Do not reply to any more of my threads. Please, and thank you.
Although fragmare is a whole other nightmare and not credible, you see that elmer somehow manages to still piss people off enough all the while still trying to get away with playing a professional / "nice guy..."
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