@GTV reviews the Cosmic Fantasy 1-2 Switch collection by Edia, provides examples of the poor English editing/localization work. It's much worse for CF1. Rated "D" for disappointment, finding that TurboGrafx CF2 is better & while CF1's the real draw, Edia screwed it up...
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Samuel Annus
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PCEFX Saboteur
Elmer/you, your gang of abusive, lying, stalking, doxxing psychos tried to take from me something I loved working on... If you expected me to roll over, absorb all manner of abuse, harassment, extortion, blackmail, crank calls, etc. that said gang threw at me, you were highly mistaken... Highly mistaken!

It wasn't just polite boycotts, leaking my PMs to sabotage me in desperation for anything that could be exploited, or leveraging another forum and exodus in extortion, threatening to pirate PCEFX (which they did), and the complete lying by banned assholes who were organizing harassment raids in discord to my face here, while playing angels and victims elsewhere in public...

I didn't see you criticize anything they did to me, to this forum, to Aaron (daily harassment), anywhere, yet I saw you criticize me for my reaction to them, even manipulating Aaron into blindly unbanning anyone who was banned to undermine my decisions in the face of unprecedented daily harassment/sabotage, so that either makes you a dishonest coward pandering to bad people (to score points) or incredibly ignorant!

You/elmer, to pander to an abusive gang of peers, played a destructive game of sabotage and you lost all respect from me... I'm afraid I can't let it go uncriticized. You helped sabotage my friendship with Aaron, someone I go way back to from 2002 (dunno when elmer showed up, don't care...)! You did so without even discussing anything with me, what I saw, what I dealt with, the hell they put me through and that's no way to form sound/fair conclusions...

I will not forgive or forget that you helped do this, Xanadu or no Xanadu localization... I don't wanna ever see or speak to you again, same as Elmer as the second he pulled a Tom Lipschultz double-cross leaking my PM to Esteban I knew everything I ever needed to know about the man and thank God I never worked on a project with him unlike Tom or Jeff "DeuceBag" Nussbaum who wants to kill numerous Neo-Geo.com fans when he's not crashing into ambulances!

Your shilling/bootlicking for elmer does not impress me. I understand it, sure, he's your friend/partner, but that's the problem with the gang mentality/blind loyalty, backing up friends no matter what they do to other people...

Shame on you! No, rather what I really wanna say is, f-ck you!
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Also I must add your embarrassing stunt with Voultar, trying to flex on a top electrical engineer was cringe when you're just moonlighting as one.

You had the best-of-the-best willing to work on a perfected S-Video circuit (and YPbPr) for retro NEC consoles, yet you came barging in with an argumentative bull-in-a-China-shop tone rather than use the chance to join forces, contribute in a constructive way to get best possible results. And he catches you smack-talking the design in discord behind his back, haha!

It was my fault the exchange happened, innocently enough I recalled Dave Shadoff told me you were working on S-Video, so when I saw Voultar's thread I mentioned it to him as something you'd be interested in to learn/share from, so he passed it along, you fired up a Twitter account & let it rip. But, it got weird...
Way to make a first/lasting impression there guy! ;)
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Legend of Xanadu I and II localization translator/producer
03/18/2011, 11:20 AM
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