RIP to BT Garner of He passed away early 2023 from health problems. BT was one of the top PCE homebrew developers and founder of the OG Turbo List, then Condolences to family and friends.
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PCEFX Saboteur
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Shadowland Truther
Defamation Liar
Justin the Not-So-Cheery Jerk, a bitter forum saboteur, and a disgusting defamation liar to boot! He believes him and his gang of 2 dozen turbo trolls are the "real PCE community" and therefore any and all abuse, harassment, homophobia, doxxing, stalking, sabotage, defamation, intimidation, extortion, blackmail, etc. by them must be immediately excused, "might-makes-right," they may never be banned otherwise that would be "against the PCE community..." Rrrrriiight... Stay gone creep!
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#1 Don't ban me bro!

#2 Don't ban me bro!

#3 Don't ban me bro, I AM the "PCE Community!"

#4 Don't ban me bro!

Out of jealously/bitterness/revenge, he helped destroy PCEFX/poach members, try to make our forum as dead/failed as DildoPhile and his own failed forum which never got anywhere: - 2011
(Looks like it failed so much, WayBack didn't capture the contents of ANY thread as I tried a wildcard search to find ONE!)

His PC Engine forum was always a failure from day one, like Nulltard/DildoPhile, which is interesting, proves my point: how such alt forum admins can cause the greatest damage/sabotage to other forums of the same type/purpose (don't let them in/do so at your own risk if you care!)...

As mentioned earlier, BlackTiger/Justin was part of the turbo troll gang that first destroyed/damaged the TurboGrafx-16 Facebook group by Aaron Lambert, aiding/abetting the greatest bully/harasser/stalker/saboteur Andrew "Arkhan" Dildovich, and Joshua Jaeger as his sidekick, along with the DildoPhilic Nulltard gang (shocking!) - the usual suspects/culprits...

Aaron banned all of them from his Facebook group to stop the harassment, but the damage was already done: they caused an exodus with their clique/gang of friends, and the creation of the TurboTown group, (further dividing where PC Engine fans post) etc. So BlackTiger helped destroy 2 PC Engine groups, 1 on Facebook, and 1 on the general web, OG PCEFX...

The same sorts of things happened, they sabotaged the friendship between Aaron and Chris Runyon (his co-admin/mod), they provoked Chris into anger with relentless harassment, he made threats, another Jerry Springer show ensued (what they're good at!). What was the root cause ?? Launching a chatroom ?? Nope... Because Chris used the US localized name of an arcade game that was ported to PC Engine (Shadowland)... THAT was the reason bitter, unstable loons were provoked into a nerd fight that tore a PC Engine Facebook group apart...

I submit that these turbo trolls do not need more PC Engine Facebook groups, they need mental therapists instead, ask DarkKobold for a reference to his...

Speaking of DildoKobold, when he first bulldozed his way into the forum to start super-stalking BlackTiger, VestCunt, NecroPhile (multiple targets which kept expanding, eventually to me...), he assigned a childish nickname to Justin, dubbing him "The Black Rambler..." (Now he's against trolly nicknames cuz muh NightWolve!) I would humbly like to revise that to "The Black Destroyer." That's better! :)
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Speaking of Justin's "favorite game," it is "Shadowland" by Namco, heh heh...


That's right, Namco's "Shadowland!"

WHY is it his favorite you might ask ?? Because it was worth destroying Aaron Lambert's PC Engine Facebook group ("TurboGrafX-16") over for cause "I'm right, you're wrong!!!" which was before he also helped destroy/sabotage OG PCEFX right here (that FB group was warmup for him/his gang)...

All that happened is a co-admin/mod of the group called the PCE port by its US arcade localization title, an English precedent set by US Namco, but this psycho nerd and his gang went crazy demanding that it only called by its literal translation, "Youkai Douchuuki..." It's like fighting over the US localized/liberties-taking title of "TurboGrafx-16" and demanding the NEC hardware only be called "PC Engine." I have to keep on using TurboGrafx-16 even if I like the PC Engine title better because that's how people in the US know it by, that's what the US side titled it!

By the same token, Chris Runyon referring to it as "Shadowland" would better raise awareness of what the PC Engine port is of because everyone who found it at the arcades would know it by the "Shadowland" name, NOT "Youkai Douchuuki"... But no, can't have that, so let the psycho trolling wars begin! Let's raise hell about it, tear a PC Engine group apart!!!

So Justin and his psycho gang led by Andrew "Arkhan" Dildovich, Nulltard, Joshua TurboTrollX-16 started a nasty feud/fight/Jerry Springer show OVER SHADOWLAND, tore a Facebook group apart because neither nerd on any side knew how to back down and admit both were right for different reasons... They're all too f-cked up in the head with arrogance and nerd pride to calmly, rationally de-escalate a situation without it becoming destructive... So, FYI...

You can see above that while this other store lists the game under its literal translation, in the description it states "Known in the West as Shadow Land" as a clue for people who grew up in the US with arcades to perhaps trigger a memory playing it there, and know what they're buying... It's called being informative, but nah, too-much-information according to certain PCE Psychos...

Anyway, just keep calling it "Shadowland" to piss the psycho and his crazy friends off...

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Quote from: CrackTiger on 07/23/2006, 12:10 AMI find that asians in general are always trying to jew you.
Quote from: CrackTiger on 08/08/2013, 06:48 PMYoukai Douchuki (Shadowland [arcade]) boss fights have you flying around firing bullets at various enemies and the boss.

Vasteel's battles usually involve flying mechs that shoot and often are ships as much as robots. The base battles are similar to the first stage of Thunderforce II.

Notice here, in 2013 the psycho liar actually had ZERO PROBLEM referencing the game by the Shadowland arcade-naming precedent, the SAME THING he then tried to destroy Chris Runyon for in Aaron Lambert's TurboGrafx-16 Facebook group, joining in on Arkhan Asylum's gang-bullying harassment campaign that helped tear the place apart and get themselves all banned, same pattern he then pulled on PCEFX!!!!!!! BURN IN HELL PSYCHO!!!!!!! How disgustingly petty, shameless, hypocritical!!!!
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Cool Duo bro!
Cheer up angry man!

Quote from: CrackTiger on 09/08/2007, 11:25 PMI just got it tonight, so its still swollen and a little bloody in these pics. The photos I take tomorrow after showering should be better.
Dude is legit PCE cray crazzzzzy! Actually got a PC Engine tattoo!
Annnndddd it gets worse, he has many more!
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Justin the Not-So-Cheery Black/Hack/CrackTiger helped Joshua Jackass, Andrew/Arkhan Dildovich and the DildoPhiles destroy 2 PC Engine groups: one by Aaron Lambert on Facebook, then the other by Aaron Nanto!!! Him and PCE Aarons don't have a good track record together! Both times he blamed the Aarons and their staff in a "Look-what-you-made-us-do?!" manner, never himself nor his deranged/destructive/doxxing toxic turbo troll gang which he covers up for under the "community" euphemism!