@GTV reviews the Cosmic Fantasy 1-2 Switch collection by Edia, provides examples of the poor English editing/localization work. It's much worse for CF1. Rated "D" for disappointment, finding that TurboGrafx CF2 is better & while CF1's the real draw, Edia screwed it up...
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Quote from: NightWolve on 05/18/2022, 10:15 PMWowser, @Odonadon, been a llllllooooooong time! Mister OG Turbo2K (gone, but not forgotten) himself!

Guess I need to hurry up, get the chatbox back up again for quick hellos/catchups; I surely didn't expect to see you again, but trust you're doing well. If you're on Facebook, Twitter, or Discord BTW, add it to your profile; makes it easier for someone to catch up when old members/veterans randomly wander back.
I'm doing well - it's been a very long time.  I hope you are also.  I'm still an avid Turbo fan, but very much out of the collection/website hosting space these past few decades.

QuoteI think that's your correct avatar, I know I embedded/saved it, but I wondered if that was a placeholder from the host, if not, feel free to patch it before you disappear. (It's all part of my image recovery scripts, so threads/posts are less broken from lost images to better archive ~20 years of PCE history/legacy with some Wayback aid).
Haha no definetely the wrong avatar - it was hosted on turbo2k.net which went bye-bye many moons ago (surprised the domain is still up for grabs).  It's not the only thing out of date in my profile - I'm not even in the same country anymore :)  I had a look through Dropbox and found this, I think this was the one I used:


Doesn't let me embed, but clicking the link gets you there.

QuoteI'm still not very happy with the state of the forum/software; the SMF 2.1 core was only a mild catch-up/improvement, but it's still way behind XenForo and even ProBoards where you don't have to deal with maintenance yourself (compelling reason to switch).
I literally haven't posted on a forum (any forum, including Reddit!) for maybe 15 years.  Doesn't look much different, though I hope better protected from spammers?

QuoteAnyway, given the bump to this thread, might as well share details on Chris Bucci's new Turbo Views channel update I noticed just now via Facebook! Ah, you noticed it also; I didn't read your whole post, I was still shocked at the "hi all" and that it was you, heh.
I second that.  Chris is a legend.  I was very flattered in his Mysterious Song review when he mentioned the voice acting was on par with OG Turbo CD games :)

Quote from: esteban on 01/17/2013, 12:26 AM
Quote from: JoshTurboTrollX-16 on 01/16/2013, 05:22 PMcatching up on these.  I had only ever heard 1-4, so this is fantastic!! 

Thank you!!  So much podcast awesomeness!  :)

Now if only somebody would get turbo2k's music player up and running again.  :)
Odanadonodonadan is here and posts sometimes... :pcgs:
Usually a decade between posts unfortunately...

Hey Esteban,

I'm good thanks, I hope you are too.  I like to stop in every 5-10 years or so.

Hi all,

I hope you are all well.

I've been very absent for, let's see, maybe 15-20 years now.  Just dropping in the thread here to spruke the TurboViews DVD collection from Spida1a. 

Also get some T-Shirts if you still can.

Hey guys, what's new?  :)

Quote from: OldRover on 07/11/2008, 05:40 PMUpdate:
We got our daughter back at long last. They managed to piss off my wife one last time by lying to us yet again...apparently, social services still had to clear her release and hadn't done it yet. So, we had left the hospital in a rage, headed for home. A few minutes later, they called us up and told us that they had cleared the case and that our daughter could be released. So a little after 2PM, she was finally freed from the grip of this sadistic, ignorant, and antiquated malpractice shop they call a "hospital". She's now home with us, safe and sound.

Tonight, we will find out just who the fuck made that phone call and whatever happens from there happens. On Monday, we'll be in touch with the procurator and possibly the lawyer, and we'll be getting her medical records (they weren't open today...how convenient, it gives the hospital all weekend to make changes to Luna's medical records).

Let the blood bath begin.
Holy shit dude, PD mentioned this on the FU forum and I had to come here (first time in about 5 months! :) ).  I am so happy you got your daughter back, that's some scary crap.

The original coin-op Galaga '88 was very cute - between stages you would get a cute character mumbling something in high-pitched Japanese.  This was left out of the PCE port, but I'd say it still qualifies.  Everything in the game is in a cute-ish style.

I'd also have to say Atomic Robokid qualifies as a cute-em-up.  I think it's only a tiny bit less-cute than the likes of Air Zonk.

Well, I am a member of a lot of other forums, and none of them stray like this one - it's almost out of control, and pretty much unvisitable (if that's a word) if you're gone for a week or more.  For the next little while I will only have sporadic internet access, and, well, this forum becomes VERY hard to read/browse.  Just trying to put another refresher in people's heads without pleading.  Some of you are thinking: "if it's so hard to read, don't come back".  It's something I'm currently considering.

I'd like to see more on-topic posts.  I haven't checked here for almost 2 weeks, and it's worse than ever!  None of the topics are discussing what the topic is about.  Ack!

Quote from: guest on 02/22/2008, 05:52 PMFacebook? WTF?
Where are the myspace nerds?
They're all on Facebook now :)

Quote from: Joe Redifer on 02/13/2008, 01:13 AMIt's Anthony Hootkins saying he's sad because someone ate his puppy.
Killed, not ate :)  But I like how you think...

It also looks like he has fremen eyes (Dune), but maybe that's natural or irrelevant anyway.

Looks like a WIP version is visible in this pic at the top:


It's a great idea, but the controller and left side of the Duo look like Hudson vomitted on it.  I'll take my Duo plain-jane, thank you very much.

Quote from: guest on 01/30/2008, 06:19 PM
Quote from: nat on 01/30/2008, 06:04 PMIt's a crime to call your program a "documentary" when you leave out huge chapters from the land where it all started-- Japan. If it wasn't for Japan we wouldn't have video games today. At least, not like we do now.
I heartily disagree that the Japanese are the originators of video gaming.  They may have revitalized the market after the '84 crash, but it would've been done by somebody else if not the Japanese, so they shouldn't even be credited for the gaming industries current state.  If anything, I'd credit the computer industry for the latter day advances in gaming, as computers have long been pushing the technology envelope much further than consoles have.
I disagree with your statement, I think it's the other way around - someone would've invented one eventually, and the videogames we see today wouldn't exist without Japanese influence.  PC games haven't been as influenced by the Japanese as console games.

That didn't last long :)  I personally like the idea.

CoreGrafx 2
Tennokoe 2

Street Fighter II
Memory Express Card
Arcade Card Pro

RSS is only the single greatest invention ever.  :)  I have an RSS aggregator running all day gathering news from about 8 different sites.  It's the main way I check news.  Google Reader (http://www.google.com/reader) is a great online RSS reader - for those not familiar with it.

Basically an RSS aggregator acts as an E-mail Inbox, collecting stories as they are published on the respective websites.  For example, you'll get a link and part of the article, sometimes all of it, in your aggregator - kind of like how you get e-mail throughout the day.  Then you just go through the "Inbox", browse by subject or topic or whatever, and read away!  It's great!  Best way to be up-to-the-minute on anything, really.

If you use Firefox, click the link in this post - Firefox has a built-in RSS reader - and you'll see what it looks like.

The locking of the topic was probably one of these reminders:


All I can make out from that picture is "Canadian Idols".  Can't say I'm familiar with that game :)

TV Sports Hockey? :)

Oh I forgot to note that the news blog is now getting over 200 views per day - which is outstanding!  And I'm willing to bet that's thanks to a lot of the same people who visit this forum.  Thank you - I appreciate it!   :D

Hi all,

I actually meant to post this when Turbo2k got the RSS feed... oh about 4 years ago now :)  If anyone is interested or uses an RSS reader (I love RSS feeds myself), here is the link to the Turbo2k news blog RSS feed:


Drop a beer or two on an empty stomach for some great Gate of Thunder action :) .  That, and those fancy "medically rolled game enhancing cigarettes" - I forget who's sig that was in, I was trying to quote them. :)

Quote from: Joe Redifer on 01/24/2008, 03:12 PMTiger Road?

Keith Courage?
Maybe not as easy as I thought :)  But you got it - Keith Courage.

Quote from: GUTS on 01/24/2008, 02:31 PMWell at least you guys are honest.
And quite a bit older than other posters here, I'm guessing :)

Alright :)  Well, here's a really easy one.


Quote from: OldRover on 01/23/2008, 05:12 PMI would. So there, she counts.
Count me in, too.

Legendary Axe.

Quote from: guest on 01/21/2008, 03:37 AM
Quote from: Odonadon on 01/20/2008, 11:31 PMCome on guys, it's obviously Monster Lair, 1st level.

No it isn't!
Yes, yes it is.  Obviously.  :)

Quote from: guest on 01/20/2008, 11:22 PMIt's weird, I like it.  Better than Impossamole, not quite as good as Tailspin.
I disagree, I think Impossamole is way better than Darkwing Duck (and Tailspin).  I find Darkwing Duck very painful to play - the controls are horrible.  The only thing this game has going for it are the great Disney cartoon graphics.

Come on guys, it's obviously Monster Lair, 1st level.

Quote from: guest on 01/18/2008, 02:54 PMOdonadon, I don't completely agree with your assessment. If someone runs off with the topic the OP, or a mod, should simply reiterate the question or ask if anyone has any new ideas. The mod shouldn't necessarily admonish anyone for going off topic. That sort of thing is natural. But mods can take positive steps to try and steer some attention back to the original topic if it hasn't been properly addressed.
I didn't mean to specifically say that the assigned moderators of this forum need to do a better job, but rather everyone who participates in the thread (including me - I could've brought this up in a better way :) ), and try to keep the extraneous chatter to a minimum.  In this case, rasterfarian had further questions relating to his issue, but by then like 10 unrelated posts had gone by.  Often mods don't see a thread until way after the fact anyway.  I agree with you that the way he reacted in turn wasn't helpful either.

Quote from: guest on 01/18/2008, 12:02 PMSo again, veer off-topic all you want, but if your instinctive response to a perceived sleight is to start flinging poo like our more primitive distant cousins perhaps a mod needs to let you know you need to look BEFORE you leap. I think communities can be spontaneous and honest and still have some ground rules for how you treat other people. Society needs such rules to function, and forums are, after a fashion, little, contained societies. Eye for an Eye is not a good forum policy, ever.
Exactly - let's moderates ourselves.  I guess that's what I'm asking for.  As a loyal visitor and reader of this forum, I think it's a simple request to treat people with respect.  Rasterfarian posted a question regarding Splatterhouse and his cheat code, and random conversation between a few board regulars started up.  This is surely insulting - if you've ever been to a new board and posted a question hoping for an answer, only to have the board talk among themselves in your thread like you weren't there, you'd be pissed off too.

Some people seem very comfortable in their niche they've carved out for themselves here - I guess all I can hope for is for just a few people to hopefully keep my points in mind with the next newb.  It's a selfish request, because I (and many others) like coming to this forum and reading the topics.  Unrelated personal discussions/questions in a public thread does not a good forum make.

Quote from: Kitsunexus on 01/18/2008, 02:26 AMOdonadon: Check your PM inbox man.
No worries man - all good.

Quote from: guest on 01/17/2008, 04:42 PMThings went wildly off topic because he refused to believe that he was being given correct information and started berating us.
I have to disagree with that - things started going off topic quickly.  Posts 4 onward look like:

QuotePEBCAK - problem exists between chair and keyboard.  Razz
QuoteNecromancer is on fire this week.

First the q-tips and now this.
QuoteHaha, yeah! I never heard these terms before either, we're all learning something new.
QuoteActually, I've heard both before.

When I was younger I actually thought I had personally coined the Q-tip line myself.
QuoteVery true. And if you don't play your PCE enough, it has been known to kill it's owners.
Quoteonly fair!
Quote from: PCEngineHell on 01/17/2008, 04:31 PMWell,aren't we trying to b part of the group now,with you calling him a dork. Seriously,thats how it goes around here,someone goes off the deep end,we trash em and set'em straight. We are probably a little uptight,but as of late there have been other psychos posting here and causing issues. Unless you post here enough,its kinda like your opinion about our reactions to the dumb asses don't count because you don't know half of us or our reasoning.
Well no, he did some things later on in the thread that makes me refer to him as a dork.  It's not the posters here you should be concerned about, but rather the readers.  An effective forum is one where people can quickly and readily share information.  This thread is not quick, nor easy to read.  This thread has had 439 views already - yet nowhere near 439 posts.  There is an invisible majority, and these are the people we need to be helping.
The majority here didn't come off as asses as far as I could tell,just the original poster in his initial attacks.Those types of things always bring reactions. Thats a given. Its kinda odd of you to come here and play judge on all of us,no one asked that of you....I do see your point OD,but it doesn't apply to every situation,esp this one.
Well this really is my point, you didn't read anyone as coming off as asses.  I did.  Other people probably did as well.  Other people probably read it and agree with you.  It's all about perception.

QuoteThis isn't my board, so all I can ask is people think of this forum as a knowledge base.  I don't know about you, but when I am searching for information, forums are a great place to browse or search.  This thread is completely unsearchable - how is this going to help the next guy who has the same question?
Id honestly never find this useful,as most US titles state you need a battery back up,aka turbo booster plus,or Turbo Cd,or Duo back up memory,and if your able to import and collect Pc-Engine stuff,you should have prior knowledge and know these basics.Someone like him who has a real problem managing a cheat code obviously has  a hard time managing their temper and life too in general. The guy made that obvious.[/quote]
So this thread doesn't help you out any - me neither.  Most of us here already know the answer.  But I'm sure there are 50 Joe Blows out there wondering something along the same lines as this guy.  I'd hope that any PC-Engine forum would welcome even someone who doesn't know the basics.  We're here to help people.

Okay seriously - here we go wildly off topic again.  All I am trying to do is point out that the moderators need to moderate, keep the conversation on topic and friendly, etc - please, I am begging.  This is something that is not happening here, for whatever reason.  The board can be run however it wants, however the style we have here will really chase away the newbies, as we've seen and been part of a few times now.  This type of general conversation needs to be kept in the General forum.  I only browse the PC/Engine and TG16 sections and avoid the General and Chit-Chat sections, and I don't want to read about Robotech in a thread pertaining to a legitimate question regarding a Hucard and built in memory. 

Kitsunexus - I don't appreciate your profane personal messages, and I hope you don't expect a response from me.  I didn't single out a single person, and as was pointed out earlier, you've put 2+2 together and got 5. 

I've deputized myself here because I feel someone needs to.  My current ID has been part of this forum since 2005, but I can assure you I've been here since the beginning.  I'm appealing to everyone to just be helpful to the newbies, keep the off-topic conversations in an off-topic forum, and just overall try to be nice and accommodating to those who don't know any better.  When they flip out, start shouting profanities, and start deleting their previous posts - well, that just makes the person a dork in my book.  But let's forget that happened - was this newb initially treated with respect by everyone?  Go back and read the first page of this thread - Not very helpful beyond the first two posts (Kitsunexus, you asked to clarify something necromancer said in the third post - this does not make you my enemy, nor is it what I am referring to).

Quote from: nat on 01/17/2008, 03:17 PM
Quote from: Missa on 01/17/2008, 03:15 PMnewbie conscious

OK, I'll let it die now. Really.
Hey, I'm the one who is dragging it on.  I'M the one who will be letting it die now, Mr.! :)

Quote from: GUTS on 01/17/2008, 02:39 PMThere's a difference between mischievous and insulting, any normal person could have seen that necromancer was just goofing off in a light-hearted way (he even apologized before the guy went ape shit).  What I find hilarious is that the guy has a whole list of boards that have pissed him off, which leads me to believe that the problem is his uptight ass since most people don't go around having problems with every message board they come across.
What I'm trying to say is the first two posts (Necromancer's and nat's) answered his question - Necomancer didn't need to apologize for anything I don't think.  But there was no need for anyone else to chime in after that (sometimes it seems like people post for the sake of bringing their post count up) :)

But this raster guy certainly could have responded better than he did.

Quote from: shubibiman on 01/17/2008, 01:20 PMThing is, this guy had an issue with a game, 2 guies answered to help him out and the guy reacted by feeling insulted...wait, something must be wrong...
Right, but there were about 8 miscellaneous posts after that poking fun of him, and making light of his question.  I don't remember exactly when he posted (as the dork has removed them) within those 8 posts, but he definitely saw some of them.  I think that was the catalyst - from there he responded poorly, then back and forth it went.

Quote from: Kitsunexus on 01/17/2008, 03:28 AMWait wait wait, I just now read this. So because I asked for clarification on something Necromancer said, now I'M THE BADGUY? Just where the fuck do you get off? You hardly ever post, I don't even fucking know you, and now I'M THE FUCKING BADGUY when I didn't even say a damn thing in that post that would be offensive to the OP.

Really man, fuck you. I hope none of your loved ones ever contract cancer or AIDS, because it would be a disgrace to those diseases.

EDIT: And thank you for runing my weekend even more than it was just ruined 2 hours ago.
Yeah, this is exactly what I'm talking about...

Now going back to the beginning of the thread, everything after Necromancer and Nat's original posts was mindless jibber-jabber between a few board regulars and there were even a few insults thrown towards this guy (in the form of sarcastic joking).  Now I don't know who he is, but putting myself in his shoes, I'd be insulted too.

The majority of people come off as asses when typing something out.  It happens, and easily thanks to the lack of tone in something typed.  And it's all too easy to read what someone typed the wrong way.

From someone who's been part of the Turbo online scene for 10+ years now and has been doing his best to educate the uneducated, I view this thread as a step back.  There isn't a single person to blame, it was kind of a team effort - the raster guy was a significant part of it too.

Think of it from his point of view - the TG16 Hucards are the only cartridges since the Master System that don't have some sort of memory built in for saving.  His question was perfectly logical and reasonable in my mind.  But things spiraled way off topic quickly.

This isn't my board, so all I can ask is people think of this forum as a knowledge base.  I don't know about you, but when I am searching for information, forums are a great place to browse or search.  This thread is completely unsearchable - how is this going to help the next guy who has the same question?

I realize that by me butting into this thread I've also helped take it off topic, and that what I am saying is obviously pissing a few people off, but that is not my intention.


/edit: to show I am trying to be helpful and mean so in a positive tone, I've changed my personal text in the forum (on the left) :)
Okay guys, seriously, it's threads that turn into crap like this that make people stop participating in the forums in the first place.  I've seen this happen a few times here, and I would hope the mods, whoever they are, do a better job of keeping this from happening.  This is exactly what will discourage new people from joining the scene, and that's exactly what the Turbo scene doesn't need.

As an unbiased observer, I think the question could have been answered quickly and simply, without alienating him - this really should have ended with nat's and necromancer's original posts.

Sorry if I come off with a "mightier than thou" tone, but this needs to be said.

Battle Ace is a great game, I have to agree.  However I think most people agree that Afterburner II is quite a bit better.

Quote from: ParanoiaDragon on 01/14/2008, 10:42 PMHmm, I wonder how Riot Zone will go over for VC owners who never touched it.
Not very well I don't think.  Besides the soundtrack, it is an inferior game to Streets of Rage or the Final Fights.

Quote from: ceti alpha on 01/10/2008, 12:34 PMI love how ST:V got Worst Film of the Year Award.  =D> It was pretty bad. I remember seeing it in the theater when it came out and being quite puzzled afterwards at what I just witnessed. Though it's not as bad a the last couple of TNG movies.
Agreed, I used to hate ST:V, but when compared to the latest couple movies, it ain't bad :)

Quote from: D-Lite on 01/07/2008, 01:53 PMYou can transfer games to the SD card easily.
Easily, but unfortunately not quickly and easily.  It is MUCH easier to hit the power button on the PCE or XBox then to fuddle through the file manager to find and move a game to the SD card to free up space, then find the game I want to play and copy it back from the SD card to the Wii.  Boo-urns.

Quote from: geise on 01/07/2008, 07:53 AMI'm betting someone wants some royalties from Ys if it gets released.  Which is sad.  Many people need to play this game and realize how awesome it is.  Guess I'll just stick with playing my original on my Duo.  :)
I have to say, since I ran out of storage on my Wii for VC games a few months ago, I haven't purchased a single VC game and have reverted to playing all my games off my modded XBox with MednafenX.  The Virtual Console stuff was cool for a bit, but they didn't do a very good job overall with regards to having enough storage in the Wii, and pricing the games properly.  I still think $3 per title is high.

So yeah, after all that I'm back to playing the original games I do have off my PCEngine, and card/CD games I don't have off the ol' XBox.

Quote from: King_Vidiot on 01/04/2008, 12:36 AMI just bought myself a turbo duo for xmas so I have been diving headfirst into gaming goodness.  Where has this system been my whole life?
Hiding behind crappy marketting :)  Glad you finally found the truth :)

Quote from: OldRover on 12/31/2007, 11:18 PMOldTurboBastard, that is one of the reasons. The PC also does a number of self-diagnostics on power-on, this is called POST. If you ever hear of anyone saying that their "computer failed post", that's what they're referring to. Old consoles don't have a POST step, nor do they have to spend time probing hardware, so they can start up immediately.
In addition, hardware such as hard drives need time to "spin up" to become ready to read, and this often takes a few seconds.  If your machine zipped through POST the Hard Drive wouldn't be ready to boot from.

Basically, the PC is a far more complicated piece of machinery than any console.  All XBox 360's are the same (more or less, depending on revision and model) whereas there's an unlimited number of software/hardware combinations for your PC to deal with.

Ouch, I see I'm left off the list :)  I'm one of the old timers here, but I will bet that you can't figure me out :)