Sega Lord X reviews the Street Fighter II Champion Edition PC Engine port.
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well I would still like it for my collection but thank you for telling about it.
Would like a copy of grind stormer cib with no damage to the case artwork. please send me a offer.
I would like to buy manuals in very good to really good condition (dont have to be perfect)

Wonder Boy in Monster World
Phantasy Star IV

2 Artworks (no damage please)
Ka Ge Ki
Crack down

If I could get these It would be much appreciated.

I have most of the shmups I want for the genesis need to save up for a musha at some point.

I have plenty of good trading rep my name is emulat0r on ebay with 340 positive feedback 0 neg. Also nintendoage gametz racketboy and a couple on assembler.
Hi long time no see I was the original ginny pig for this mod. Has there been any advances since mine was done should I send my turbo duo rx to someone my rca jacks arent green blue red which is an ocd thing for me also lol. I think it was all he had at the time.

Second question is it still possible to put rgb on my turbo duo rx I plan on getting a xrgb mini with tax returns.
lf one is still available ill buy
ya i should of asked for that i guess but I didnt want to bother you anymore. But it should help with the coloring.
ya i turned the nob all the way up but cant do it anymore. I am wondering if there is a different radius that would allow me to turn it higher.
Not sure if this is helpful
But on the final design the white wasn't completely white. On my hd tv I could change the tint on that input so it helped a little. I am also thinking if i could turn the pot more before it stoped It might of helped also but im not a tech guy so i cant say for sure.

Would getting a better quality component cord help at all with colors?

I am super happy that the cdrom is loading games really good. I wish I had super star soldier NA version but have no extra money haha. Need to burn rayxanber III again to see if it can load it. Another game I wish I had.
Unit doesn't look new anymore but it plays imports and has component so I'm happy. I am probably mistake I forgot what time i sent it back for what. But i think the second time the colors weren't lining up and one color was prominent over the other and there was slight color blurring like a shadow. 3rd time i sent it back Post office had played field goal with package and broke the laser I bought from Thesteve for it. All and all i could of bought a brand new one for the money iv spent on this. Almost wish when Thesteve sent it back the second time when box got crushed that the insurance was more than 100. I would of gotten $300 insurance as I would of just collected the money and got a new one. He got 300 on the last trip but was packed so well that they could of played rugby with it.

Anyways works now looks nice. I need to find a more flexible component cable the one I have is stiff as heck.
General Gaming / Re: The Wii U
11/21/2012, 09:46 PM
the easiest way to add people is through miiverse and use the search function then when you add them that way the other person sees the friend invite.

Add me 8bitForLife
General Gaming / Re: The Wii U
11/20/2012, 04:13 AM
well my nnid is 8bitForLife if anyone wants to game together add me through miiverse so i see the invite.
grats its nice they go to people who visit the forums regularly.
Been gone for awhile from the site but I would like to enter please.
ty I msged him and I didnt know he was the guy to msg.
Buy/Sell/Trade / price check on turbo duo
10/10/2012, 03:35 AM
Ya im considering getting a turbo duo black console because im having no luck with my rx with certain issues and someone told me that the turbo duo black have a way better mobo as the rx has a better cdrom. So I'm curious whats the going fair rate for a turbo duo black as ether a usa or jp console maybe give me a price for a modded one also.

I saw a one on ebay for 160 which includes shipping but the sound doesn't work which i think is just a simple cap replacement.
sign me in please
Ok got my turbo duo rx back and its still not working . The component mod is now showing graphics though but there is a shadow behind all the words on the cdrom loading screen and there is a green tint to it. But the real kicker is now the cdrom no longer well read cdrom games just keeps reading the spitting the eye out to the far edge of the cdrom constantly till i turn off the system. Plus the last remaining intact laser peg is now broke when i got it back. I am really frustrated and upset this has been a complete nightmare. Its almost cost me as much to ship it and pay for the mod than i originally paid for it from hit japan on ebay.

I opened it up and took the cdrom cover off and started it and the eye just goes to edge of disc and the cogs keep sending it to the edge. Dont think its trying to read the disc though. The pots are in the same spot as when it was reading discs before.

Any suggestions
General Gaming / Re: Double Dragon Neon
09/21/2012, 09:40 AM
Quote from: RegalSin on 09/20/2012, 11:44 AMThis game is garbage, The character models are in 3d, or over pre-rendered, etc. The whole neon thing is over dones, as that belongs to the 1950's not the 1980's. 1950 was retro in the 80's and the lighting looks too sureal, and too Las Vegas. Honest to gosh, the 1980's in terms of street gangs, had nothing to do with neon-signs.

I think Wayfowards Idea department just reviewed all the games, saw SUper Double Dragon IV,
and decided to model the game after that one. Corner stores, sex shops, arcades, etc this game is so gimmicky. Also I do not like the lifebars being so god damn bright, while the game color is extremly dark colored.

They should have just made an entire new game all together, instead of rehash the original game. Double Dragon on the GBA is good enough remake, also the Milf poison over the "loli"
poison from Alpha sucks.

They ( especially western companies ) rehash everything, I bet they also did to TNMNT, as well, but they revamped them to match the current series, Turned April from a normal supportive character, into a Border Line Lesiban, "If you Giant Mutants can fight big monsters, I can do it too, I take on the shredders daughter, I am equal"

Wayfoward also did Bionic Commando on the gbc, if I am not mistaken. It was a complete fail, because it lacked originalism, of the GB game, and the final boss was just you
dodging a transformation after form, and then held two guns up like Lara Croft.

Oh great double dragon revamp, not an original game, with an original story, but some sorta
remake of the original, with an extra themed title.
I believe poison is from FINAL FIGHT not double dragon so not sure why your bringing it up. I believe the neon comes from all the hot colored clothes people use to wear back in the 80's and all the crazy amount of neon signs at arcades.

The game is fine the graphics are outstanding. Yes i would of liked 2d but 2.5d is good enough for me. The music is  outstanding. Levels look great and the addition of bonus ones is great. The new character looks are cool.

If you want to keep it old school just enable the mix tapes that only give you original dd moves.
when is this retro stuff suppose to happen with gamestop
grats to winners
i just noticed that he missed my name =( o well
it was under powered and needs a resister added i believe is what he said and to make sure it works when i get it back he would put a pot on it so i can adjust it to make sure it works.
well we figured out what was wrong but i dont have any money for me to send it back.
Its my console thesteve worked on his work is top notch we think it might be some unknown compatibility as the mod is working and it shows graphics on the y input in black and white with composite so its able to handle the 240p over component. So he think we could make a pass through cord of some kind if im correct in that's what hes thinking. Its just hard as i have no electronic knowledge whats so ever in this kind of work. I plan on taking a class at the college here and also a Cisco class after December.
I get a picture taken soon as i can borrow a smart phone.
Well it worked on his tv and I think displaying in the y input in black and white it should work. It even worked when i connected a cord from the y on the console to the composite on my tv i saw black and white. So im not sure what to do. It does have a pcb inside he added. I did want it rgbed to use scart and I would get a converter later but they said they would do component.
Thanks for the speedy reply. I opened it up and i cant see any loose wires. The mod work looks top notch and is very clean. I just hope its not my tv as I was reading that some tv's just cant do 240p over component but being able to display black and white picture it should be? And shipping it back isn't really possible right now I spent my last buck on the new laser in it so I cant afford to send it back.

Btw I did try another tv but I know it didn't show the black and white on the Y input so nothing showed up regardless.
Ok I got my duo rx back from being modded with region and component. Well excitement quickly turned to disappointment. Ok first things first the region mod works just fine and the original av out plug works just fine but when ever i try connecting my component cable to the plugs on the rx and then tv no single at all. Sometimes and i mean sometimes it flickers a screen of the game or system menu.

Before doing component mod i was asked to hook up my t16 to the y plug on my component inputs on tv to see if it would display black and white and it did. So im kind of frustrated right now as to why its not working. If i hook up the y plug and plug it into the composite av input i get black and white game screen. So i have no idea whats wrong.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
soldier blade soon as the mail person drops of my modded system.
i had no idea ;/
Off-Topic / Re: Nerf guns
09/11/2012, 05:07 AM
they are fun and you can dekid them also there's tuts on the interwebs to make them shoot farther and faster.
Since i went to tahoe alot and frequented the arcades in tahoe carson city and reno I have seen alot of these games. They are all awesome. I saw dnd at the mgm grand as a kid and sat there the whole time playing it till i beat it then had to go home. Tmnt 1 and tmnt4 in the arcades was also a blast. One he kind of mentioned but only the second was one Crime fighters. It was just an awesome game. Each of the end boss's had some get up that made them look like one of the bad guys from a slasher film as one looked like freddy, jason, leatherface, and etc.
ya one comment he made towards me kind of was hostile but i tossed it off. Anyways thread is going off track.
im seen a bunch of films but the one that stands out was Abraham lincoln vampire hunter was just all kinds of fun.

And with the kill bill talk i just want to say
Ya i got so excited about my 3ds and such because i had so many wiiware vc games and just assumed they would be transferable. I was wrong =(. Now im just sad at how long and horrible the releases on 3ds vc has been.
i got a nice metal shelving with press board shelves from Kmart and it works great
Well since I am on an island and the only game store is Kmart wallyworld and the one gamestop maybe Costco during holidays i kind of welcome them selling retro games as its ether eBay or amazon or trading websites which can be hairy sometimes. I would think it would drop the price the on retro games.
Yey don't blame a guy for thinking of wondrous things like 2 great company's merging and bringing down sony and microsoft. IT CAN HAPPEN my dog told me so in my dream.

Quote from: RegalSin on 09/09/2012, 07:06 PMThat is like allowing the trix rabbit to get his way, or for Betty Boop to lose her Boop doop de do, or Tom eating Jerry. Willy beating Megaman, or Forte not being Zero. Bomberman being arrested for carrying bombs. Knuckles being Green.

QuoteWish nintendo would just buy out sega or just merge
Quote from: CGQuarterly on 08/31/2012, 05:48 PMI have a 360 and a Wii, and can't motivate myself to play either of them.  I just don't like modern games.  I have a PS2 with a pile of games, and never play that, either.  Same goes for my Xbox.  I recently hooked my Dreamcast up for a few days to play that new Turrican-style game that just came out for it, but then it went back on the shelf.  Not to sound like a homer, but I just keep going back to my Turbo.  I'm thinking that this might be a Genesis weekend, though.

gunlord and i bought the dragonbox for it. Its a great game.
Quote from: Keith Courage on 09/10/2012, 04:07 AMI wonder if the return address was his or if it was just some random address that he just used. If it was his I'd mail him back an envelope containing a piece of paper with a giant middle finger drawn on it. 
or anthrax or herpes in powder form
but nes has electrolytes its what Godzilla needs

Quote from: SignOfZeta on 07/25/2012, 01:04 PMThe two Godzilla games compared aren't even the same game other than they say "Godzilla" on the box.
I found out were to get the game myself and I got to say great work rover and when I work myself out of debt ill get your game for my collection =)
The wiiu (stupid name) might interest me just because im a nintendo guy but i did like the saturn and dreamcast. Wish nintendo would just buy out sega or just merge.
wow thats fucked glad you got your money back. WOuld of been funny if he sent you a non working xbox or something lol
god me o me my turbo duo rx just got moded for component and this would be awesome to play on it.
where could i purchase or get this game been wondering since i saw the raffle sorry if its a dumb question.
if you can get a system card for the cdrom i would diffidently get Dracula x
would love to join so i could play some game i normally couldnt afford
kind of related but a very long time ago i had a tv with a headphone jack and i had the same problem so eventually i took the case off and re-soldiered the jack and my tv's audio worked again.