Sega Lord X reviews the Street Fighter II Champion Edition PC Engine port.
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Thank you Sam for updating us on the project i am glad to hear it is still being worked upon.
I love this forum!!!
Everything will be just fine, don't worry guys  :---)
I had a great time reading through ashrion post and Nightwolve responses. Many memorable quotes as well   :thumbsup:

swarms of impatient bitter brats with an uppity entitlement complex...

Don't like that ? Tough noogies!

Deal with it, buddy [ashrion]! ;)

I thought that YS 4 was one the best sequels to a game. Usually sequels don't reach original game heights but YS 4 blows it out of the sky. YS III is not a YS game to begin with.
Elmer haven't denied my theory so the hope of RPG trilogy still lives!  [-o<
I imagine they decided to include AnEarth Fantasy Stories into the mix and publish all 3 games at once. They are silent because they know how mindblowing will it be.

This is total speculation on my part though, don't take it seriously.
As you guys are waiting for Xanadu series Tom and his team have finished english translation of Last Bible III a Super Famicom RPG by Atlus.  Give it a chance!
Quote from: elmer on 01/09/2018, 06:37 PMSome crazy lunatic can come along and do a dub patch later on for the voice if they want to.  ](*,)
You meant NightWolve?
Off-Topic / Tengai Makyou Zero
10/21/2017, 06:49 PM
Today long awaited Far East of Eden - Tengai Makyou Zero has received an english patch.  :dance:

Download now and play it!
I wonder why nobody thought of Langrisser - Hikari no Matsuei translation since it is the best version out there.
I am gonna join you in being that guy. What Elmer and Sam are pulling of here can be compared to only to Working Designs Arc the Lad collection or Growlanser Generations.
Imagine if Elmer and Sam secretly work on Anearth Fantasy Stories and release all 3 games simultaneously?
After completing this mammoth project i wanna know how do you guys feel? Are you like can't wait for the next mammoth translation project to sink all of my free time for free or are you more like never the f**k again!
I heard that Sam will be voicing all the characters including the female ones.
I can notice the slight differences in fonts you showed us!