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Xanadu II Translation Development Blog

Started by elmer, August 31, 2015, 11:50:09 AM

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NOW!!!!!!! :bonkthis:


I would love to play this game.  But like it has been mentioned, there are plenty of other games out there to keep you busy while you wait for this game to be finished.  I was just simply asking about the game because I haven't seen any mention of it or any updates on how the translation is going.  Shame there has to be drama involved with such a small group of people working on it.
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Quote from: elmer on May 26, 2018, 01:35:43 PMSorry folks, we've been quiet for a long time.

The dub is moving forwards, but at a glacially slow pace.

SamIAm gets very little time to work on it now that he's the father of a young child. That's just Real Life (tm) getting in the way of hobbies, no matter how much we both want to get this all finished and released.

If you're a parent, then you know that's just how it's got to be.
Basically, nothing has changed since that May reply by elmer fudd-for-brains himself. There's nothing else to report even if it triggers ashrion and his impatience...

The mistake with "Angry Assrion" was telling him the text translation was finished but not the dubs so he can't get it out of his head he could be playing it right now (minus English dubs which he finds evil anyway) were it not for the team's desire to release a 100% English text/voice localization on day one or bust...

In contrast, the way I handled the Ys IV project with my team was to finish the text translation and "hope" for an eventual dub attempt by slowly laying the groundwork over time... The idea was text translation now, maybe dubs later... Ironically I was still attacked by gamer nerds for not planning on how to "creatively" accomplish subtitles instead, there's always an ashrion that'll rear his ugly head at some point, comes with the territory...

Well, I would've preferred to wait until the project was over before fully burning bridges with lyin', leaky elmer, but who knows if that'll be a year or years from now... And I don't care about his ADPCM codec anymore...

Anyway, I'd check back between summer and fall 2019 to see what progress, if any, is made by then.


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Quote from: tbone3969 on December 21, 2018, 01:06:09 PMI enjoy a little rim job from the wifey from time to time.
Heh, Assrion could definitely use some "servicing" of that kind, as could elmer and some of the other wound-tight bullies we used to have here as members before they lost their shit...

Funny thing, elmer was a stickler for staying on-topic to the extreme, and I mean a real silly prude about it, so I can imagine how much this thread-crapping tangent is driving him up-the-wall crazy... :lol:


To anyone waiting for the Xanadu translations: Thank you for your patience. After a long and much needed down-time, elmer and I have been making regular and meaningful progress on the dub for weeks now. The project has never been dead, and will never be dead. These things just take time. We hope you'll all be excited to play the translations when they're finished.


whoa, I feel like a kid that just listened in on his parents absolutely trashing each other in another room.

so, um, anyway I'm really glad the translation is alive and going well. you guys all seem like pretty cool dudes and I hope you can work out your differences. you all have great skills and talents that bring a lot of joy to the few of us who still love the turbo to death but unfortunately can't read a lick of Japanese.

thanks to all making the effort to keep translating cool shit.

(side note, I just completed a spanish/castilian translation patch of dragon quest for the NES, so that's kinda cool)


Thank you Sam for updating us on the project i am glad to hear it is still being worked upon.