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Started by Joe Redifer, 07/25/2011, 05:08 PM

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I mean it's just amazing


It's some thing space cobra adventures for the sega-cd wasn't mention  :roll:
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Quote from: DragonmasterDan on 08/08/2018, 05:01 PM
I mean it's just amazing
That's whacked out! You see right away one of them did take liberties on this, yet STILL botched it!

Question 1: "[You] Going there alone?"

Counter-question 2: "How about you?"

Text Answer: "Not your business. Just like my pal."


Voice Answer: "It's not your thing, just like my friend."

Side note: Sounds rude to me, she can ask if you're going there [to some place], but when you ask her right back, will she also be going to the same place (presumably), she pulls the selective "None of your business" card! WTH ?!?! Hahaha!!



Another quality sack vid. You just know with the ending teaser, they were making another "bad movie games" episode and ran across some good movies games so decided to create this one.
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GameSack decided to cover every PC Engine CD game that supports/relies on the Arcade Card enhancement memory, including games where it's uncertain/unadvertised like Emerald Dragon which doesn't indicate in any way there are benefits.

I always wanted one for my Turbo Duo given the used/cheap Strider ACD that I bought for $15 but I never got around to it. Plus, I'd have to also buy a region adapter to make it work on a US Duo! So it wouldn't be until the Magic Engine emulator when I finally got to play that ACD port to see just how awful it was!

I was also interested in Fatal Fury Special (not to mention SFII for my 6-button pad), Sapphire, a SuperGrafx itself, but gaming habits were dying off as I started my university studies, so didn't happen. But yeah, eventually when I discovered the world of emulation in late 2001-02, I got to download/play some of the missed opportunities from back when real hardware was the only game in town!


GameSack-16: Joe's Top 10 TurboGrafx-16 Games!

#X Bonk's Revenge
#9 R-Type
#8 Devil's Crush
#7 Soldier Blade
#6 Bloody Wolf
#5 Splatterhouse
#4 Lords of Thunder
#3 The Legendary Axe
#2 Ys Book I & II
#1 Dracula X: Rondo of Blood