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Turbo Memoirs - Updated 2.11.08 - New layout, expanded "Originals" gallery

Started by PCEngineFX, February 11, 2008, 01:17:05 PM

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Hello Turbo Fans - The Turbo Memoirs ( has been updated as of 2.11.08:

- Complete layout overhaul, which now focuses more on the high-quality images rather than the layout
- All images in the Originals Gallery have been re-shot.
- Expanded the Originals Gallery with more film transfers.

Aaron Nanto - The NEC Console Resource


About the Turbo Memoirs
The Turbo Memoirs was created to provide high-quality original imagery related to the NEC line of video game consoles. The Turbo Memoirs is the only site of its kind featuring:

"Close-Up Gallery": Original studio close-up shots of your favorite NEC console
"Studio Gallery": Original studio console shots showing them off in full glory
"Originals Gallery": You won't see this anywhere else - photos of original NEC art film transfers

The Turbo Memoirs was created by Aaron Nanto and is part of the Pcenginefx Network.
// Aaron Nanto | The NEC Console Resource
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Glad you like guys.  One little blooper in the new homepage image - if you look at the right side of the PCE, there is a hole in the system...that is where I ripped off the RGB mod that was installed on it (I was going to fix that in photoshop but forgot).
// Aaron Nanto | The NEC Console Resource
Papa PCEFX 1997-2020 [Retired]


Quote from: guest on February 11, 2008, 03:12:06 PMI didn't notice that, but I did take note of the extreme graininess and washed out colors.  I'm not sure if I like that particular look, but that's just one clown's opinion.  Now, all you need to do is add a LT to complete the pic.... and a Shuttle..... and a LaserActive..... and never mind.
Due to the short amount of time I had to set up that shot, I had to make it more artsy looking - thus the washed out colors, grain, etc.  I do want to do a true color "on black" studio shot which should look great for the next update.

Quote from: guest on February 11, 2008, 03:12:06 PMP.S. - Did you win the auction for the pristine, boxed TurboCD?
Oh no, didn't win it.  It jumped up to over $400 in the last few seconds (my max was $300)...I so much wanted to fight for it more but rather have wanted to win a new DUO for that much....
// Aaron Nanto | The NEC Console Resource
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I gotta say, the work that you've done here is very impressive, PCEngineFX. The shots you have taken are absolutely mind-blowing, at some points, and with great clarity and lighting techniques to boot. It even looks like some of these photos were taking through the same techniques as used for microscopic shots. This updated version is truly amazing O:)!
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The Originals section images look much better the way they are now, rather than the way they were before, at an angle. Before, it looked like you were trying to do an art show type thing or something.