RIP to BT Garner of He passed away early 2023 from health problems. BT was one of the top PCE homebrew developers and founder of the OG Turbo List, then Condolences to family and friends.
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Fake legal threats...

During the final days of the Yuki: Henshin Engine Kickstarter, I talked to Aaron about the idea of using the PCEFX newsletter system to fire off an email to the 5000 registered membership to give it a boost, see how many PC Engine fans would stand up to be counted, make some history...

Well, little did I know what kind of shitstorm that good-intentioned idea would kick off! Psychotic bitterness from Arkhan Asylum as to why it was never done for his homebrew games, and I believe it was he would then send secret messages to his friends to wage war on OldRover on all possible platforms, including on Kickstarter!

So this person also had a deep grudge with Dave Perry/OldRover/nodveidt and because he got an email plus I believe Arkhan Asylum may have influenced him as well, instead of just asking to disable his address or account, he sent a fake bluff/threat to Aaron over the matter... These were big warning signs about the bitter, toxic, dysfunctional situations/feuds that I was getting myself mixed up in as co-admin and it would later prove far more destructive with the Nullity/DildoPhile event years later...

He was never returning here, but since I marked the account banned, might as well explain why. This also disables his email too, so he doesn't come hounding anyone again about it... We don't need more saboteurs... Nullity, Arkhan Asylum, DarKKKobold, Gex, Punch, Neurotic Necromancer, JoshuaTurboTrollX-16 were MORE than enough to ever wanna have to deal with again, so just block/ban, leave 'em in the past where they belong!

I was left a bit embarrassed by that newsletter situation, I thought people would be happy a successful PC Engine Kickstarter project was taking off, you know, IN THE PCEFX FORUMS, but bitter blood feuds were present, and if I think about DarKKKobold trying to copycat OldRover/Sarumaru's Kickstarter success, anybody who helped that monster bully ought to be ashamed of themselves 1000%!!!
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