Can a PICO PSU replace a stock PC FX power supply 100V to 240V conversion

Started by Krimstah, 12/17/2018, 05:09 AM

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Hi All,

I have been contemplating this mod for some time as i am tired of using a step up converter for my PC FX in my set up

I can't seem to find a diagram of what power the PC FX requires a multimeter does'nt seem to read the voltages correctly.

There is a 4 pin connector and a 5 pin connector,

Anyone have any ideas ? has this mod been attempted before?



Not sure what you mean by "I am tired of using a step up converter for my PC FX in my set up".

A stock PC-FX expects wall power to be 100V as it is in Japan.
What voltage is in your area, and what voltage are you converting it to ?

I only ask because the way the question is worded, it sounds like you may not be using an original power supply in the first place.



the mains in Australia accept 240v I would like to beable to use a pico power supply instead of the stock pc fx power supply

Using the stock psu i connect to a step up converter  then to mains

by using a pico psu  i can use a laptop power supply and connect directly into mains

example of this mod being done to a Dreamcast incase you were wondering


I see the source of confusion.  As you're converting 240V mains power downward to 100V in order to power the PC-FX, the term 'step-down' is more appropriate.

In any case, I haven't heard of anybody doing a power supply replacement on these units - whether to replace a faulty one, or to do as you suggest and swap for a different supply voltage.  Although I know several people (most on this board) who own one, I don't know if anybody has even opened theirs up...

If you go ahead with this replacement, I'm sure that people here would like to hear about it.