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question, how can you extract the video from battleheat game

Started by animewatch, 03/18/2024, 06:43 PM

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I have saw the battle heat game video on youtube and I think it is awesome. Does anyone here have the base video files of the fmv for all the characters and the win screen of from the game. Or is there any way to extract them from the game?



Welcome ?? So I'd say your best bet is to contact some of the localizers who worked on PC-FX projects like @EsperKnight. He's somewhat active on Twitter and responds to emails.

Ooohh, does this maybe have something to do with these recent video HD restoration projects on YouTube ?
Well, there you go, you can try asking Aaron himself in his video I guess!

I wasn't sure at first, but he states right at the start of the video he extracted the raw data file from the disc, so it's confirmed: he already knows how to do what you're asking for. At first I thought he might've taken an easy approach of recording the videos for conversion, but no, it appears he learned how to extract the raw video file using a hex editor and info which isn't for the novice.

A PC-FX CD, like PCECD, has no ISO file system, it's a compiled binary of code, assets (text/images/audio/data), etc. so you need to become handy with a hex editor and even a debugger for more advanced goals/searches.


Thank you so much for the links, I like battle heat so much I think it is an underrated game.

Do you know of their email addresses?


@EsperKnight's email is the same ID, just add/append '' - if you mouse over his email icon you can see it, or if you PM him here he should get an email notification. There's also a Reply-To-Email option on an account.

For Aaron, like I said, you can just reply to the YouTube video right there and ask (he ignores/abandoned his email); it seems he's already been doing exactly what you're asking about.

Good luck.


Thank you,

I will see if I can get the videos as battle heat is such a great game.