TurboDuo : CD-ROM stopped working

Started by JoeQuaker, 07/10/2024, 03:24 AM

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Hey dudes! I'm in the middle of working on this, but figured it would be a good idea to relay to you all along the way.

My US TurboDuo was recapped by me and "The Steve" (And of course Steve had to fix a lot of my work due to me not having proper equipment for surface-mounted caps  :loldog: ) a few years back. I've played it off and on since then, but recently have been playing the system a lot more with a new CRT setup.

Anyway, yesterday morning I'm playing Rondo of Blood and hit select+start after losing a round, then turn off the machine. An hour or so later I return and.. the CD-ROM won't spin a disk again.


- Hit start button, see "Please check disk!" message.
- The drive would not move to the right initially.
- I don't see a light from the laser diode emitting.
- Disc does not spin.
- Laser lens moves up and down vertically a few times before giving up.


- Dirty rails and gears? Took the time to clean those up and add new lithium grease. In the process when I use the gear to advance the lens all the way to the right, it returns to the home position fine when the system boots.

- Dirty lens? Cleaned it.

- Perhaps pots need adjustment now that new caps have been used for many hours? (I have a scope and probe if that's the case)

- Dead laser? (I've gathered this is rare)

- Loose ground? Open via on board that just randomly occurred?

Open to all ideas and suggestions as I try to get it going again!


Dude, you're here! That's gonna ruffle some feathers, hint hint!

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Anyway, I didn't think you'd ever stop by again given that whole ordeal from those destructive nutjobs... I still talk to Steve (retired from repair biz) and Chris Courage (who still is active in the repair business) on Facebook, so I can reach them for this if you can't fix it on your own.


LOL weird ass DarkKobold.

Yeah, looking like I will have to reach out to Steve or Keith Courage, but I still have one more thing to try first. I feel like "the disk doesn't spin" issue would be a common thread in forums, but I've only come across one thread here on it https://www.pcengine-fx.com/forums/index.php?topic=20808.msg453446#msg453446

While it wasn't resolved, I did notice it was recommended to try playing with the pots to get it going. I also noticed somewhere else that after a system is recapped after a few hours of "burn in" period the pots must be adjusted. I was just hoping to get a little more clear info before messing with it again.

I have the next couple of days off work and will try tinkering with it again soon.