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Hey gang, I just wanted to say "thanks as always."   I appreciate your support. 

Lol.   Esteban's true form is revealed.   

It was always questionable but ... at this point, volume 4 will follow the previous (with 25 reviews).    The final volume will have the final 35 (at least that is the plan, ha ha).   

Who knows ... by then DVDs will be dust and we'll have them implanted directly into the brain.  :)

Thanks for the support and for watching as always gang!
About 40 some more to go ... hard to believe.  Ha ha


Thanks a lot guys for always watching.   I appreciate it.   

PS:   Ha!   esteban - Mr. Hard G! 

Well, I mean ... it is probably an old-fashioned, outdated way of doing things.   Ha ha!   But, that's the way I started doing the series back in 2008 / 09 and I just continued the same way.    I like playing the games using the original hardware (so I can put myself back in that time).  Plus, it helps me to take "notes" as I capture the footage as to things I want to make sure to mention in the review itself.   You know?   

Although ... my Digital8 camcorder only goes out via Firewire into the computer.  So, I had to pickup a FW card when I updated the computer.   Doh!  :)

Hey, thanks Gredler!   I appreciate that, I truly do.   

SavagePencil ... I play my games on an actual TurboDuo and record the footage through an old SONY Handycam Digital-8 Camcorder.   Then, I capture that footage into my computer (making script notes as I do) and "up-convert" the final video slightly for YouTube upload.   So .. I have never used emulation but rather the actual hardware to play every game in my review from day one. :)   


Thanks Groover.   I think so far ... of the games that are "beatable" ... I'm batting about 83% in beating them for reviews.   The ones I can't I try REALLY REALLY hard.  Lol!  :)
spida1a, how much of your footage capture is from live hardware and how much is done through emulation?  I was wondering if you could just cheat your way through on the latter.

Thanks Groover.   I think so far ... of the games that are "beatable" ... I'm batting about 83% in beating them for reviews.   The ones I can't I try REALLY REALLY hard.  Lol!  :)

Thanks for the support !   As always guys.  :)

Thanks for sharing, commenting and supporting the series all of these years so far.
I hope all of you guys at the PC-Engine FX Forums had a wonderful holiday and have a great New Year!  :)
-  Chris

Hey, thanks ginoscope!  And, same to you!

Thanks TRON!!    That's awesome man.   :)

Also, just a note but ... I made a few quick fixes to the DC review and re-uploaded (in case you want to re-embed, lol):

Thanks SumerNivek, EvilEvoIX, MattJ, munchiaz, and grolt !

I appreciate the support and comments. 
Have a great Thanksgiving all! 

Thanks for the support, as always guys!!

DC was a tough one to score because I kept flipping between 4 and 4 1/2.   In the end, that 1/2 star doesn't really make all that much of a difference (I found enough little quirks with the game to keep it from there and feel confident with the choice).   But, at times I wish I hadn't even started the "rating scale" all those years ago so I could just let my review speak for itself. 

I'd say we're on a roll!!!

Thanks again!   The next one is in the works!
Have a great Thanksgiving and Holiday everyone!

Hey TRON ... can I hire you for PR work!?   Ha ha. 
Thanks as always!!  ;)

Thanks for watching and commenting guys.    :) 

Lol.    Thanks esadajr  :)

Ha!   Ah yes ... Falcon ... haven't gotten to that one yet.   :)

Thanks a lot Bardoly my friend!    I appreciate it. 

I think the "bleep" properly placed is funnier as well.   And there are some older videos where I DID swear a bit more.   But ... I just don't feel it is necessary really.   A lot of YOUNG kids watch my series (and their parents have told me so).  I'm not totally PG but it's all just a personal choice and ... it doesn't add a thing to it.

And honestly ... In the end ... It's my channel.   So I can do what I want.  Nyah Nyah Nyah, right?   Lol. 

And Tool, thanks man.  Truly!

Haha, thanks Jibb.  It's all good! 

Esteban ... No drama at all.  On a side note ... Did you find out anything on that screen you were taking about??   I am curious now for sure. 

Thanks for watching guys.   I always appreciate your kind words.   

By the way ... One person left a comment that I shoud not have "censored a*#".    Haha.    My sincere apologies for not swearing more guys.    Lol.

Thanks again!   

Lol!  Duh!  ;)

It's very cool to see the TurboGrafx getting "love" (or coverage) anywhere.   

You know what's funny, though?   I got accused of ripping-off the Angry Nerd in MY very early Turbo Views episode showcasing "Darkwing Duck" (because I was mad at the game).     I am sorry but ... I was definitely angrier than AVGN!   And I beat the damn game for the video as well!   Ha ha!   ;)

Chris Bucci

I used to take the Crush games on trips with me all the time.   Sadly, I get motion-headaches so ... I couldn't play for long.  :(

Me too TRON!    Sigh, I miss those days!   ;)

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