@GTV reviews the Cosmic Fantasy 1-2 Switch collection by Edia, provides examples of the poor English editing/localization work. It's much worse for CF1. Rated "D" for disappointment, finding that TurboGrafx CF2 is better & while CF1's the real draw, Edia screwed it up...
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I'm thinking of upgrading my home theater system to really take advantage of high definition. I'm debating whether I should purchase a PS 3 or I should just get a blueray player. I know the PS 3 really doesn't have that many games for it yet, and I also like the fact that I can get a Roku Netflix box to stream movies in HD. How do those of you with a PS 3 feel about it as an investment?

I recently got an LG LCD TV, and I've hooked both my TG-16 and Sega Saturn up to it via a couple of RF switches. I've learned that these systems look terrible if the TV is kept in 16:9 ratio, so whenever I've played so far I've changed to 4:3. When I play my Saturn, and turn it off, the TV looks like it's in black and white. Only after I switch channels does the color come back. Could the Saturn or TG-16 have any adverse effect on the TV?
Much to my dismay, one of my favorite sites, The Videogame Den, has been down for quite a while. I don't think it'll be functional for some time. So, are there any other sites that provide even-handed, unbiased reviews for the multitude of PC Engine games that are out there? I'd like to see where everyone on here goes for good gaming reviews.

Apparently, you have to fill out some sort of survey to obtain a fully-functional, refurbished Wii. This smells like a scam to me, has anyone tried this or know someone that has?

**link removed to prevent spammers from winning**
I've been researching Flash cards, and they seem to work quite well. Have any of you had difficulties utilizing these flash cards on TG-16's? Are there any drawbacks to utilizing Flash Cards?

Also, will there be a mass ordering for the 128M cards soon?
Do any of you recall hearing a myth about the Turbografx-16 being a dangerous system because it emitted radioactivity? I remember hearing kids talk about it when I was in school in Florida, but I was curious to see if this myth actually had any legs and reached any of you around the world.
I just purchased a few more TG-16 controllers, and I'm looking to put them to use by playing one of the Bomberman games. I've always heard that '93 is the best iteration of the Bomberman games for the TG-16. However, after searching through Evil-Bay, it looks to be seriously over-priced. Is this Bomberman that rare of a game? What's the fair market value for this game? Anyone have any extra copies they're willing to sell?

Anyone on here have a copy of Dragon's Curse that they'd be willing to sell for under $10.00 with shipping included?