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Console Chat / Pixelization/Animation Perfection
« on: August 14, 2021, 03:40:36 PM »
Wanted to branch out from the PC Engine Pixelization thread after Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys to include/link cool animations from any game/console.

To start it off, much credit again to Kishi's Gift of GIF, now a lost thread after the forum was scraped in 2020 and rebooted with XenForo. But thanks to WayBack and some grunt work we can dig out some of the best highlights!
Find more animated GIFs be it Falcom and others below e.g. Ys I-III PC-98 ports:*/**/**/*


And finally some of Kishi's finest work, the NES/SNES Super Punch-Out Parade! :boom:

Arcade extra with Bald Bull:

Synopsis: Dead/broken IMG links plague forums in Random Photo Threads like these, but what if runtime JavaScript could loop through broken/missing images, prepend the WayBack link ( to search for them in their database and seamlessly return the lost image ??  :-k  Let's try!

Dead IMG Link:

Working via WayBack:
Back in the 80 we had Big&Little that was THE toystore here back then, that has somehow
remerged online for being gone in like 20 years time, nostalgic for us...

That logo is for us what TRU are for Americans.

Dead IMG Link (11 years old):

Dead IMG Link (10 years old):

I waslike WTHMF :lol:

Dead IMG Link (10 years old):

Here's one of the more interesting cases with lifetime member and former mod GameSack Joe Redifer! When he started off, turns out instead of using his later domain to share images, he owned/used circa 2002 (then!

An example post in question:

In it, he shared this "", but that domain is dead and not many files are found on Way Back!

So is all hope lost ? No, I remembered his /crap/ folder being associated with joeredifer, so what if I swap domains and try looking in WayBack again ???

Before :
After  :

And voila, now it works, the image can found! *catches breath* But, it's not over yet, searching the forum with Joe's "" which became "" returns dozens of results (60+), so a global find/replace to "" is needed to lead to most images from 2006-2007 working again! A little more grunt work to recover what is lost, but I made a script for that. It's a bit dangerous though, no mistakes can be made, you make sure the text is 100% unique, no undos if you make a mistake!

So yeah, it's an interesting case where a little extra effort can recover more images/history! :thumbsup:

And so on. It's hit or miss, since Aaron kept the forum mostly private in its 2 decades, spiders couldn't archive as much, so if the link was only posted here and nowhere else, it's likely gone forever...

The JavaScript code goes something like this, just a single function called on the onload() event and relies on the fact that SMF forums will set dead image objects to width=0/height=0 so they're not noticed. This idea happened on accident as I was trying to track down where this is happening to stop SMF from setting their dimensions to zero since I want to know a link is dead to fix it manually. But with runtime code you can fix some cases automatically by way of WayBack magic. :thumbsup:

Code: [Select]
function ShowLostImages() {
var aLink1, aLink2;
for ( i = 0; i < document.images.length; i++ )
if ( document.images[i].width == 0 || (!document.images[i].complete && document.images[i].width <= 28) ) {
document.images[i].border = 1;
aLink1 = document.images[i].src;
document.images[i].alt = document.images[i].title = aLink1;
aLink2 = "" + aLink1;
document.images[i].src = aLink2;
aLink1 = "" + aLink1.substring(aLink1.lastIndexOf("/"));
document.images[i].outerHTML += "<BR><b><font color=red>WayBack Repair:</font></b> <a href=\"" + aLink2 + "\" target=\"_blank\">" + aLink1 + "</a>";
document.images[i].onclick = function(event) {
var a = document.createElement("a"); = "_blank";
a.href = this.src;;

While Alan Oppenheimer is fairly famous for all his voice-acting work in 80's cartoons (He-Man, The Smurfs, The Transformers, Scooby-Doo, etc.) and did a great job voicing Darm and the opening narrator for Ys Book I & II, there's somebody else that worked on the game who achieved far greater fame that's worth mentioning when one fondly looks back at a great classic such as this for the NEC PC Engine/TurboGrafx-CD system!

Something I once learned from a Game Sack episode (thanks to Joe Redifer) and never was the wiser till it was explicitly pointed out: See that Thomas H. Church credit for Goban Toba ? Yep, that's one in the same as Thomas Haden Church, the Hollywood actor last known for playing SandMan in Spider-Man 3! The Ys Book I & II dub was well-funded after all and still is one of the best that I know of in a videogame!

Thomas Haden Church
As SandMan
As Goban Toba

How about that ? I was pretty surprised when I first learned of this. In addition to a high-quality dub, Ys Book I & II sports one of the greatest soundtracks in videogame history, right along with the sequels for the NEC CD consoles, and that is a big reason why I and many others became such devout Ys fans!!!! :)

The magic of when I first fired up Ys Book I & II on my brand new Turbo Duo in the 90's still remains with me to this day. The partnership of Hudson Soft and Falcom led to some great things in gaming console history, and it's too bad Hudson is no longer with us...

Ys Book I & II Reviews:

For a recently translated interview of the Ys IV: Dawn of Ys staff (both from Hudson & Falcom), check this out as well:

Kickstarter-triumph "Battle Princess Madelyn" Released! -  12/6/2018!
Inspired by and a love letter to the NEC SuperGrafx Ghouls 'n Ghosts port!


Classic retro gameplay for a whole new era!

* Tru NEC SuperGrafx Origin Story: [Developer] Chris Obritsch' daughter Madelyn loved to watch him play Daimakaimura/Ghouls 'n Ghosts on his SuperGrafx which led to her wanting to be IN the game! So eureka, dad's solution was to make her the star of her own!!!

* With the retro feel of Ghouls 'n Ghosts and Wonder Boy 3, this will conjure up memories of the arcade era with its Unity driven hand-drawn pixel art

* 10 levels with five stages each, they're replayable with no starting over (that is unless you want to)

* Two modes including story (by a professional children's author) and arcade (for the experts)

* Hidden collectibles with extra rewards, weapons are upgradeable depending on your armour, which you can find through the blacksmith in story mode

* Madelyn's pet ghost dog "Fritzy" acts as both a weapon and a way to solve puzzles, allowing the player to tackle boss fights and maneuver puzzles.

* Weapons are specific to certain areas, providing access to secret locations

>> Kickstarter History/Game Discussion thread.  <<

Chit-Chat / TurboViews FB Group / Chris "TurboViews" Bucci Restored!
« on: December 31, 2018, 10:25:35 PM »
Originally: TurboViews FB Group orphaned, Chris "TurboViews" Bucci Deactivated Account! WHY?

Anybody know why Chris Bucci deactivated his Facebook account all of a sudden ??? It seems to have orphaned his Facebook group a bit as the banner image is gone, but all the posts/threads are there and his co-admin... Very strange, I have seen him log in a few times here and some months ago I asked him for permission to include his TurboViews videos here.

I hope it's temporary and nothing bad happened... :/

Chit-Chat / Husband/wife ordered to pay $12m to Nintendo for ROM sites...
« on: November 18, 2018, 01:09:09 AM »

Arizona couple have been ordered to pay Nintendo a whopping $12.23m (?9.5m) in damages for running a pair of sites which offered pirated ROMs.

Jacob and Cristian Mathias admitted copyright and trademark infringement for operating and until July this year, when Nintendo intervened.

The sites, registered under Mathias Designs, a company set up by the husband and wife, offered pirated versions of games such as Mario Kart 64, Donkey Kong Country, Pok?mon Yellow and Super Mario World.

Both websites were pulled offline when Nintendo threatened legal action, and replaced with a notice saying they were undergoing maintenance.

The eyebrow-raising $12.23m ruling, originally discovered by TorrentFreak, has likely been set as an example to deter others. (And indeed, a number of other ROM sites have since vanished from the internet.) Whether the Mathiases will have to actually pay the full amount is not known, however - other cases have been quietly settled behind the scenes for much less.

On paper, though, this is a huge win for Nintendo. The couple have taken down their sites, admitted culpability, agreed to pay damages, and must now also relinquish any Nintendo games and hardware still in their possession.

Head to now and you'll be greeted with a simple message, titled "Apology to Nintendo":

"Our website,, previously offered and performed unauthorised copies of Nintendo games, in violation of Nintendo's copyrights and trademarks. acknowledges that it caused harm to Nintendo, its partners, and customers by offering infringing copies of Nintendo games and has agreed to cease all such activities. To access legitimate Nintendo games online, please visit for information about the Nintendo Game Store." 
Nintendo gone  :boom::boom::boom::boom:-earth...


Anybody remember this ? I do! :)

It was called the "PC Engine CD Offline Catalog," a rock-solid ~2003 Windows app by the now defunct French group "NEC-Ro-Pole" which barely exists in the WayBack Machine. Developed by RAPH99 and FagEmul in the heyday of French PCE groups, the group long ago shut down leaving behind impressive software like this and CD ISO/MP3 image extractors. I knew FagEmul from my Ys I Complete fan translation project for a bit actually, he's credited for helping with image work.

Why is it useful exactly, as there are already lots of sites you can browse PCE games on after all ? Basically, it's a super fast screenshot browser of the PCE library. It's just a rapid screenshot selector is all it is. You might find screenshots of CD games you've never come across before in random browsing with it.

With rapid scanning/scrolling of screenshots of PC Engine/TG-16 games, you find stuff you never knew existed and perhaps consider wanting - just as some people can only deal with short sound bites, this offers quick, 16-bit colorful eyecandy, visual bites, if you will, to get a "taste" of what the system has to offer. That's been my experience, like, "Wow, that looks cool, totally missed it." You just click on the game titles and then you can use the Up/Down arrow keys or PageUp/PageDown to quickly scroll through, you get the idea...

So anyway, on a whim, I decided to port it to JavaScript & DHTML for fun, see if I could host it on PCEFX to function almost ~exactly as the original app, sure enough it was only a 1-2 day project over the weekend! Using all the PNG image assets from their Windows app, and the text database file they built it with, they allowed for easy porting, pretty much was a piece of cake.

Notes: A download to the original retro app itself will be made available on the page too and I just rediscovered there was a HuCard version, so I can quickly port that now as well.

Open call: It could use some help/tweaking for missing screenshots or game titles, so if you wanna help in your leisure to make it 100%, lemme know! Use this thread to post about any missing games, screenshots, erroneous info, etc. Some existing screenshots weren't well done, so you can help replace them with better ones if it ever interests you. They should be in 256x224 standard PCE resolution and in PNG.

Updates: - Access to The Poor Man's PCEFX Jubebox separately. Testing for me, and for you, a separate version from the catalog viewer.


As Zigfried/EmeraldRocker mentioned, we moved on the idea of a PCEFX Reviews section for both new and classic reviews of his that are no longer published on the Internet. I think the "mission" of PCEFX has gone off-track for some years and I wanna see some return to what PCE preservation should be about going forward. More content, ideas for content, and getting back to some "fun" and an atmosphere of comradery wouldn't hurt either!

As stated in the title, anyone that wants to publish a PCE/PCFX review here can drop me a line. If you bring the quality, I'll get it uploaded/published. Aaron used to have a few people in the late 90's actually but the motivation died off I guess, as some things inevitably do. We'll figure out how to link it up in the index and either you or I can apply the template to it that EmeraldRocker made which fits with the PCEFX look.

On June of this year, per my earlier thread, The Brothers DuoMazov domain mysteriously expired... RuninRider/IvaNEC cannot be reached from his Facebook page, email or anywhere else... We don't know if this is the end for sure or what, but the longer the domain is without an owner, the hopes of a return to normal grow more bleak. Thankfully, The WayBack Machine has pretty much copied the whole website, so I decided to import what I valued the most and I also created a dropdown combobox linker that lets you access 100% of the other reviews with the WayBack site. WayBack did accomplish this, but my linker is a tad better from some of the broken pages that are archived and it's a piece of cake to add to other sites.

Now, keep in mind this all may be temporary as RuninRider could return without warning at any time, so this was done with the respectful assumption that he might not and that his content is worth preservation for future PCE-loving generations to enjoy. If at the end of the year he/his site still doesn't return, I may continue to import more articles onto PCEFX for better preservation than WayBack so long as the space is there to allow for it.

What a shame if fan work like this was to be lost for good or only left as a remnant inside The WayBack Machine with its popup menu insertions and slow response time...

I like the colorful PCE 16-bit eye candy upfront, instant, versus waiting for it in a YouTube review personally.

Anyway, that concludes this update. The grunt work needed to clean up those pages for importation was quite tedious and the effort could be in vain at any moment, so don't wanna go too far with this until RuninRider turns up again. It'd be better to get a ZIP of the whole site from him if he decided he doesn't wanna host his review site himself anymore...


I was looking for Bonk III screenshots, tried an old ED link, got a dead site with domain expired message... I sent a message to Emerald Rocker to see what's up, but who knows... Shame if it doesn't return, so FYI.

BUT, let's check the The WayBack Machine....

Yep, that works, and since they were all static HTML articles, it can all remain accessible.

Which brings me to the other case where the site is truly, currently dead,

Sorry ... for 16+ years, has server up info about every PCEngine, every Turbo and every PC-FX game ever made. However the site has been sorely neglected for the last few years. The code that runs pcecp now suffers from multiple deprecated calls, and fixing it, though not impossible, is a large under taking that I currently do not have time for.
So for the time being, pcecp is on vacation. Hopefully it will find new life, but as you are well aware there are other resouces out there that are more modern, and support better media representation of our belved systems.
Now it's been broken for years, and it's dynamic so WayBack does not apply, so I hoped it'd get fixed eventually, but now BT Garner formally shut it down with that message... I actually reached out to him on Facebook and offered to fix the PHP if he's interested, so I'll see.

But anyway, shame to officially lose both of these websites... If it's to be, then RIP...

News / Fighting Street Suspended Until Further Notice...
« on: May 08, 2018, 04:31:55 PM »
The idea for closing Fighting Street for a couple of weeks/months had been floated, 2 people even told me they wanted it shut down for good though I'm not sure I agree with that in full... More obvious rules need to be specified against things like death threats, dox jobs, and some level of discretion when things get too out of hand as was true for months!!! It can't be just a pure 4chan situation...

Given all the drama, 5 self-deletions after the delete/permaban of nullity for extortion/blackmail/intimidation by hijacking a dox job, various forms of continued trolling/abuse/hounding weeks afterwards, exodus threats, some being carried out, FS has done more harm than good in terms of venting versus destroying... So, a temporary shutdown was in order given the extraordinary circumstances...

In addition, last week I started looking for another moderator, I'd like 2 new ones, but only made the offer to someone that could even be trusted as a co-admin so far, and I can't think of anybody else here besides him. Obviously that plan was expedited as I was hoping for a few months for us to cool off first, but enough still wanna continue hound harassment trolling (including Necromancer) and other forms of it...

Any suggestions for said new moderator roles can be PM'ed to me. My 1st choice wasn't sure he'd want to, and maybe less so now given the escalation, but yeah, I need ideas on that and for new future rules for Fighting Street, plus the forum in general.

ALSO, ANY attempts to poison existing threads or make new ones to continue Fighting Street (as some of you quickly tried to organize off a chat room) WILL be heavily policed, you'll join a 1 week timeout ban immediately! Yes, peace via delete and ban-hammer! Take/Keep your trolling snipes/viciousness/hatred/hate-mongering somewhere else!!! This forum needs a long break from it!


Enjoy a world of mysteries.

Necromancer is a horror RPG released for the TurboGrafx-16 in 1988. You are a hero who heads out on an adventure with two other allies in order to search for the Evil Holy Sword "Necromancer" to defeat an evil force that is about to take over the Kingdom of Ishmaelia. Defeat enemies to level up and travel the land to gather information about the Evil Holy Sword "Necromancer."

You will be able to choose your two allies among five possible candidates at the castle which is the starting point of the game. Each ally possesses different abilities so choose them wisely and make sure that you progress the game with each character's specialty in mind.

Virtual Console
This classic game is part of the Virtual Console service, which brings you great games created for consoles such as NES?, Super NES? and Game Boy? Advance. We hope you'll enjoy the new features (including off-TV play) that have been added to this title. See more Virtual Console games for Wii U.

Platform Wii U
Release Date Feb 01, 2018
No. of Players 1 player
Category Role-Playing, Adventure
Publisher Konami
Price: $5.99
Untranslated though, in pure, original, 100% preserved Japanese for the truest of retro experiences, so uh, thanks for the halfway effort Konami! ;)

I had been waiting to see if I got stable Internet connectivity with Comcast and my new DOCSIS 3.1 Gigabit cable modem before considering ditching a traditional AT&T telephone landline that probably will cost $90/month with the upcoming $5 dollar 911 tax for Chicago residents...

The new modem seems to have fixed my issues along with making good use of the new copper ground rods I had installed - good grounding of your cable line is very important to prevent TCP packet loss from interference!

Anyway, can someone please give me some reviews on any of these VoIP telephone services ?? How do they compare to traditional telephone lines ? It certainly should be better than a cellphone if you have good upstream with your ISP I imagine, but how much worse compared to a traditional land line ?

I have been looking at MagicJack for years now, but my old modem for the last 2 years couldn't give me 24/7 always on performance so I never trusted the idea of switching to VoIP... But as stated, the conditions are right to ditch AT&T finally, just need advice/reviews/tips.


News / Google Ads should be less troublesome + PCEFX fast page loads!
« on: September 14, 2017, 09:55:19 PM »
Per what's detailed in this post, I did a little coding to improve the loading of ads given the issues the previous synchronous loading style presented.

Lemme know if you notice improvements with the basic idea, let the whole PCEFX HTML page parse/render, and wait 3.5 seconds later to load the ads in their spots, etc.

News / Regarding forum problems a few moments ago...
« on: September 14, 2017, 01:23:41 AM »
Hey guys, you've probably had to relogin and noticed the server was down for about an hour. It was my fault in trying to apply the SMF 2.0.14 upgrade to a SMF 2.0.13 working installation... SMF used to have a very reliable patch system, but this time it took the server down and no database connections could be made. I had to scramble with Aaron to figure it out, ultimately it was a tip on the support forums that saved the day here:

Anyway, everything seems to be back to normal, and I guess we'll be sticking with SMF 2.0.13 after that experience... :/

[2020] (New company name, au revoir to Causal Bit Games)

[December 6, 2018]

[April 16, 2017]


Wanted to plug Chris Obritsch's 2nd indie game since Insanity's Blade which you might remember here. It also ran a Kickstarter which...WOW, I'm amazed to report closed out at $212,665 CAD/$159,663 USD this past Friday, smashing all stretch goals... Hard to believe, and it's still a 2-man team primarily, Chris Obritsch and Daven (Chris mostly on art/design, Daven on coding)!

Durrr, I did want to plug this earlier when the KickStarter was actually active, but just didn't get a chance... :( I also didn't get to contribute/pay-in either, my PayPal account is locked because they're trying to force me to delete TurboRip from my website... Feel a little bummed I didn't resolve that, but this project certainly didn't need my help!!! Pretty historic how he rose from RIGG, our defunct PC Engine group circa 2001-2003, and made it to the big leagues!! Anyway, I'll buy the PC version when it comes out at least!

About the game: It's obviously making good use of Capcom's Ghouls'n'Ghosts legacy as you can tell right away, and why not, if Capcom isn't doing much with it anymore, right :question: ;)

Chris has kind of a cheesy story to go along about how this came to be: His daughter Madelyn loved to watch him play Ghouls'n'Ghosts over and over on the good ole NEC SuperGrafx (How about that :question:), specifically, she liked to see him beat the first boss, who she calls "Green Head," and one day she said she wanted to be IN the game which led to him offering to make her a character in one! :) It's named after her naturally, future dad of the year award recipient right here, am I right :question:

Well, I guess that's good enough of a primer, I'll leave the videos and screenshots to do the rest of the talking and they DO a lot of talking. The promotional buzz around this was pretty noticeable and explains the great success he had this time around compared to Insanity's Blade KS when he was just entering the indie videogame scene!

As you can plainly see, they've gotten A LOT better compared to their first game, haven't they :question::question::question:


The SuperGrafx version that inspired it all:

News / PC Engine-FX Change/Update Log
« on: April 16, 2017, 02:48:32 PM »
** 8/19/2018 **

* A JavaScript+DHTML version of the classic PCECD Online Catolog was developed and an additional Reviews section was opened. Details below.

** 6/4/2018 **

* Integrated Chatbox module reinstalled... It's risky to run the chat "experiment" again but I'm gonna try. Follow ALL PCEFX forum rules (expect Chat rules thread as well), no-to-low tolerance for trolling/bullying/harassment/spamming/etc.!

* Upgraded Tapatalk SMF 2.0 Plugin to version 4.5.2, stable release of 05/29/2018. The old version generated lots of PHP errors that annoyingly filled up on the logging sys on occasion, hope this one is better.
- Tapatalk is down until I can talk to Aaron, it requires him logging into their site to reestablish a link.
( Source: )

** 5/5/2018 **

* http:// v. https:// now works either way, so you may update your PCEFX bookmarks for secure/encrypted logins to Tech Details.

* Found a setting for a feature that was always available on the forums, but by default was turned off with this forum. You'll now see members who are viewing the same thread as you when clicking in it instead of looking at the "Who's Online" feature as the only source to see what others are browsing. I think that's useful.

* I deleted a StyleBot Chrome extension I was using to modify the forum theme to full-width. The forum went back to being fixed-width which I hated, so I updated the CSS to convert the design to full width of the browser. If you were using this StyleBot ext and the CSS override by a certain DoxPhile, it is now obsolete. You can delete or remove the hack, save CPU/parsing execution on a page load for the PCEFX domain.

** 2/18/2018 **

Forum patched to SMF 2.0.15 with NO problems this time, thanks goodness! - Details below.

Lemme know if something broke. I took a risk doing it in a "feeling lucky" click of a button since last time caused a corruption of the database user account password, preventing access and effectively shutting down the forum...

** 9/14/2017 **

Barely succeeded in patching the forum to SMF 2.0.14... This was the 1st bad patch I've ever seen from SMF, it caused major problems to recover from, the forum went down for at least 2-3 hours or more while Aaron and I scrambled to solve it...  #-o #-o #-o Details below.

** 4/16/2017 **

Forum patched to SMF 2.0.13. It addresses a few vulnerabilities in SMF 2.0.12 and fixes several bugs. If this causes new bugs, issues, strange behavior, lemme know - Details below.

** 9/26/2016 **

Forum patched to SMF 2.0.12 - Details below.

** 9/2/2016 **

Forum Registration/Profile New Field Additions. Should help registration pruning and encourage people to share interesting personal details - Details here.

** 8/29/2016 **

The auto-embed feature for Youtube/Facebook videos was upgraded to HTML5 standards to deprecate Adobe Flash (so long Flash, we hardly knew ye!) - Details here.

Feedback / Anybody noticing a speed-up in server page-load time ???
« on: October 04, 2016, 03:48:51 PM »
Or any problems with it so far ?

Synopsis: You install a new 4GB Radeon video card, the RX 460 in your PC's PCI Express slot, you get the drivers installed, everything seems to be working fine, but after you reboot your computer, it no longer boots, no video output, it stays stuck... Uh-oh, so what went wrong, why ??

TroubleShooting Steps I went through:

1) Rule out the video card. I swapped back the old video card, but same problem, the PC would get stuck... No video output, won't boot... Uh-oh, it won't be as easy as that....

2) Now I'm in a panic thinking my motherboard is dead and that I'd need a new computer... I tried to think, what, why is this happening...? Then, I spotted a ruptured capacitor near the PCI Express slot! AHA, I thought!!!!!! Maybe the EE skills I learned from TheSteve will help, so time to pull out my soldering iron, my cap kit, etc., and see if I can save this 2008 motherboard!!!!! After I unscrewed the whole motherboard out, I got to work!

a) Presenting, the victim capacitor:

b) After much difficulty, I desoldered it off:

c) For kicks, just to see how much it failed, I used my VC99's cap testing feature to measure its remaining capacitance ability (it's a 470 uF cap, so...):

Yep, almost total failure, from 470 uF down to 69 uF... NOT GOOD!!!! That cap was terminated!

d) Being a perfectionist, I wanted the best new capacitor from my kit and that's what the VC99 is great for, after measuring about 20-30 of them, I chose this one:

e) New cap installation results:

f) So, after putting my PC back together again and turning it on, was I successful.... DOH!!! SAME PROBLEM!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

3) WHAT NOW ?? Then it occurred to me, I tried to think, the only other time I can remember that this happens is with bad memory modules, the PC stops, beeps about a problem, a card not inserted fully or memory cards... I removed these 2 newer 1GB DDR2 modules I had installed...rebooted and EUREKA!!! The computer would boot again... YAAAAY!!!

Thankfully, my neighbor had given me a Win7 box, I took out 2 GB modules, and got my rig up to 6 GB now running with Win7 64-bit, so the swap file is obsolete. I got other 2 GB modules from my other neighbor too, so those went back to the old Win7 box I was given as a why not (I did upgrade it to Win10 and will have it around for testing/development).

OK, moral of the story, I took the whole computer apart to replace a dead capacitor, which IS a good thing, but while that looked like a CLEAR problem and should be corrected, it really wasn't, 1 or 2 memory modules had gone bad...

That's my story, if it ever helps you out, you're welcome. :P

And...I'm out!

I added a bunch more fields to our PCEFX profiles/accounts to allow for more information about members to be present as typically is available on other forums. It'll also be useful for us mods in the occasional registration approval/pruning as the more info a user provides, like real Facebook profile, the easier it'd be to approve or reject a registration attempt. Before, all a user could enter was email address and username, which didn't give you much info to go on as far as differentiating between spammers and what not.

So, here are the new fields (I already filled in my profile for example):

Tell us about yourself in 512 characters or less.

Facebook URL
Your Facebook URL

Twitter URL
Your Twitter URL.

Favorite Books
What are your favorite books?

Favorite Films/Shows
What are your favorite movies/shows?

Favorite Games
What are your favorite videogames?

Favorite Music
What are your favorite groups or solo artists?

What do you like to learn about or do, any noteworthy hobbies?

What's your job?

Well, that's what I came up with. But yeah, if you have ideas on more, or if something can be reworded better, lemme know. Another little helpful tweak that PCEFX can use I think, so wanna make the best of it. :)

Hey guys,

I worked on PCEFX today with Aaron to modernize the Youtube embedding mod a bit to stop using Adobe Flash and instead use Youtube's prescribed way with an "<iframe>" tag where Youtube handles building the video player using HTML5-approved standards. I was annoyed enough about it and I wanted to put my coding skills to use here and help out!

This should stop all the problems in our Youtube thread and eliminate security issues (however small they were). Also, an added result/benefit, our thread will now work for Android and other Operating Systems that don't support Flash, so that's good too!

We had problems trying new Youtube SMF mods, so I wound up editing the one Aaron already had instead. Here is the PHP code I wrote to make this reality (mind you, it was a quick hack job):

Updated for Youtube, Facebook and Audio links (MP3, OGG, WAV)
Code: [Select]
// nightwolve start
  $URL = $input[2] . '';
// Handle Youtube
  $youtube = strstr($URL, "youtu");
  if ( $youtube ) {
    if ( ($URL = strstr($youtube, '')) )
      $youtube = substr($URL, 9);
    else if ( ($URL = strstr($youtube, 'v=')) )
      $youtube = substr($URL, 2);
      $youtube = $input[3];
    return '<P><iframe width="560" height="315" src="' . $youtube . '" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></P>';
// Handle Facebook
  $facebook = strstr($URL, "");
  if ( $facebook ) {
    if ( strstr($URL, 'plugins/video.php') )
      $facebook = $URL;
      $facebook = '[url]'[/url] . URLEncode($URL) . '&show_text=0&width=560';
    return '<P><iframe src="' . $facebook . '" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe></P>';
// Handle audio (mp3/ogg/wav)
  $ext = strtolower(substr($URL, -4));
  if ( $ext == ".mp3" || $ext == ".ogg" || $ext == ".wav" )
    return '<P><A HREF="' . $URL . '">' . $URL . '</A><BR><AUDIO SRC="' . $URL . '" CONTROLS></AUDIO></P>';
  return $URL;
// nightwolve end

I'm building the basic embed tag as prescribed by Youtube, with default width/height of 560x315 and for allowing fullscreen mode.

Code: [Select]
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
The reason I'm showing you this is to speak now or forever hold your peace in terms of adding useful formatting or other tweaks.

For example, I added enclosing '<p></p>' to get similar breaking as before, although it changes things somewhat you notice over time, like you'll only need one break if you have multiple Youtube links and you'll need one less break if you want a sentence above or below it, you'll see what I mean, put it that way.

I'm glad to help give ole PCEFX a little modern boost, took a bit to track the code down and rebuild a packaged mod based on the original to get this going. I actually set this mod up on my site first, tested out hacks/changes, then when it was ready I installed it here. After looking at the whole mod's features, I also disabled support for all other embedding and just left it for Youtube to avoid any problems/security issues.

Anyway, yeah, if you have any thoughts/suggestions on how to tweak, now's your chance while I can and am interested. I think I got it working pretty good so far, but that remains to be seen!

EDIT: So here's an inline test: It behaves as before, if you want auto-embed, you remove the 's', while leaving it to just paste the link.


With 's'



Some interesting tidbits from this interview with Director John Carpenter​. Figure it might be interesting to some here, both in gaming and movie-making areas.

1) Carpenter's company CanalPlus sued Luc Besson​ (known for The Fifth Element, Transporter, Kiss of the Dragon, Taken, The Professional, etc.) for his Lockout​ movie feeling it ripped off Escape from New York​. They won 80,000 Euros in French court.

2) They also wanted to sue Konami​ for the Metal Gear Solid​ series, feeling it too "kinda ripped off" Escape from New York, but Carpenter told them not to because he knows and likes the director (Hideo Kojima​), says he's a nice guy, etc...

Quote from: John Carpenter
[CanalPlus] wanted to also go after the video game Metal Gear Solid, which is kind of a rip-off of Escape From New York, too, but I told them not to do that. I know the director of those games, and he’s a nice guy, or at least he’s nice to me.
I guess a point of discussion would be, does anybody familiar both with the Metal Gear Solid series see a "solid" comparison with Escape From New York ??

We started with 64 games and we're down to the final two. What is the best video game of 1990 - Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) or Ys Book I&II (Turbografx-16 CD)?

Answer   Votes   Percentage
Answer   Votes   Percentage

Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)   58   54.21%
Ys Book I&II (TurboGrafx-16 CD)   49   45.79%
Ys Book I & II is apparently losing a poll to some NES game, can you believe that ? Please throw some votes at Ys ASAP. Thanks! ;)

Console Chat / Falcom readying Ys VIII for the PS4 and PSVITA.
« on: April 16, 2015, 07:36:45 PM »
The promo video has been subbed.

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