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RIP to BT Garner of He passed away this year from health problems. BT was one of the top PCE homebrew developers and founder of the OG Turbo List. Condolences to family and friends.

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Topics - vacantplanets

Magfest 2017 - Is there going to be another sweet Turbo setup this year?

I haven't seen anyone talking about Magfest this year. What's up? Is there anything going on?
Mega Man X3 Zero Project. Play as Zero throughout the entire game plus other enhancements.

Gameplay features:
-Zero is fully playable in stages that he CAN be played in. (IE: Can't switch to him in introduction, but he can be usable anywhere else).
-Zero can use all sub-weapons at the cost of double usage.
-Zero can refill energy tanks and weapons.
-Zero can obtain capsules, heart tanks, energy tanks and ride armor chips, though, Zero may not receive all benefits of the capsules.
-Zero has a 'Black Armor' in the Golden Armor capsule.
-Zero's Z-Sabre animation is much quicker in the air and on the ground.
-Inserted the unused buster frames of Zero for smoother transitions.
-Zero can now charge up all weapons and have his own animations with them.
-Zero CANNOT use the Hyper Chip
-X's buster animations have been hastened in air and ground.
-X's Z-Sabre animation is slightly faster.
-X's vertical dash animation is slightly quicker.
-You can switch characters on the stage select screen WITH an icon change by pressing a button on the 'X' icon.
-X and Zero are swapped in events. Unfortunately, X does not show his armors in them even if he has them. (Hard bug to work around).
-X and Zero each have their own banks of text that allow full customization of dialogue if so desired.
-Frost Shield launches quicker.
-Tornado Drill launches quicker.
-Triad Thunder's charged animation is much, much faster with a new sound to feel more impactful. -Screen shaking doesn't begin UNTIL you punch the ground.
-Energy tanks do NOT drain entirely if you use it to restore a little health. It restores what's needed, that is all.
-Zero can use Ride Armors with his own set of sprites.
-Z-Sabre has been heavily nerfed to compensate for Zero being playable.
-Golden Armor/Black Armor can be saved into the password system now.
-Air Dash/Vertical Dash code has been revised heavily. No longer does it check specific animation sequences, rather, it uses a 'fixed' number to set the amount of jumps you can do.
-Capsules no longer show armor pieces being placed onto the character. This caused SEVERE bugs throughout the game.
-Capsules now repeat their lightning wrap around animation three times to compensate for the flash feature being removed.
-X and Zero have their own section now for animation data, VRAM data and sprite assembly relating to them which allows full customization and plenty of spare room for new animations and sprites.
-You can Buster and Z-Sabre combo instantly with Zero only.
-You can chain charged buster shots on bosses instead of having to wait for the flash to go away to perform another attack. Ride Armor bosses are an exception.
-If you're already in the air with Zero, pressing jump again will allow you to double jump if you have the corresponding upgrade.

Now with MSU-1 compatibility. Here's the MSU-1 soundtrack:
For the SD2SNES or if you want to play it on an emulator. Google "epforums mega man x3 zero project msu-1" to find the MSU-1 version for use on the SD2SNES. MSU-1 version only works on bsnes or higan emulators.

Anybody have a SD2SNES? This is one of my favorite things to play on it.
Brand new Mega Man X, X2, X3 MSU1 uploads!

I don't know if anyone here is into the MSU1, but I love it. Just got myself a SD2SNES and I'm going nuts with adding custom soundtracks. For example, I just found great soundtracks for MMX2 and X3 by this guy on youtube who remade the music to sound like they would on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.

Sega X2 -
Sega X3 -
Also, here is the channel with the other rock/metal soundtracks that I used for X2 and X3. For those who didn't see my older thread--he also did the original NES Mega Man soundtrack and I put it into NES2PCE Mega Man CD.
e.g. Mega Man X3 -
Google "TIZ uploads vacantplanets" to find my uploads and play them. I uploaded a version of the original Mega Man X MSU1 too.

I think this stuff is really cool and want to share it! :)
Mega Man with an awesome rock/metal CD soundtrack for the PC Engine/Turbografx CD! This can be played on real hardware or with an emulator.

This is one of the coolest things ever. I recently discovered Krzysztof's music and instantly realized that this needed to be added to Tom's work. Enjoy!

Google "[MOD] Mega Man CD - Rock Version (with real guitar covers)" to find it and download it. Should be the first result.

Thanks to Tom for all of his hard work!

Soundtrack by Krzysztof SÅ‚owikowski.
(Hope it's okay to make another thread about this to talk about the PCE CD games.)

Ever wish you could hear a game's soundtrack better over the sound effects? :D

Thanks to SamIAm, games with amplified music are here! (

So far, I've uploaded my modified versions of Nexzr, Spriggan, Sapphire, Rayxanber III, Lords of Thunder, Gate of Thunder, Rondo of Blood, and Blast Wind (Saturn).

I boosted the bass significantly on Nexzr and a tiny bit on Spriggan.

We won't discuss where to find them. Google is your friend. e.g. "nexzr amplified music"

If anyone can think of a game that desperately needs its BGM boosted (like Blast Wind, Rayxanber III, etc.), let me know. ;)
Blast Wind with louder music is finally here!

Anyone who is familiar with this game knows that the sound effects completely overwhelm the music. With the help of SamIAm's guide (, I modified the music in Blast Wind so it can actually be heard! What a great soundtrack it is and now it can be played the way it should have been!

It can be found at theisozone. You'll notice that I use this same user name over there too.

Shooter fans rejoice! Does anyone here care about this game? :D
General Gaming / Favorite Sega Saturn music
June 26, 2015, 10:17:39 AM
  Hey everyone I just finished modding my Action Replay 4M cart with Pseudo Saturn to let me play backups and I'm overwhelmed with the amount of shooters and other great games to choose from.

  I'd like to figure out which games have the best music. I'd prefer to start with shooters that have a sort of metal feel like Gate of Thunder/Lords of Thunder/Sapphire.

What do you think?