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RIP to BT Garner of He passed away this year from health problems. BT was one of the top PCE homebrew developers and founder of the OG Turbo List. Condolences to family and friends.

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General Gaming / Re: How difficult is Darius Gaiden?
November 27, 2014, 12:54:03 PM
Not to worry, I find it quite difficult as well. I think I have only made it to the third level. Which version are you playing by the way? I have the Sega Saturn version.
I am thankful for Bonking.
C'est sans doute vrai mais j'espère que tu trouveras malgré tout des membres avec qui organiser un événement. Il doit y en avoir quelques-uns tout de même.

 La Turbografx était-elle populaire au Québec à l'époque de sa commercialistion, ou est-ce vraiment une console qui n'est connue que par quelques amateurs passionnés comme nous?
Je parle français mais j'habite en Afrique du Sud. Sinon, j'aurais bien aimé participer. Belle initiative!
PCE/TG-16|CD/SGX Discussion / Re: Glossy Duo?
November 22, 2014, 04:23:54 AM
Who is this Kim?
Gekisha Boy, if it hasn't been mentioned yet.
General Gaming / Re: Hyper Duel - worth it?
November 20, 2014, 03:33:05 PM
Blast Wind is a lot cheaper though. It is in a similar price range to a lot of other Saturn shooters. Not a bad game but I prefer Hyper Duel.
General Gaming / Re: Hyper Duel - worth it?
November 16, 2014, 05:18:21 AM
I have it and like it a lot, but it is indeed very expensive. Still, with the Yen having lost a lot of value you should be able to get it for somewhat less than 300$ now.
Is it still possible to purchase one of these and if so, do I qualify?
Interesting. I hadn't actually noticed that.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: FS: Game Stuffs
October 16, 2013, 08:28:37 PM
Is the PAL Turbografx still available? Where would you be posting from?
Buy/Sell/Trade / Wanted: Amstrad GX4000 games
October 16, 2013, 06:59:05 PM
I am looking for the following Amstrad GX4000 games (boxed and complete):

-Barbarian II
-Copter 271
-Dick Tracy
-Operation Thunderbolt
-Chase HQII Special Criminal Investigation (if it actually really exists)

I have plenty of doubles of PC-Engine and Turbografx games I can trade. Or games from other systems as well (PAL and JPN Megadrive games, Master System/MarkIII games, SG1000 games, games for all the Atari consoles, 3DO games, FM Towns Marty games etc.).

So if any of you has some spare GX4000 games gathering dust somewhere let me know.
Some of my favourite games from the West:

-Phantasy Star
-Golden Axe Warrior
-Astérix and the Secret Mission
-Wonder Boy series (I-II-III-IV)
-Alex Kidd in Miracle World
-Master of Darkness
-Bubble Bobble
-Castle of Illusion
-Land of Illusion
-Deep Duck Trouble
-Ninja Gaiden
-Power Strike II
-Psycho Fox
-Road Rash
-Star Wars
-Penguin Land

Most of the light-gun games are fun as well, Laser Ghost - Assault City - Missile Defence 3D (you need the 3D glasses for this one) to name a few.

For Japan-only games, it feels a bit more subjective, but my favourites:

-Megumi Rescue
-Solomon's Key
-Enduro Racer (has twice as many levels as the Western version)
-Tensai Bakabon
By the East do you mean Japan?
General Gaming / Re: Never Played NES
October 14, 2013, 10:09:20 PM
I am living in Japan but I am from South Africa and have most of my games collection with me here.

I use multi-region CRT televisions for playing my games so I am not stuck with NTSC-J at all.

Most French consoles (technically SECAM) came with a Peritel cable and some output RGB directly (Atari 7800 and Sega Master System for example). The difference in quality is huge when compared with the RF output of the consoles which were sold elsewhere. In this case, it is not simply a question of switching the cable as the consoles sold elsewhere do not output RGB despite being from the same region (ex. UK Atari 7800 and UK Sega Master System). This is why I tend to only use French consoles for playing those systems. Of course the more modern the console, the easier it is to get around this.

But if the NES only outputs AV, then as you say, it makes no difference. My question was more in relation to the games themselves and in which region they would be cheaper to acquire.
General Gaming / Re: Never Played NES
October 14, 2013, 08:58:53 PM
I play a lot of my consoles in PAL format and being from South Africa I have a large PAL collection. Having said that, I don't even have a PAL Turbografx. It really depends on the console, for some like the Megadrive I have a lot of both.

One of the huge advantages of many PAL consoles, for me anyhow, is the Peritel/Scart connection which means getting the best possible picture without having to do any modifications.

As far as the NES is concerned, I don't really know which is why I was asking.
General Gaming / Re: Never Played NES
October 14, 2013, 08:23:04 PM
I have also never had a NES. In fact I don't think the NES was ever released in South Africa where I grew up. I can remember a rich friend had one as his father had managed to import one somehow and I did play it a few times when I visited his house.

Is it generally cheaper to collect PAL titles or NTSC titles? And which version of the hardware should one get?
There would be no point in making bootlegs of Spriggan or Gate of Thunder. They are readily available and cheapish here in Japan.

With regards to Sapphire, Punkic Cyborg is correct, you will most likely need to spend hundreds if you want a real one.
I am sorry to hear that.

An excellent game. I also like the fact that it has a 2-player mode.
Ai Cho Aniki's bosses are unforgettable.

David Goldman
Gulliver Boy
Pack-in Video
I don't particularly care much for either, but I find Cotton slightly more appealing for some reason.
Sorry, I haven't been around the forum for quite some time, I am not sure I understand what has transpired.

Who made this PC-Engine port of Megaman?
I don't know if anyone else noticed, but Moeroshop's Turbografx stock completely disappeared from their site a few weeks ago.

They still had quite a few sealed games and accessories.

Does anyone know what happened?
If you are still looking I can send you a complete one from Japan (without spine) for about 100$ plus shipping.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Akumajou Dracula X
January 22, 2010, 08:34:52 AM
Hello all, I have two spare copies of Akumajou Dracula X which I am thinking of selling off.  Can anyone tell me what is a fair asking price for this game at the moment?  Both are complete in excellent condition but without spine cards.
 PM sent
   I am looking for complete with outer box copies of these 2 games.

   Should any of you be willing to sell these, let me know.
  For what it's worth, I think the two sections should remain separate. 

  Aside from discussions about differences between games released on both formats,  it seems to me that most posts are specific to only one

  It's probably also less confusing this way for someone who isn't familiar with both systems.
  I do have a complete boxed Silent Debuggers if you're interested.

  I also have doubles of some of those other games as well, but I've left them behind in Japan and I am in Canada at the moment.  If you absolutely
 have to have them now, I can check with my family in Japan ( I know I have Ninja Spirit and Legendary Axe II, not 100% sure about Dead Moon
 and Cyber-Core).
Buy/Sell/Trade / Looking for a volunteer
November 02, 2007, 02:02:38 PM
Hello everyone,
                       I was wondering if someone on this board living in the United States could help me by buying some games from Turbo Zone Direct on my behalf and forwarding them to me in Japan.

                        I have also received the e-mail from TZD, and it sounds as if this may be my last chance to purchase some of the US games I am missing.  However, TZD can no longer process foreign credit cards, and I am living in Japan.

                        If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated.  I could pay the person helping me using Paypal. 

   Gli giochi che sono stati venduti in Europa sono identici ai giochi americani.  Tutti questi giochi funzioneranno senza problema.

   Per i giochi giapponesi, ci vuole un adapter pero è difficile da trovare.  Penso che sarebbe più facile e meno caro di comprare anche un Pc-engine 
  I didn't realise this game sold for so much?!
 I really like both Naxat and Irem games, however Photograph Boy tips the scale in favour of Irem for me, as it is one of the five games I most enjoy on
 the Pc-engine.
  Well it seems I have been wasting your time and won't be getting any games after all.

  I placed an order with TZD today and apparently they can no longer ship overseas.

  It seems they switched credit card processors and the new processor doesn't accept foreign sales.

  This is extemely disappointing, I was really looking forward to getting some games after receiving their e-mail regarding the blowout sale.

  Anyhow, thanks for the input regarding the games I was hoping to get.
Yes, the one I want to buy is Theron's quest, I have been thinking of getting it for sometime.  Please don't tell me it's worse than the other three.
  I am thinking of taking advantage of the TZD sale however I am not sure which of these to get as a free game:

        - Ballistix
        - Power Golf
        - Sim Earth

   Any suggestions?  These games seem to be loathed by most people, however I have all the other ones apart from John Madden Football but I don't 
   understand Gridiron/ American Football unfortunately.

   I am thinking of getting Ballistix at the moment as it seems interesting, is it the wrong choice?
  I enjoy it a lot, it's probably my favourite strategy game on the Turbo.

  It can get a bit repetitive, but the feudal Japan setting really appeals to me.  Usually games like this are only available in Japanese, which makes it
  somewhat unique. 

  It can be found for quite cheap, so if you enjoy strategy games, it's probably worth acquiring.
   It's true that the bulk of the really good games are probably on Super CD format, however I still think the Supergrafx is worth getting.

   Aldynes is a personal favourite, and Daimakaimura and 1941 are nice games as well.  The Supergrafx attaches nicely to the Super Cd rom attachment

   and, although a bit bulky, I think it's nice to have a setup that allows you to play absolutely anything in the Pc-engine library.

A few games come to mind:

  - Splatterhouse ( the flying cross was removed in the US release, and the mask is red, other than that I didn't notice any differences)

  - the Bonk/ PC Genjin games ( Bonk's transformation is different to PC Genjin's when he eats meat....not sure if this was changed in all three games)

  - Cratermaze ( the characters are from Booby Kids, and completely different to those in the PC Engine Doraemon game)

  - JJ& Jeff (the characters have been changed from Kato& Ken, and some aspects were changed: farting/ spray can etc...)

  - Magical Chase seems to have different backgrounds ( probably nicer) in the US version, although I haven't been able to track down a copy.

  - Psychosis, the levels are in a different order to those in Paranoia, the alien no longer tells you to fuck off.

  - R-Type was made into one game for the US, rather than part 1 and 2.

  - Sinistron, again some of the levels were switched around, slightly different to Violent soldier.

     That's all I can think of as far as very noticeable differences are concerned, but I am sure some changes were probably made to other games as well.

  Yes, you can indeed pick some things up quite cheap on Yahoo auctions in Japan.  I am in Japan at the moment and just purchased a boxed 3DO system for 610 Yen last night ( about 5 US dollars). 

  I find myself buying a few things I would never have bought otherwise. 

  Anyhow, as someone mentionned, it is indeed rather difficult if you are outside Japan, as you can't use a foreign credit card, and most sellers won't ship outside the country anyway; however, some do, so it's still worth having a look at what's available now and again.  You will notice a small message in English beneath the item which you are viewing that says "Seller will ship internationally" or "Seller will not ship internationally", whatever the case may be.

  Another solution is to do all your purchasing when in Japan, if you happen to visit from time to time.
  Actually I am quite sure Data West were also responsible for the Psychic Detective series but I haven't played any of those.
  The only games I know of from Data West are the Rayxanber series but I get the feeling they may have released something else as well for the Pc-engine, can't remember what it might be though.  I don't know who they are/were but they seem to have been a very small company completely unrelated to Data East.
   I've never played the NES version, but the Pc-engine Double Dragon 2 is one of my favourite games ever.  You're definitely missing out broe.
    I also quite like Override, it's one of those shmups that goes unnoticed but is actually a lot of fun.  Most of the games made by Data East for the Pc engine are actually really good, at least I like them, with the possible exception of Drop Off/ Drop Rock Hora Hora.  It's a shame they didn't make more games really, I would have liked to see something from them on CD.
   I suppose it depends on how complete the games are.  Generally speaking though, I think you are likely to get more by selling the games separately.  If you have complete boxed games ie. with absolutely everything they originally came with ( instructions, case + cardboard box-with the exception of Loom of course which didn't have one), they should fetch a very good price on their own on Ebay, especially Devil's Crush, so I would definitely sell them separately unless they are loose Hu-cards.

    Your system, seeing as you still have the original box, will fetch a good price regardless.  That's my opinion anyhow.
   Keranu's comment about Final Zone 2 is interesting, I wonder if only certain batches may have been released with the white case?  I am positive about mine having come with a white case as it was purchased brand new and sealed, however it is a Canadian release, perhaps this has something to do with it?

   What does everyone think of this game?  As one of the rarer SCD games, is it worth tracking down?

   The reason I am asking is I have never played any Might and Magic game, but I do enjoy role-playing games so long as they are not too drawn out
   and tedious.
   Which is the better one to get, Might and Magic 3, or Order of the Griffon?