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Markus Swerlander -
Quote from: MXS on May 14, 2009, 02:16:37 AMHi everyone!
I am new on the forum and have decided to start to collect PCE games.
I have looked around, and it seems that a PCE Duo wouldbe the best for me, I already have some HuCards since I own a PCE GT handheld console. But I want a lot of CD games to, so it seems that a PCE Duo would fit perfect.

Is it worth to buy a Duo R och RX, or is i fine with a standard Duo?
Please let me know your guys experience of the Duo-consoles.

I also want tips of great (top games) in the following genres:

Shooters (both HuCard and DC)
Puzzle games (both HuCard and DC)
Platformers (both HuCard and DC)

One more question.. can I play US (Turbografx games) on a JAP system (Duo) ?
Or do I need som converter?

Thanks a lot!
Markus (from Sweden)
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I primarily collect retro games such as Game & Watch, NES, SNES, Game Boy and Virtual Boy.
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