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WTB HuCard sleeves

Started by segagamer, November 29, 2018, 09:55:27 PM

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I am looking to buy several HuCard sleeves for my PC-Engine games.  Looking for reasonable offer for 2-4 pcs.  My zip code is 60107 and I can send Paypal payment.  Thanks


I figured the HuCard bootleg guys would be the first place to try, I asked around for ya but no dice: turbokon said he ran out, Jodi isn't much available ATM, a few others didn't know... sparky only sells manuals/boxes AFAIK.

You'll need to keep trying on eBay, turbokon said there used to be a guy there that sold some, but he can't be found now.

EDIT: Keith said he uses baseball card sleeves as alternatives, these:

EDITx2: Scratch that, Jodi got back to me, says he has some that are like the originals. He's mostly a creature of Facebook, so you can contact him here:


I know that PCEWorks used to make replacement sleeves that worked really well in replacing those stickier old ones. May be worth checking out if they still carry them. 🤷🏻�♂️
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Japanese collecting card sleves fit perfect like they were made for Hu-cards as their a bit smaller than westen card sleves.
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