Startling Odyssey 2 Translation Project By: Trű

If you can not see this text or it seems unreadable, please download the following font: Astron Boy

Updated: June 25, 2003


Good News!

After talking to NightWolve (hacker and project manager of Xak III Translation Project), we have decided to team up!  Now the translation project of Startling Odyssey II will be much better and quicker! NightWolve is dumping the script and calculating the pointers and other hacking areas of the game.   He is then going to forward the script to me, where I will give the script to a couple of local translators and begin the translation.  I will then edit  and tweak the translated text, forward it on to NightWolve and he will the re-insert the text and work on/finish the hacking.

Expect to see a progress bar in here after we have begun the project.  My current translation of this game, will more than likely be forgotten, as this is now a Joint Translation Project between me (Trű) and RIGG (NightWolve) .

This is a joint project... expect to see more pictures and of course different pictures once we get things going!

If you are an online Translator, and would like to help, it may make the project go faster!

Expect  Updates more often!


Project Details:

Startling Odyssey II for the PC Engine Super CDRom˛ System is one of the better Role Play Games for the system.  It is in no way to be compared to such masterpieces as the Y's Series or Legend of Xanadu, but it is a very enjoyable game.

So far, the translation has been going very well.  I have run into some pointer problems, but I am trying to work around those.  Another problem, is that there are both 1 byte and 2 byte s-jis characters.  Now, this should mean it is good, as I should be able to get a complete translation with 1 byte ascii, but this is not true for this game.  The 1 byte and the 2 byte ASCII and the s-jis both take up an equal amount of space as far as the size of the on screen characters.   There are also some problems in parts of the game where 2 byte is needed as 1 byte will not show.

Also, please take note that this is not a complete translation, because there are some area's where I need to abbreviate or actually cut parts out and re-word the script due to space issues.  This is my first attempt at a CD Based Translation, so please bear with me.


Well, I am adding a few more screen shots to this page as I have been able to fit in more complete town names now.  Also, I have decided to put up a few of the Original Screen Shots just to show my advancements.

I have been making better progress on the game, but due to some reason, I am unable to grab good screenshots of the progress.  I will get more added as soon as I grab them.  I have done a lot more to the dialog, weapons, armor, items, and spells.  I have the entire Status Screen complete as well as the town names and continents.  Look for a small patch to be added here soon.  I have found 2 bugs in the game which I want to get fixed before I release it.  So sit back and relax! 

Here are some more Screen Shots.

And with yet another thanks to NightWolve, He gave me this code that he found on that allows you to view ALL the cinemas!  Well, I went in the game, found where the code was, and translated everything in there for that area.  Also, the good news is that I will be able to translate the Credits, but again, the font must be 2-byte ascii, so things will be abbreviated.  Here is the code:

Up, Down, Up, Down, I, I, II, Right, Left, Run

Here are some screenies:


**Special thanks go out to NightWolve for sparking my Translation fit again and giving me the documents that made this job even easier. He and Dave Shadoff have been there to help with my questions and give additional help along the way!**


Please be sure to Visit my friend NightWolve, Who is currently Translating Xak III  For the PC Engine Super CDRom˛ System By Clicking Here.