The Legend of Xanadu Dub Project - Auditions Wanted

Started by SamIAm, 04/07/2017, 10:45 AM

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Much respect to anyone who loves Legend of Xanadu enough to do a translation/dub for it.
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Chris almighty that's rude, it's not like you're paying for this fan translation. While I'd love to be able to play it for myself soon, it's one of those things that takes as long as it takes. I think most of us here actually want the dub due to our inability to understand Japanese.....and if that's not good enough for you, well maybe you should work on your own translation for the game!


yeah that's going way too far. there's plenty of other games to play while we wait for this one to get wrapped up.


Ahahah noisy, stupid, little brats. Ignore him/them.

I'll never understand people like this, complaining about awesome people sacrificing their time for free.


Quote from: pixeljunkie on 06/25/2018, 02:45 PMAhahah noisy, stupid, little brats. Ignore him/them.

I'll never understand people like this, complaining about awesome people sacrificing their time for free.
It's not the first time he's done this, but the pattern is the same, drops a troll post and bails to seemingly avoid the fallout!

He thought "only the Spanish PCE forums" were full of stupidity, immaturity, children, idiots, etc. but irony, self-awareness, hypocrisy is lost on him apparently...

It's one thing to offer your opinion on what you would do, it's quite another to try to bully/browbeat a team into doing what you want to do!!!

elmer/SamIAm simply want 100% perfection, this is a 100% English localization job, that's what they want, no Ifs, Ands or Butts about it! Don't like that ? Tough noogies! No leaks, no BETAs, no ALPHAs, they'll let you know when it's 100% finished (just sit tight, don't harass them!).

elmer worked professionally in the game industry during the 8/16-bit era where you had to finish a game 100% for ROM/cartridge production and had to live with any bugs that made it into the final batch. However, developers had higher discipline back then as a result of the situation, so bugs rarely made it into production versus the release-and-patch-later mentality of today given the convenience of the Internet and integration by most modern consoles that update their own BIOS systems as well... That experience probably factors into his thinking and I speculate that SamIAm just wants perfection from a general work-ethic standpoint as is his right!

Both "Legend of Xanadu I & II" were totally developed/published by Falcom, no outsourcing/partnering to Hudson Soft or anybody else! This piece of Falcom PC Engine history DESERVES the best fan translation effort, and it is getting it with this team! Deal with it, buddy [ashrion]! ;)

Now I understand how the crybaby feels: simply because the team reported their progress, that the textual script is all finished/working, only the English voice-acting/dubbing remains, he feels that he could be playing the games RIGHT NOW, and given that he's one of those Japanophiles that absolutely hates dubs, views it as a crime against the source material, "What I would do!" easily transitions into "WHAT YOU SHOULD F'ING DO TO SATISFY ME NOW! RAWR!!" complete with profanity! See:
Quote from: ashrion"of course not f*cking the case, the reality, losing months and months and months maybe years because of the folly of doubling dubbing it"
Quite a charmer this guy!


I'm just thankful there are enough of us sane folk to make sure the people who work on these projects know they are appreciated and we are indebted to them for bringing these translations to us. :adol:


I think they are doing an awesome job and look forward to whenever it gets finished. There's plenty of games to play in the meantime.


I had a great time reading through ashrion post and Nightwolve responses. Many memorable quotes as well   :thumbsup:

swarms of impatient bitter brats with an uppity entitlement complex...

Don't like that ? Tough noogies!

Deal with it, buddy [ashrion]! ;)



:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Although that was a bit toned down from what I normally would've said in response to that attitude problem... Don't really wanna cause another self-deletion... ;)


Spoilt kids will always be spoilt, They just don't have the patience to wait.


Quote from: SamIAm on 04/07/2017, 10:45 AMFor some background on the games, we put together a quick little blurb that you might enjoy reading here.
Incredible web work by Le Esteban!! I don't remember really checking these pages out when they first went live, but I am impressed as usual by the quality in appearance and promotional writing! And how far he went to create that dubbing guide, the attention to detail, man, it must've taken him quite a long time to pull that off AND make it look good too!

Classic estebano tactic to tilt the image crooked giving it some fabulous flare, heh!



Gonna be one hell of an epic celebration when the these projects are completed!!!


damn that is beautiful. my retropie is sooo ready


I know there's still likely quite a wait ahead, but that's still very exciting!



Hi Xanadu fans :)

Does anyone know if this project is still in progress?



Yes, Sam provided some kind of an update recently.

Quote from: SamIAm on 12/28/2018, 12:14 AMTo anyone waiting for the Xanadu translations: Thank you for your patience. After a long and much needed down-time, elmer and I have been making regular and meaningful progress on the dub for weeks now. The project has never been dead, and will never be dead. These things just take time. We hope you'll all be excited to play the translations when they're finished.


These are SO great news!  =D>

Thank you for the advice, NightWolve!