10/31/2023: Localization News - Dead of the Brain 1!

No, NOT a trick, a Halloween treat! Presenting the Dead of the Brain 1 English patch by David Shadoff for the DEAD last official PC Engine CD game published by NEC before exiting the console biz in 1999! I helped edit/betatest and it's also a game I actually finished in 2023, yaaay! Shubibiman also did a French localization. github.com/dshadoff/DeadoftheBrain
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Yup ! :P
Now its even faster, i optimized the rendering code to operate on 16-bits instead of 8-bits. Game went from 7 FPS to 14 FPS.

Link has also been updated
PC-FX running a Doom clone, now THAT'S power!

Anarch is a raycasted fps by drummyfish and ported to many platforms.
Capitalism has taken over the world and destroyed everything on earth.
It's up to you to save the world !

This PC-FX has music and sound effects. There's also a version for the fxuploader if you own one.

Download link
Ahhh, what a blast of turbob from the past! :)  Also, the original Subaru that spawned the talk of some of this is long dead :(.
Thread image patch/recovery: 90% of the lost ImageShack images have been restored! This thread was especially worth the time/effort to preserve, and later submit to WayBack. I also made it sticky/pinned. Not sure if it was or not before.

Appending worthy additions while I'm at it:
Quote from: synbiosfan on 05/24/2014, 08:15 PMIt's all about the gaming experience! Truly hating a system only limits your own gaming experience...and usually bores the hell out of everyone else.

That being said...

Quote from: turboswimbz on 10/02/2013, 09:28 AMhttps://technoviking.ytmnd.com/
I will be looking into this game seems like a fun time, thanks!

Quote from: SkyeWelse on 03/27/2015, 11:28 PM
Quote from: esteban on 03/27/2015, 04:54 PMComrade, I'm sorry. When I re-read my post, it sounded pretty abrasive. Sorry. I was really just venting, I did not mean to direct it at you (100%). Maybe 30% was intended for you, ha!!!
Hey no issues here, I didn't take offense or anything like that, I just wanted to make sure I was clear about what I said since it looked like I might have thrown some people off. I just wanted to explain that I'm a pretty serious Xak fan and collector, and I do not see value in what Tobias has because it's fake. For something like a pressing of Xak III to have real value to me as a hardcore collector, it needs to be from a project that has the original team's blessing...

Hmm, that could make a funny "Obey"picture actually. A Pope or Archbishop giving a pressed PC-Engine disk a sign of benediction / blessing it...

Edit: It shall be done!



This one comes from @csgx1 via the sega-16 forums:
Quote from: csgx1 on 09/29/2012, 06:11 PMwth? :?  First of all, probably not too many Subaru owners that also share a passion for the PC Engine.  I love the PCE and Subaru (I own a Impreza) but what kind of Frankenstein idea are you thinking of?  You planning on modding your Forester to look like a PCE?  Instead of the PC Engine Shuttle may be create PC Engine Subaru Grafx where the hucard slot is where the hood scoop is?  lol...
Notes: sega-16 forums is being upgraded; it's been in a state of disrepair for some months, and its gallery attachment image links are broken! They require the domain to be replaced with an IP to retrieve them, others are missing. So the car/pce meme came from csgx1's profile gallery, but you can't use www.sega-16.com to get it, replace it with the IP


Eventually if you browse his profile you can find it:

csgx1 shared direct attachment links such as these from that neo-geo.com hellhole too, which was also VBulletin, but after it was upgraded to XenForo, all of them were broken & lost unless Wayback captured some. Also, it's very much possible his meme came from here/PCEFX, but if it was hosted with ImageShack it was long gone. I only ran into from sega-16.

UPDATE: So in thinking about this impending image loss, I searched the forum for "attachmentid" to preserve other images and voila, I found that csgx1 had shared it here right after posting it on sega-16!!! I will attach the recovered photo there in place & overwrite the bad link!

Funny enough, I thought I had seen this meme before, felt a vague memory of it, turns out I HAD: I'm in that thread and reacted when csgx1 posted it! It technically just needs "OBEY" slapped somewhere on it to truly fit in this thread's gallery/purpose.
Quote from: csgx1 on 09/29/2012, 06:11 PMPCECarMemeSource.webp


I was just reading Melf - the sega16 owner/admin - to learn what's going on exactly with their forums and it seems he was ready to close down, but settled on archiving/preserving the forum for memory browsing/nostalgia. That's sort of the position I found myself in, was really saddened how it all worked out with Aaron and then his official closure. I felt PCEFX deserved a lot better, it could've been a small-scale Atari/NintedoAge with enough money/management for PCE fans, right place/right time, but the resources/time/money wasn't there; it's not just about bitter/raging psychos/saboteurs, a vulture/parasite faction, that tore the place apart for their own pre-planned agendas (i.e. revenge and for their own PCE groups)!

Be that as it may, I've accepted/realized that the best days of PCEFX are behind it (I enjoy Discord/Twitter a lot more nowadays myself which Melf acknowledges have taken over), and about all I can do is maximize image/photo preservation/archiving since every other case I've seen it's been the most neglected/lost aspect. So, eventually I intend to install a grand marquee, what I'd call the 20-YEAR PCEFX HISTORY randomizer/gallery at the top of forum, after the news block. But first I have to finish recovering as much as I can, a random/ongoing on/off process in the last 2 years, and once I'm satisfied begin working on that feature to showcase it all. Wayback is doing exactly this actually: scrolling a random photo list of captured websites to browse as you would a museum! You gotta show off your best assets, what's left!

I've added an example/demo to show what I want exactly:
That's from macross.fandom.com. So imagine the 20-year PCEFX history of 20,000+ images being displayed/filtered like that at the top of the forum, randomized order every time you refresh, and if you click on one it takes you to the thread/post, etc. It'd be a 20-year walk down memory lane for random OG veterans/visitors. That's what we can do to celebrate/preserve!

But yeah, first I need to finish disabling broken/lost images where there's no hope, and finish repairing the ones that are recoverable, mostly thanks to WayBack, or manual detective work like you saw in this example with expiring Sega-16 links. Melf lost his webmaster and that's part of why he's ready to say good-bye and go archive mode, but I can do my own IT from 25 years ago, so I don't have to pay anyone else, I just need hosting/domain costs, then time/motivation.
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Someday I'll play Cotton on the X68000... And Xanadu on PC-88 (at least that one's cheaper :lol: )
Didn't know Sol Moonarge, though :o
Saw these on Reset Era.

Legend of Xanadu

Sol Moonarge

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Quote from: NightWolve on 02/04/2024, 04:12 PMGandalfDaPimp.jpg
Made me laugh. I didn't get the joke at first, other than Gandalf the Grey likes Asian ladies ? Or watch this magic trick as he empties out an ATM to spend on hookers ??  :lol:
I would say it's an AI generated image, or at least it looks a lot like one, no? :shocked:
Off-Topic / Re: Random Pictures Thread
Last post by NightWolve - 02/04/2024, 04:12 PM
Made me laugh. I didn't get the joke at first, other than Gandalf the Grey/Pimp likes Asian ladies ? Or watch this magic trick as he empties out an ATM to spend on hookers ??  :lol:

Now that the forces of evil had been conquered, the war had been won, Gandalf returned home to retire to a life of leisure, cruising the neighborhoods, occasionally using his magic tricks to empty out ATMs to spend on hookers ?? Pretty good meme, I like it!