nCraft port (POC) for PC-FX

Started by gameblabla, 01/29/2022, 07:09 AM

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I wanted to see just how badly (or good) the PC-FX would perform with software rendering.
I tried to find a simple program to start with and one that could work in 256px wide mode as well.
I've eventually found the old nCraft attempt to the TI nspire CX and found the source code to be small and easy to mess around with.

So here it is :
Source code is available here :

You can download it here (including for the backup memory) :

The colors are a bit wrong but that's because i didn't really set a proper palette for it and it was just done for testing.

I'm planning at some point of making a separate CD for writing the backup memory version to the FX-BMP.
The whole game fits on 20kb so it's very feasible.
That way, you won't need to rely on an external flasher. (after all, games can save to it as well !)
The only thing i'm not sure if whenever or not i can basically flash the whole thing.

I'm also open to some suggestions when it comes to improving performance.
RAM to KRAM is especially slow and i wonder if there's a way of using DMA. (the SCSI DMA uses DMA but from CD to KRAM)
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