RIP to BT Garner of He passed away early 2023 from health problems. BT was one of the top PCE homebrew developers and founder of the OG Turbo List, then Condolences to family and friends.
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2023 PCEFX Newsletter Archive

Started by NightWolve, 03/14/2023, 06:43 PM

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I plan to try doing yearly newsletters to email PCEFX members, a year-end/retro roundup review of anything newsworthy that occurs in PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 fandom. Some news from 2022-2021 will be appended and more rushed as I didn't get a chance to collect much while thinking about this idea. The hope is to keep in touch with our retro fanbase, provide relevance, see if PCEFX legacy can carry on. Wish me luck!

So the idea is this: Collect/record relevant PCE/TG-16 news as it occurs throughout the year, append it to this post, and run the email newsletter system on New Years day sending it out to existing PCEFX membership. It accomplishes 2 things: lets people know we're still alive'n'kicking and will help keep 'em informed.

P. S. Feel free to contact me for anything that can be included I may have missed to make it the most thorough PCE newsletter possible. It'd be greatly appreciated!

Quote1/1/2023 - "Billy's Bad Day" is released, a PCE homebrew fighting game that's an homage/tribute to Michael Douglas' 1993 movie "Falling Down."

2/4/2023 - The PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 Community mourns the loss of BT Garner @ who passed away due to health problems... He was a top PCE homebrew developer and founder of the OG Turbo List. Condolences to family and friends. Thanks to Nathan McLain for info. A nice tribute by esteban: (

3/4/2023 - krikzz began sales of Turbo Everdrive PRO which uses FPGA to let you play CD images on any base or portable NEC consoles making it the ultimate PCE flashcart on the market to date!!

3/13/2023 - The SuperGrafx: That time when NEC made an amazing console with no games... (by Sharopolis)

4/05/2023 - PC Engine Localization for Bravoman is released by Pennywise.

9/18/2023 - PC Engine Localization for Might and Magic is released! However, it's a machine-translation and uses David Shadoff's enhanced System Card 3 patch for 8x12/16 font support, so you'd need a CD-R AND flashcart to play on real NEC consoles!

10/31/2023 - PC Engine Localization for Dead of the Brain 1 is released by David Shadoff in time for Halloween! I helped edit/betatest and it also counts as a game I actually finished for 2023, yaaaay! Shubibiman also did a French localization for its fans.

12/6/2023 - OH. MY. GAWWWD! INCREDIBLE NEWS: PC Engine Localization for Tengai Makyou/Far East of Eden: Ziria dropped by "Supper the Subtitler," one of the best we've ever seen, so expect all audio to be subtitled and great English fonts! 34 years later folks! No one saw this coming, no one!!!

12/8/2023 - "Strife Sisters" began to ship, a Strategy RPG PCE homebrew by a new developer branded "Laconic Software."

12/11/2023 - The much-anticipated Analogue Turbo Duo clone finally began shipping! While I've soured on the experience given the trouble to buy one and its launch bugs, I never expected new console hardware to arrive IN 2023 to keep the Hudson/NEC legacy alive! The Konami PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 minis were also a pleasant surprise I could never imagine happening. There are thousands of units left, you can still order from Analogue themselves (don't pay a scalper on eBay):
2024 Update:The newsletter was processed and is being slowly mailed out across 7+ days to avoid my host from disabling sendmail for spamming. I've heard back from people and discern that it's working! So I'll try to do another one for 2025.

Well, I've done all I can to try recovering PCEFX from the 2019 sabotage/Catastrophy by the psycho "DuoPhile" gang... But it looks like we'll have to earn every new member from scratch who likely is perfectly content with Facebook, Discord and Twitter, so I guess this PCEFX clone will mostly be relegated to a more-accessible 20-year archive of PC Engine history/legacy. PCEFX deserved better but we must carry on...


Great idea i would love something like this . I remember the Turbo list i loved it.

On a side note i have the Turbo Everdrive Pro and the EDFX works great. I just started Xak III again thanks for your great translation.


The 2023 newsletter has been mailed out and the system worked a lot better than last time I tried using it to report the Analogue Duo pre-orders, reaching more emails/members and avoiding my host from disabling the PHP sendmail function by slowing it down to where it takes over 7 days to email ~5000 accounts!

I don't think it'll generate much new activity but it at least is a way for PCEFX to maintain some usefulness even in 2024 and on. Thanks to everyone for their support!