(Homebrew/NSFW 18+) Kidnapped Innocence

Started by gameblabla, 02/03/2024, 04:06 AM

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NSFW : Do not play this in a public room

The PC-FX was sorely missing a new NSFW game... thus this wrong has been addressed.
It is a short PC-FX visual novel game, done in the same fashion as PC-98/PC-FX games.

Dark Pit and Pit fight each other but unfortunately, Pit loses the battle and is taken to Dark Pit's lair.
Dark Pit decided he shouldn't just lock him up, he should... "have fun" with him.

How to run this
Burn this on a CD-R with ImgBurn or play it on an emulator like Mednafen.
The game has been confirmed to work on real hardware but note that i was not able to confirm if it works on a PCFX-GA.

The game supports both the mouse and the FXpad.

Technical details
The game was made with liberis/v810-gcc.
I also had to extend it to add support for ADPCM samples, CD-DA and minor things (thanks Optimus for the timer code).
There's quite a lot of voice samples streamed from the CD and plenty of backgrounds that use the 16 millions color mode.
The 256 colors/4 colors mode are parsely used here and there as well.

There were quite a lot of technical hurdles as well, with most of my time spent on SCSI bugs and behaviour... and some bugs within liberis also that needed workarounds.

Download link
Gameblabla's Website (Emulation/Homebrew Projects) - https://gameblabla.github.io/


Definitely having more homebrew into the PC-FX is nice! I'm not into +18 games but I guess I'll have to try anyway :shock:


Quote from: Tak-MK on 02/03/2024, 07:14 PMDefinitely having more homebrew into the PC-FX is nice! I'm not into +18 games but I guess I'll have to try anyway :shock:
Well, um, this was certainly quite a curveball today... :rollin

But hey, gameblabla still cares about the PC-FX IN 2024 to provide new content, so kudos on effort!

Technically this game is "on brand" for the system ? Sorta, kinda ??

2/18/2024: I looked at gameblabla's PC-FX game just now, played the 3 wave files out of morbid curiosity and found this nice/upbeat song actually, but I'm still not sure I want to ever boot the game, haha.Seems you found something that fits the "theme."


So @gameblabla went all in with his PC-FX homebrew game: ports to GBA and N64 being worked on and actually pursuing physical copies. I didn't expect you'd go that far!