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Wow, you all are right. Thanks for going the extra mile with the pictures, it is much appreciated! I would have thought the white would have a yellowish hue, and that's what threw me off. Darn sunfade

Thanks again,
Hey guys, I just got a double of Splash Lake in a lot, and comparing to my other copy I noticed 1 side of the spine is blue instead of the normal green, any reason why? Everything else about the game is the same, and there does not appear to be any sun fade. I do not own a ton of CD Rom 2 games but I've never saw the blue on any before.

Quote from: wildfruit on 06/29/2016, 04:59 PMWell for the CD games if you must be legit & own the original, buy the JP games and burn the English version. Is Loom really worth it? You can get that for any number of systems in English. Dungeon explorer HuCard should be cheap enough in English. The others I don't really pay attention to prices of but a turbo ever drive should solve all your problems.
Some of these I just put in the list for the sake of completion. For instance I'm not going to buy Magical Dinosaur Tour, and Loom unless I find it cheap and some of the others on the list I already own (Ys, CF2, Dungeon Explorer, etc.) I do also plan on getting an ever drive, so any hucards I won't buy unless I find a really good deal (though I wish I bought Neutopia back when.) I only put price in as a factor unless the PC Engine version is super expensive and the Turbo isn't, I am more interested in what games the Japanese version is not playable to the English speaker, so importing wouldn't be an option on the cd games and the everdrive rom would better served being the Turbo version. Hope that clears things up on my original post.

Also thanks for clarifying the region thing
Hey everyone, I'm looking over the Turbo/PC Engine library and trying to decide which version of some games to get. For most I want the PC Engine version of due to price difference, but some games I would like the domestic version of due to text/playability (game not being English friendly), game play changes, or even cost. I have come up with a list of the games I am thinking the Us/ version is needed/preferred. Some of these I don't own so I haven't played them, please let me know of any additions or subtractions. Thank you!

Cosmic Fantasy 2
Double Dungeons
Dragon Slayer
Dungeon Explorer
Dungeon Explorer 2
Dungeon Master
Exile: Wicked Phenomenon
JB Harold Murder Club
Lords of the Rising Sun
Magical Dinosaur Tour
Might and Magic III
Military Madness
Neutopia 2
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Homes 2
Sim Earth
Ys 1&2
Ys 3
And she's gone!
Bumping this from the dead as I found this thing. $20 plus shipping
Off-Topic / Re: Syd Mead art
08/20/2013, 07:22 PM
I'd never seen any of this before, so beautiful. Just has that mystery and uncertainty about it that really captures me, like many games do. Leaves so much to the imagination. I see one of his books is in print for a pretty low price, I may have to buy myself a copy. Thanks for posting this.
Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to trying out all of those :D
This past week:


Terraforming was from Nectaris (thank you-btw) Everything else bought locally from a friend.
Got these in the mail yesterday, seller threw in Jack Nicholas for free, which was awesome


Anybody got any cases (and manual for Exile) lying around?
Quote from: Nando on 07/25/2013, 05:25 PMFUCK!
what is this bkg from?

This is from a Guilty Gear, although I'm not sure which one.

I'm with pretty much everyone else, love KOF 98, Mark of The Wolves, the Real Bout games. I also go back to Art of Fighting 3 often for some reason.
I really did not need to see this thread, as I've been trying to convince myself not to get this. I really want to play this, but I don't have time really, and I don't want to buy another system at this point. I've logged so many hours into the GC and DS versions. I definitely plan on buying a 3DS for this in the future when the system goes down in price.
General Gaming / Re: Dreamcast
07/25/2013, 04:55 PM
I received a Dreamcast as a birthday present right when GameStop/EB was clearing them out after the merger. At that point, all that was left was mostly disk only  games, but I did manage to find some good stuff, both Power Stones, Marvel vs. Capcom, Last Blade 2, and some others. I really wanted Marvel vs. Capcom 2 but never found a copy. A couple others that I played often were Frogger 2, Wacky Races, and Tennis 2K2. Even the Sega football and basketball games were really good.

I've never really hunted for the system, but I do have a little over 30 games for it. I did find a Black Sega Sports model at a flea market once, which is pretty cool to have. I have not played the system in years however, but I loved it when I first got it.
Been awhile since I'd bought anything from Japan, here's my most recent arrivals:

I'm looking on ebay at prices for games that I'd like to have the English versions of (RPG's mostly) and it's pretty disheartening. I knew some were awful (Dungeon Explorer 2) but I had no idea some of these were so high (Beyond Shadowgate, Might & Magic III, Exile 2) I guess supply just does not meet demand on these. Price does seem excessive though.
I completely understand. Goodluck to everyone else who's entered, that's pretty awesome lot of stuff.
I'm surprised there isn't already a thread on this game (there might be and I just couldn't find it.) Any who:

I had the itch to play a shooter this eventing so I broke out the Duo and really sat down and played this for the first time. Man is it awesome. I really like the ability to change direction of the shot and how valuable it is to your progression in the game. I didn't get very far but the levels seem nice and the music is ace. I'll be playing this one some more for sure.

What does everyone else think of this one?
I'd like to enter too, if possible (I know I don't have a ton of post either, if not I understand- it's all good.)
Buy/Sell/Trade / WTB: JVC X'Eye Console
04/03/2013, 05:16 PM
Hey all, I'm looking to buy a JVC X'Eye. If anyone has one they'd part with please let me know!
Sorry for bad pic these in the mail today:


Pretty tasty, as I've been wanting the CD version of Turf Masters for a long time. Last Hope won't stay sealed for long :)
Pomping World/ Buster Bros. is a must have
Got all of this in the mail yesterday:


I had no idea Minesweeper was going to be sealed, especially considering what I paid for it. It's demand is pretty nonexistent- so there is no need keeping it sealed, correct?
Thanks guys, I appreciate it  8)

Now does anyone have an extra of the sapphire boot?
I'm in need of an arcade card duo, I know someone around here has to have an extra. I'd prefer it with the case, but I'll take it card only if I have to.

Also- after I find one of those I'd like a copy of Sapphire, I know a bunch of you guys have extra's of the high quality bootlegs around here too, if anyone has an extra they'd be willing to give up let me know.

Thanks everyone!
I wanna try this one!
Quote from: PCEngineHell on 11/20/2012, 08:21 PMThats a really nice collection you have there, but we have a new club now. After much deliberation we decided to raise the bar. Unless you have a region modded system with either RGB or S-video out, you're not part of the club.
Haha, well one step at a time I suppose.

Quote from: ccovell on 11/20/2012, 08:14 PMA great collection!  Unfortunately, you won't be able to play Art of Fighting until you get an Arcade Card Duo...

One other odd thing I noticed, Eternal City's cover art has it spelled "ETRNAL CITY".  :D
Yea, an Arcade Card Duo will be one of my next purchases, I really wanna try on that version of Art of Fighting, plus all the other games that support it.

Thanks for the welcomes again everyone. Also another thing I have to say- even though many of the cover artworks I've saw online, it just looks so awesome in person, it's too bad the TG-16 had such generic artwork, because these are some of the best I've ever laid eyes upon. Makes the anticipation of playing the game even stronger.
Thanks so much, everyone. I'm really looking forward to trying these all out. All these will capture my attention for a long time to come I'm sure, but I can't help from already thinking of other titles I want to get haha
Thanks for the help, I'm looking forward to buying some stuff from that store in the near future
After wanting a PC Engine for a couple years, I can finally say I am the proud owner of a PC Engine Duo-R! A good friend (and fellow forum member-I believe) is getting out of collecting and sold me his complete collection. It feels like Christmas came a little bit early this year. Here's some pics~~~

Quote from: Ji-L87 on 11/10/2012, 04:30 AM
Quote from: bartre on 11/09/2012, 10:11 PMyeah, it works similarly to ebay, stores are set up, and just sell through rakuten.
at least that's my understanding.
It's also similar to Amazon, in the same sense.
Rakuten itself doesn't sell you stuff - they just keep track on your points and account information. There are a number of different stores which focus on different things like, clothing, music & movies, gaming & anime/manga and so on so forth.
You CAN find things for very cheap, but keep in mind that these deals might very well get nullified by the shipping costs. I've only done business with a store called Suruagaya and while they ship international, they use EMS and you won't know the final sum (including shipping) until they've calculated everything out and sent you a mail asking for your purchase confirmation.

So, using the EMS price chart and keeping en eye on how much a number of CDs/jewelcases and so on weighs will help in understanding what the shipping costs will be like. Of course, once you start adding books & posters etc it becomes rather impossible. Packaging also weighs a bit and you don't know how much bubblewrap they will use (everything has been very well packaged though). I've taken notes a few times when doing business with them and depending on what I bought the packaging weighed from 400g - 1000g. The last one was a shipment of 8 LDs so they packaged that shit pretty tight.
From my notes (which might not be totally correct) 1 CD in it's case (music or game) is about 120-130g while 1 LD can range from 360g to 515g depending on what exactly is in there. Insert sheets, bonus material and so on.

Still, I've found some really cool thing there. Game systems tend to be expensive but some games, books, posters, music and laserdiscs can be had for a steal.
I've been thinking of buying a bunch of games from the Suruagaya store, prices are great. How's the condition? Are the games complete or loose?
I almost sold this thing awhile back but decided to keep it. Now I need some extra cash and some space as well. System works but has picture issues through rf where the colors are not correct. The system is still playable like this, as I played it until I got another TG-16 in a trade.  Some pictures talking about it and pictures of it in action in this thread:

It seems like it would be a pretty easy fix, or could be solved but using a Turbo booster. Included is the system, controller, and off brand ac.


I'd love to be entered in this if possible. I really want to expand my library so I can play more than just U.S. hucard releases
I would also trade for SNES/Genesis games I don't have.
I've got an extra copy of Military Madness, and I'd like to trade it for another game. It is HuCard only. I'll put up a picture as soon as my camera's batteries charge.

Here is a list of the games I already have:

Alien Crush
Blazing Lazers
Bonk's Adventure
Fantasy Zone
Galaga '90
JJ & Jeff
Keith Courage
Power Golf
Tv Sports Basketball
Victory Run
World Class Baseball

I don't even own an LCD tv :P This tv is starting to have some picture issues though, so I may end up having to upgrade sometime soon though  :?
Small little update, a collector I know who is scaling back decided to sell me his TG-16 and games so I went ahead a bought it. Here's how the picture is looking on it:


Goes to show the the other Turbo had something wrong internally. I tried the old one with the new one's cables and still got bad picture.

Not sure what I'll do with the other Turbo (if someone wants to buy/trade for it to fix it up let me know) but I'm happy I finally got a working system.
I completey forgot about TurboBoosters, one of them would probably fix the issue right?
I tried a bunch of other r/f and ac's and I still got the same result. I hooked up my NES to make sure the tv wasn't the problem and it had a clear picture. I don't have another tv to test it on. Guess either my tv hates it or I got burned :(
Got my first TG-16 in the mail today. I took a chance a bought one off ebay cheap(seller said he never tested it.) The system works, but I can't get a good picture. The system came with TV Sports Basketball, here's a couple pictures of how it looks.


To make sure it wasn't the game I went ahead and tried a copy of Military Madness that I had already.


The pictures actually adds more color to the pictures, its actually darker in person. I thought it could be the rf but I tried a NES rf and the picture just rolled. And if it makes any difference I'm using a Model 1 Genesis power supply because the system came with some panasonic adapter I didn't trust using.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: FS: DUO R with games
04/14/2011, 05:05 PM
Quote from: CGQuarterly on 04/14/2011, 04:41 PMYou can get Duo-R's region modded, RGB modded, and with new lasers for $270 shipped from Japan, so It shouldn't be a problem to find one in stock condition for $200 shipped.

I'm about to the point of doing that honestly. No one on any forums seems to have any TG-16s for sale, and there are hardly any bargins on ebay.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: FS: DUO R with games
04/14/2011, 01:04 PM
Somebody let me in on this secret on PCE Duo-R's for less than $200 shipped.
Still looking for a Turbo. Someone has to have an extra around here!
Does doujindance do good quality work? I've considering buying one of his mods myself.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: WTB TG-16 & Games
03/20/2011, 07:44 PM
Well I'm not exactly sure how much a modded Duo-R would run, but it looks like it isn't going to be too easy to get a Turbo and a couple games for less than $60-70.
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: WTB TG-16 & Games
03/18/2011, 06:10 PM
You are probably right. If I could find someone that would sell me one for that price I'd jump on it. Maybe I'll be able to find one sometime soon for around that price.
Buy/Sell/Trade / WTB Turbografx 16
03/16/2011, 08:00 AM
I'm looking to buy a Turbo Grafx-16.