Sega Lord X reviews the Street Fighter II Champion Edition PC Engine port.
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I recently had my Duo recapped.  In that sense it seems to be fine.  I noticed this other issue before having it recapped and was hoping the recap would fix it.  First I'll describe the problem as it happens playing an audio CD:

Put the CD in and play let it read the disc.  It reads the TOC and lets me select the track.  It will play fine, with maybe a little click in the sound here or there but mostly fine until it gets past about 3/4 of the way to the edge of the CD.  Then the audio on the next track or so becomes very scratchy and eventually just becomes unable to read the disc at all.

Last night I wanted to capture the sound of what was happening so I turned on my laptop, started audacity and got the audio cable plugged into the Duo's headphone jack.  Meanwhile I had the CD paused and queued up to play one of the scratchy tracks.  When I was finally ready to record I unpaused it and it played fine.  In fact it played fine for the rest of the night.

What happens with games is that it will load the data tracks and play fine unless there's an audio track near the end of the disc.  In that case it plays nothing.  The 4-in-1 pack-in SuperCD will start up but may or may not play the applause track when Bonk appears.  Last night I was playing Ys IV and the cut scene after Adol disappears from the warehouse in the beginning of the game started fine but there was no audio.  The CD drive was physically emitting a high pitched whine.  This prompted me to stop and test it with an audio CD as seen above.  When it finally started working correctly with audio CDs, I put Ys IV back in and it played perfectly, including the cut scene.

It doesn't matter if the CDs I use are pressed or burned.  The system almost seems like it needs warm-up time before it'll work.  Is there anything that can be done?  I'm really not thrilled with the prospect of sending this out again but if I have to I guess I can.  I did buy a spare HOP-M3 laser so I have that on hand.
Apologies if this isn't the correct forum. I was wondering if there is anyone that has a PC Engine controller for sale.  I am looking for a spare to have for my Turbo Duo but it doesn't necessarily have to be the "Duo Pad" controller.  Used condition is fine as long as it works well.

If not, perhaps a TG-16 controller would be acceptable. (I can just use the guts out of it)  I would prefer a PCE controller to that option though.
I can't believe I found this! I thought it was lost to the ages.  I was going through the closet doing some cleaning and found it in an old box with some junk from the 90s.  Glad I didn't just toss the whole box!

Duo Cover.jpg

The only problem is that the cantilever that holds the left hinge is broken off, but I may be able to fix that.

Once my system comes back with new caps I'll be able to improve its appearance too! :D
My Duo needs a re-cap and the time is now!  I was just playing a CD on it and realized that for some reason none of the CDs I played went past track 8 without becoming distorted.  This is strange since the last time I played an audio CD on it, it went to the edge with no trouble. (it finished an 80 minute audio CD) I'll take this as a sign to get the repair ball rolling.  The AV connector may need to be re-soldered as it is very touchy also.

Is anyone interested in doing this work and how much will it cost (ballpark)?

Please let me know if I need to buy the components and what I should send in the package.  I have never had a system re-capped before and I have to admit that I'm pretty nervous about sending my Duo away!

I live in Madison, Wisconsin so if anyone nearby is up for this that would be excellent but I am willing to ship anywhere in the country to get the job done.

Hi all, Not sure if this is the proper place for an introduction thread, if not, I apologize.  I'm 35 this year and have been a TG-16 owner since 1992 and a Turbo Duo owner since 1993.  I wasn't aware of the forum here until it was recently suggested that I join.*  My favorite Turbo games are the Ys series, Ninja Spirit, Air Zonk, Gate of Thunder, Alien Crush and the Legendary Axe series.  This looks like a great place to look around so thanks for approving my request to join!

*It's been recently brought to my attention that my beloved Duo will inevitably need capacitor service.  Part of why I joined was to seek out someone capable of performing the operation since I do not possess the skills for such a task.  With the way prices on Turbo/PCE systems these days I feel that a little preventative maintenance is a good idea!