Sega Lord X reviews the Street Fighter II Champion Edition PC Engine port.
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Buy/Sell/Trade / Castlevania X68000 CIB
06/08/2017, 12:41 PM
Have a CIB copy of Castlevania for the X68000 up for grabs if anyone wants to PM a serious offer... No love for the X68k in the Canadian Facebook groups I'm in 😑




Let's say $165 USD + ship?
Some pickups from a swap meet today:


How did Heavy Nova look and sound badass but end up being "terrible"? Also glad I squeezed some deals on Metroid II and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.
Few pickups this weekend:


The Castlevania is resealed but it looks awesome and for the price I couldn't pass (still not cheap mind you). Something I wouldn't expect to find at a local shop. Not sure if I'll ever own a X68000 but it sure has a sweet library of games. Also happy to find a copy of Contact, an RPG I've been interested in for a little while.
Few pickups from some local shops and a Kijiji ad over the weekend. The Super Scope is cool, box is alright condition but its like new with all the plastic wrap and stuff inside. Too bad I sold all of my SNES'.


My uncle also dropped off some MVS boards that he got for free. Ones really big, the other is pretty small. Both single slot. Might get a cab for one and consolize the other?
Quote from: Digi.k on 05/29/2016, 05:25 PMI had that last story limited edition box set for the wii but somehow I just didn't like the game.  The british voice acting just didn't suit the style of the characters or mannerisms so I was put off by it.. but then that's just me...
IMO the Wii doesn't have much going for it in general haha. I've been looking for a copy just because I like the box art. I didn't think I'd pick up a LE but a guy had it decently cheap so I grabbed it. It looks like a really nice game at least lol

I've been getting enjoyment out of mediocre RPGs lately so hopefully this won't disappoint.
Small hall at a swap meet today:


Glad to pick up some Sega stuff. All everyone is after is anything Nintendo. The PCE game I grabbed is Psycho Chaser; every PCE game I buy is a shot in the dark as I still don't know enough about the library, but for $5 this title looks pretty cool  :)
Off-Topic / Re: What do you drive…
05/15/2016, 03:45 PM

Also have a 1990 Miata I'm building up to get into tracking/racing with. So slow and yet so fun to drive.
I like walkthroughs. I get the most out of a game with one play, and if I really liked the game after I can go back to it and explore as originally intended (sort of). With a billion backlogged games I want to play through at some point, aimless searching and grinding just pisses me off now lol
I rang the bell :)

*closes walkthrough tab*
Thanks for sharing DQ187, I'll use your pics for reference of games I need to look for still. A lot of those games look really good. I think the system has a lot of great RPGs.
Quote from: Medic_wheat on 04/05/2016, 10:46 PMDrak spire is a game I have wanted to try however have never seen locally for pick up.

That female ninja game looks cool from the box art. What name is it?  I can't quit tell.
It's called Izuna 2, looks like a quirky dungeon crawler. Upon further inspection, it has a reversible cover and a little pinup of nice paper quality lol

Some DS local pickups today:


Grabbed the Fire Emblem Fates for a friend, thought it was too cheap not to pick up lol
Quote from: nugs1987 on 04/02/2016, 03:21 AMI've been working on getting all the US Atlus games for PS2 and picked up 2 titles tonight: Magna Carta and Dual Hearts. I created an elaborate list for Atlus PS2 collecting for my excel level 1 final :P. I wish I could post .xlsx files but alas it be not supported mateys. I have about 40% of the US Atlus games thus far.
Would you be able to share it with Google spreadsheet? I'm quite interested in the list lol
Quote from: gynt on 03/27/2016, 08:01 AMi have always been curious of threads of fate.
It looks like a fun play, not too long and the graphics look pretty good for the time. I traded Super Mario Kart for it.
Went to a swap meet today.


Got all of the PS1 games through trade for SNES games I wanted rid of, everything else was pretty cheap. Was worth the trip.
Quote from: TheClash603 on 02/22/2016, 09:03 PM
Quote from: vmorr on 02/21/2016, 04:47 PMI bought a 20th anniversary PS4 a year or so ago or whenever they released and it's just sat in the box. To me there hasn't really been anything that's come out to open it up for. New game prices have been pretty steep in Canada as well lately. Will probably just sell it and wait a couple years to pick up a regular PS4... Anyone else think it's been underwhelming though?
Where did you find this impossible to find system?  I tried to order one when it was announced and failed miserably.
I had Twitter set up to send me all of PS Canada's tweets via text for about a week. Think it was 10 or 10:30 on a Tuesday morning and I just happened to catch the beep for the drop in their online store lol
I bought a 20th anniversary PS4 a year or so ago or whenever they released and it's just sat in the box. To me there hasn't really been anything that's come out to open it up for. New game prices have been pretty steep in Canada as well lately. Will probably just sell it and wait a couple years to pick up a regular PS4... Anyone else think it's been underwhelming though?
Speaker placement on the Vita. My hands keep covering them  :x
Haven't picked anything up for the PSP in so long...

Didn't realize all of the little pickups I've made recently until I decided to put a pic together :s

Been buried in school work, only have played Nemesis out of this pile for a little bit. Although most of these aren't exactly quick plays...

Quote from: guest on 10/26/2015, 11:25 AMSaturday's mail brought me a copy of Lego Hobbit for the Vita.  :mrgreen:
I always pass on the Lego games cause they make like 10 of them a year. They're supposed to be pretty fun though yea?
Do handhelds count? PSP forever.
Came in the mail earlier today. So mint looking I almost don't want to open it :?
Goo Gone is like my secret weapon. Slap that shit on everything. I just scrubbed my whole copy of Rule of Rose (PS2) with it, was a previous rental. Does a good job of getting label residue off paper without taking the ink with it. Looks a lot better now.
Quote from: NightWolve on 09/29/2015, 04:47 PMWow, so how much did you pay for Haunting Ground ? It was a red-tagged clearance item when I saw it for $15 bucks. Come to think of it, I may have been a Kmart, not Bestbuy. I've bought PS2 clearance items from both stores over the years, though the nearby Kmart just closed on me... Surprised it lasted this long competing against Walmart. While you do find better deals at Walmart, sometimes there are cheaper rarities at Kmart worth your time. I got great deals on some drawers way back with big instant rebates with the member card, so I bought 5 of them.

EDIT: Oh nevermind, I see, you can't really say, you bought it with the other one that's been the subject of crazed big-spenders... But upon checking eBay out it looks like it too has been driven up. :/ I don't think you'll be that impressed with the game given the money you spent, but oh well...
I paid $100 (or I guess $70USD) for them, which I thought was fair because I'm not flipping them and had no interest in them prior to stumbling upon them. There are a handful of games I'd rather pay face for. I'm excited to play them sooner or later, last few random games I've played have been considered mediocre but I really enjoyed them. I'd start playing them now with Halloween coming up but I'm super f***ed with school at the moment.

Anyone know why the prices are what they are for these games? Collectard pieces or cult following?
Quote from: NightWolve on 09/29/2015, 02:36 PM
Quote from: johnnykonami on 09/29/2015, 02:03 PM
Quote from: vmorr on 09/29/2015, 01:50 PMSmall victories today.
Nice, PS2 was definitely the greatest for Horror games.  Shame a lot of those titles have gotten expensive.  I would love to see some of these re-release on Steam or something.  These, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Forbidden Siren...   and stuff like Kuon, too which I haven't even had the pleasure to try yet - would all be top of my list for a digital re-release.
Hey cool, Haunting Ground is something I picked up from BestBuy, and one of the few games I beat last couple of years! It's not in the high-end of quality for survival horror games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill 2, etc. but it is a fine Capcom game and worth playing through! I enjoyed it!
Yea these will probably be the first horror type games I play. The pair popped up on Kijiji as a "best offer" kinda deal. Googled the titles cause I've never heard of them and liked the cover art. Sounded pretty interesting. Then I hopped on eBay and watched a copy of Rule of Rose go for $250 :shock: I threw the guy what was probably a low ball offer but he took it. He said he had Rule of Rose on eBay as a BIN but too many people were hounding him to make a deal outside of eBay or something and he just wanted to get rid of the pair.

Haunting Ground is good but I guess Rule of Rose was a rental previously and has a label on the front and  back of the cover art and a small one on the manual... Should I attempt to peel?
Small victories today.

Not sure if anyone is from southern Ontario but today was the big VGCC swap meet. Think I got some decent deals today; surprised at the amount of NES stuff I picked up. Another highlight: I finally picked up my first PS4 game, after having a PS4 sit in the box it wasshipped in for almost a year?

Quote from: BigusSchmuck on 09/18/2015, 04:43 PMNintendo Quest. Enough said.
Got on the Google machine... Watched this trailor... What a bunch of bullshit lol


Boarded the Castlevania train today.
Quote from: guest on 08/27/2015, 09:12 PMSeriously, who the hell plays UMD based games in 2015? Be honest.
This guy does.
Quote from: Otaking on 08/24/2015, 07:28 AMCheckout this thread here, someone asked a similar question  :D
WTF :shock: I used the search too, how the hell...

Quote from: pissengine on 08/24/2015, 04:40 AMjust avoid ebay man. have you checked yahoo japan?
Never. I've checked it out a couple times but not seriously. How does setting up shipping work with that? Or communication in general. Is there a thread on that somewhere? lol
I've been watching ebay auctions for a little bit, trying to get an idea of cost. But it seems to be all over the place and I have no idea why. Couple recent examples:

Each pair of links ended around the same time of each other. The one that ended later in each case was decently more expensive than the one that ended sooner, prior to the 'sooner' auction actually ending. Are people not seeing these other cheaper auctions or are they getting caught up in bidding wars or... What am I missing :?

Anyways, what's the goal at this point -- ~$120 USD?
Quote from: NightWolve on 08/19/2015, 09:54 PM
Quote from: vmorr on 08/19/2015, 09:31 PMSo many backlogged RPGs geez.
I know the feeling...

Quotebut I think I might set up the Playstation and play the original now just for fun. After that hopefully someday I'll get to the PS2 and PS3 releases... And the forthcoming PS4 release...
Hm, you know, I bought the "Star Ocean: Till the End of Time" and didn't realize it was the 3rd one in a series till I read your post and looked it up... Heh. I was at the time just supporting SquareEnix and when I'd randomly see a new game published by them at BestBuy, I would buy it though usually I'd wait for the $19.99 pricepoint admittedly.

EDIT: Oh wait, nevermind, turns out I also bought "Star Ocean: The Second Story" for the PS1. Just saw it in my stack photos I linked. Now I remember, the first one was a SNES game and maybe-or-maybe-not it had a fan translation done for it.

But yeah, I have been backlogged for more than a decade where I simply continued to buy games from companies that I liked (to show that my dollars still counted!) such as SquareSoft/Enix, Konami, Capcom and some great stuff Sony themselves localized over and all with the eventual hope that when things died down for me between my education, work and life, I would play a great "catch up" and knock 'em all down in short order when I got to that point... Well, life didn't work out that way and the backlog built itself up to great big ole stacks of untouched games... ;) Some of 'em I collected over the years are shown stacked up in my room photos here to give an idea of the debacle that this thinking resulted in. Heh-heh.
Haha nice I have a stack of 50 PS3 games sitting on a tower speaker like that. Everything else is pretty much in bins. I actually don't have a lot of PS1 games; it was my first console growing up but my parents had it modded and I've just got a ton of random copied games. Now I'm trying to grab real copies of games that I really liked. One of my favorite games though was The Misadventures of Tron Bonne and, well, damn. Also want to pick up the Tales of Destiny games (I see your II) cause I'm a fan of that series as well. Played both Xillia games last Christmas and Phantasia a couple months ago. Think I have some form of all of the NA 'Tales of' games except for those two.

Side note -- played Tales of Phantasia through a Game Boy Player on the Game Cube; totally look at GBA games under a different light now. And they're still relatively cheap!
Quote from: munchiaz on 08/19/2015, 07:18 PM@vmorr
Star Ocean for ps1 is one of my favorite video games ever. It was my first JRPG, and it is the game that actually turned me into a "gamer" i stopped playing little league football when i discovered star ocean.

I also have the fan art version of lunar. I got it when it was first released. I was at the mall with my uncle, and he was buying ps2 games, and i asked him to buy it for me. He made some comment like " why do you want this fairy shit?" He bought it for me anyway :)
I played the first Star Ocean on the PSP and really liked it. Never got around to playing Second Evolution and still want to, but I think I might set up the Playstation and play the original now just for fun. After that hopefully someday I'll get to the PS2 and PS3 releases... And the forthcoming PS4 release... So many backlogged RPGs geez.
Quote from: DragonmasterDan on 08/18/2015, 07:07 PM
Quote from: NightWolve on 08/18/2015, 07:03 PMHow much did you pick up that "Lunar: Silver Star Story" for ? I had wanted to get that at some point myself.
That's actually the "Fan Art edition" which is a rarer variant than the large box set Working Designs made for the US PS1 version.
Bought it at a store for $45 ($32 USD?). I noticed the fan art CD labels, thought that was pretty cool. Think the cost was a little high but eh, I probably won't find it around me for much cheaper.

Random stuff I picked up over the last few weeks... Starting to get into PS1 a little but all the games I wanna pick up for it aren't exactly cheap. Smh
Quote from: guest on 08/17/2015, 01:09 PM
Quote from: esteban on 08/17/2015, 01:04 PM
Quote from: guest on 08/17/2015, 12:43 PMFinally nabbed this one. I went too long without it. Unfortunately, I probably shouldn't spend any more on games for the next few months...

lost image
You are teasing us.

The broken link. My lazy non-attempt at copy-n-paste
Fixed. Don't know why it wasn't able to be seen. It was through Google Photos, so I don't know why it wasn't loading at first. Switched to a different image upload site.
I've been trying to grab a copy of this as well... Missed one on ebay recently. A guy somewhat local to me told me he has two copies so I said figure out what you'd like for one (trade or cash) and I'll try to make it happen, but he's hesitant to give one up because of its "rarity". Smh.

Would it be worthwhile to post a wanted ad here?
Plenty of these douches in my area, here's an example:

This guy literally buys everything Nintendo in sight, pays at the very least the going rate for it, and tries to sell it for astronomical prices. Lives in a crack house. I sold him a copy of Pokemon Silver for $20 that I couldn't sell for a couple months and he told me straight up that he was gonna flip it for $35. He only sells locally off Kijiji and we post ads in the same city, so I'm not sure how the fuck he was gonna do that. He also at one time bought "all of the Smash Bros. GC Wii U controllers in the city" at regular price (~$35) and tried to flip for $45, but then in no time stores restocked and you can buy them for regular price with your eyes closed.

What really pisses me off about these people is that THEY ARE MAKING NO MONEY. THEY ARE POOR. Fuck sakes. There are 8 million other things these people could be doing/investing in shit instead with greater returns. But no instead waiting weeks to make $5-$10 off a Mario game is the new standard for success. The whole "buying and selling to support the personal collection" angle is also bullshit by any means. Meanwhile the games I wanna own to play just get more expensive and basically unobtainable.
Quote from: Lost Monkey on 08/13/2015, 07:43 AM
Quote from: vmorr on 08/12/2015, 11:36 PMI'd be interested in picking this up if it wasn't new... I'm from Hamilton.
...and we all know that in Hamilton, "new" just doesn't fly...
A true statement.
I'd be interested in picking this up if it wasn't new... I'm from Hamilton.
Quote from: schweaty on 08/08/2015, 10:12 AMthe description also says cd bios works as well.  have you tried the mega drive cd bios?
No I haven't... I don't have a Sega CD to test with.
Quote from: schweaty on 08/08/2015, 07:42 AMdo sega master system ROMs work as well?
Ah forgot about that. Just tested a couple, had to remove the 32X.

So the "Mega Driver" is finally here. Actually was delivered yesterday but missed it so picked it up today. Basically took as long as I expected.

I was surprised by how well it was packaged; the cart was wrapped in a bubble wrap sleeve, placed in a bubble mailer, inside a box, inside another plastic bag mailer thing. That's first rate packing from China imo.


Tested it with a Model 2/32x combo:


Main menu:


The "About" screen or whatever:


A list of games I put on an 8GB micro SD:


Loading a game, took about a minute I guess:


Tested two games, Panorama Cotton (MD) and Kolibri (32X); work fine.



No complaints whatsoever at this time. I don't see it blowing up anytime soon either, but if it happens, I'll post about it. Money well spent for now. ‎
Speaking of Dreamcast, I just got my toes wet with this set 20min ago. Late night game pickups.


System came with a VGA converter (?) and a NIB or at least LNIB second controller. Been waiting for a bundle to pop up in my area with at least a few games, hopped on this one.
Bought a PC Engine suitcase today


Nice and yellow! The Core Grafx has a region switch mod which is useful. Wasn't a deal or anything but it was local. Also picked up a few games with it:


The Ys is for Turbo, game and (I think) the map are legit but the manual and case backing are repro. Figured I needed at least one CD game that I could understand.