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WTB: Needed TG16/PCE items...

Started by Mishran, August 02, 2011, 11:35:59 PM

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Might as well join the crowd of people posting the games they need to complete their collections. Basically only looking for games with manual and (if it applies) case. Don't care about boxes.

Beyond Shadowgate
Dynastic Hero
Super air Zonk
Syd Mead's Terra Forming

US Hueys:
Magical Chase

If anyone has an extra of any of the following, please let me know. Trying to spruce up my collection by completing some of my games. Will add more once I figure out what else I may be missing.

TG16 Manuals:
Order of the Griffon


Bump... If anyone can help me out with these, be much appreciated. Thanks.

Keith Courage

Wow, pretty much all of the CD games you mentioned (minus JB harold) are the really hard to find games and if you do find them they are really expensive. Good luck.


Yeah, tell me about it... Never hurts to post them though.


Figured I'd BUMP this to the top. Still looking folks. Especially the cases and manuals.


There's a complete PC-Engine Bomberman '93 on ebay with a BIN for under $20 right now:

It's not US, but it's a fraction of the going US version and plays the same.  :-"



Supplemented my U.S. Collection with some import alternatives, still looking for the list in the first post. I'm especially looking for the missing cases and manuals I need.



Last bump of the year. Still looking though. Added more to my hoard. Most recent additions are the US versions of Cotton and Might and Magic 3. Other US recents being New Adventure Island, huey version of Bonk 3 and Vasteel. Slow and steady.


Hey guys, I added a short list of PCE Hueys that I'm on the hunt for. Figured instead of making another thread in the PCE section, I'd add it to my existing thread here. If anyone can help me out with anything, let me know!



Removed the PCE titles for the time being as I'm not looking for any now, at the moment.


Looks like someone has learned how to use the search feature. Someone give him a cookie and a pat on the head for doing such a good job.