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FMV's on Turbo CD games are slow/freeze

Started by shaggy, April 14, 2023, 10:48:28 AM

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I have a Turbo Duo where the FMV's on CD games are slow or freeze.  I assume the laser needs to be replaced?  If so, is there someone that can replace the laser and regrease the gears, spindle, etc.?  Thanks.


Hi @shaggy, good to have ya stop by.

One of the few active repair people left is @Keith Courage - check his profile for contact on YouTube, Facebook, etc. I linked him your question since I can usually reach him on FB.


He's actually the one who re-capped my Duo 6 years ago.  I dropped him a message on here but hadn't heard back.  I guess I know why now.  Thanks for your help.