@GTV reviews the Cosmic Fantasy 1-2 Switch collection by Edia, provides examples of the poor English editing/localization work. It's much worse for CF1. Rated "D" for disappointment, finding that TurboGrafx CF2 is better & while CF1's the real draw, Edia screwed it up...
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IMGDan Hutchins (with many others Josh, Ryley, Kyle, etc.) tried to blackmail/extort/guilt Aaron, who hadn't logged in PCEFX for 4 years, to unban Nulltard (Psycho John Moriconi), effectively forgive him for mass daily harassment, incitement (raids organized by his DoxPhile/chat), intimidation, abuse, bullying, doxxing, defamation (forming an alliance with KKKFarms . net) motivated by YEARS of blatant forum-poaching (The DildoPhile Dicktator had a delusional dream of swallowing PCEFX's membership, becoming a universal replacement... End result? He divided us all, helped Paul's place instead... BRILLIANT SCHEME!!!) and to also get rid of me/NightWolve, and/or force me to caucus in the same forum like nothing happened with Nulltard again when that bridge was nuked, was NEVER gonna happen...

It'd be like getting banned/terminated on Neo-Geo.com by xRotx, then trying to stalk/harass/extort Shawn on Facebook who hasn't logged in for 8 years, using the owner's absence and potential veto power to escape accountability when he hasn't seen ANY of the abuse going on for years!!! It's unfair/unjust to the active forum staff actually in tune with what's going on, blatantly manipulative when his whole psychotic gang is showing me their assholes here daily, creating a climate of hatred to extort a "surrender," (AKA kowtow to their immediate unban demands) but then go crying to Aaron playing angels how the "mean mod" hurt them and must be stopped... That's the level of scumbags that you were dealing with and in my eyes that should earn you a kick in the ass, no means no! NO MEANS NO!!!

His gang of psychos fought a 100% war of choice which they could've stopped within that 30 day period before I terminated Nulltard's disgusting, destructive account... I DO NOT care that this guy had beers with him or played games with him at nerd gamer conventions... Nulltard crossed criminal lines and needs to be prosecuted as much as the New Jersey Nemesis Menace does! Nobody should've had to take/absorb the abuse of these nutjobs for one f-cking minute!

I'm STILL being harassed/stalked by Nulltard's psycho friend (and others like Psycho Punch the Brazen Brazilian CryBully) - Vile Kyle "DildoKobold" Thomson - TO THIS DAY, 3 YEARS AND COUNTING! He has never NOT stopped stalking me (even DURING his Kickstarter project!) since Nullity/Bullity incited him in my direction 7 days after the launch of my PCEFX chatroom and I didn't imagine he was another New Jersey Nemesis Menace to such an extent, though the signs were certainly there when Kyle first showed up here, acting like a deranged/relentless bat-out-of-hell toxic turd! I just wanted him banned then, as I did eventually... It shouldn't have turned into "this..." This WHOLE THING is bizarre!!!
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