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Quote from: DarkOnus on 12/31/2016, 07:06 PMHello all,
   Joined a bit ago and was lurking, doing some research on upgrading and fixing my US TG-16 consoles and TurboExpress unit. Looking forward in hopefully tapping the infinite knowledge of the TG-16 guru collection here on the forums, and learn many new things!

I purchased my first US TG-16 console back in 1990, then added the CD unit and TurboExpress very soon afterwards. I was so disappointed when NEC failed to win, or at least stay in the battle against Nintendo and SEGA, and after about 5-6 years playing with the system, I thought I was putting it away for good, never to use it again, back in the mid-90's . . .

Well, I got them back out and was going to sell everything, but after playing some games again, I just couldn't find myself parting ways completely, so I've decided to upgrade and fix everything I can, probably sell all the original games and most everything else, keep at least one console (and maybe keep the TE), and then some day purchase a Turbo Everdrive to be able to still play everything!

When I pulled everything out again, my CD unit wasn't working, it would spin for a second, then stop, and my TE was playing sound so low I could only hear it if I put my ear directly against the unit itself . . .  after a couple fixes done to the CD unit, it's working flawlessly again, and my TE now has sound, though I think it still needs to be louder . . . so that's still a work in progress.

I've also added an internal region mod to one of the consoles, which is working perfectly.

And lastly, I've added component/composite/audio out using Helder's BA7230LS RGB to Component v5.0A board based off of ACE's 5.0 schematics. I'll need some more help with that last one though, as I'm hoping to get better results than I am right now, even though for the most part I'm liking what I see for many games I've tried.

Anyway, thanks for allowing me to be a member, looking forward to picking your brains, and ... Happy New Year too !!!

Best Regards,
   ~ Craig ~
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