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    Racist Supremacist...
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    Had a racist, homophobic meltdown/temper-tantrum, yelled slurs for negro, f-gg0t, Japs, and left the forum in disgrace... This is how he thinks you need to get the staff to ban/throw him out ??

    You could just quit and delete your account instead of acting like a spoiled-child.
    Nice one my nerdy homeboy. Deleting now

    And that's what he did... The End.

    There's going full re'tard, then there's Artabasdos all in a class of his own...

    When you wanna rage quit a forum, launching a disgusting, racist spam thread isn't how you do it...

    How do I wanna be remembered as I leave, let's see ? I know, eureka, I'll yell whatever racist, bigoted, derogatory slurs I can think of!! Scorched earth baby, that'll teach 'em, party like it's 4chan '99!!!!

    What an utter ass wipe... You don't need "help" to get banned, you can walk away yourself AND without racially attacking groups of people... Failed with self control on all accounts... WHAT was he thinking ??

    Is this some kind of performance art?
    Silence f-gg0t.

    You get the idea... I think if we can identify him and leave a log here, it'd be a public service versus just completely erasing him. It's a conflict for sure...

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