RIP to BT Garner of He passed away early 2023 from health problems. BT was one of the top PCE homebrew developers and founder of the OG Turbo List, then Condolences to family and friends.
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Quote from: termis on 06/28/2007, 01:12 AMSome great memories here - awesome thread.  

Tatsujin, what game is #10?  It looks pretty familiar, but I can't quite peg it in my memory.

I agree with the Phantasy Star I.  I can still remember being in awe of the 3D dungeon and the fighting scenes.  I was mighty impressed.  And the comment about Xevious.  I also recall thinking, "Wow, look at that cool shiny-reflective properties of metal - that's really cool".

As for a some ones that are burned in my memory...

Pitfall - I still remember this game really wowing me.  I believe it was the first game where I really felt I was part of some adventure.

Kung Fu.  I loved this game in the arcade (though it was Kung Fu _Master_), and when I saw this game had come out with the launch of the NES, I soooo wanted the system.  When my mom agreed to buy it for me (thanks mom!) I recall going to Toys R Us and seeing this cover on display.  It's kind of a shitty port now that I think about it, but hell - it was great at that time!  :dance:

Defender of the Crown (Amiga) - this was my first glance at the Amiga back in sometime like 87 or so.  I couldn't believe how good this looked, when all I could get at the time was my NES (and I thought the NES looked pretty good).  I walked away from the guy's house very very jealous.

Phantsy Star II - the mind-blowing dungeons.  Some hated the ceiling pipes, but I thought it was kinda neat.  The story is something that I still can't forget to this day.  And I just about forgotten ALL the RPG storylines I've played back in those days.  Especially the Neifirst and the ending scenes.  Brilliant.

Sonic the Hedgehog - special stage.  I was blown away.  It looked way better than some blocky mode-7 graphics.

SF2 (SNES) - this is when I knew that SNES was going to win out the 16-bit wars over my beloved Genesis.  It wasn't a perfect port, but damn good enough.

Thunder Force IV - I care not what the haters say (Keranu!) - the parallex of this game was awesome.
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Quote from: termis on 01/20/2008, 04:32 PMIt's the same ol' pic from the "mugs" thread.

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