@GTV reviews the Cosmic Fantasy 1-2 Switch collection by Edia, provides examples of the poor English editing/localization work. It's much worse for CF1. Rated "D" for disappointment, finding that TurboGrafx CF2 is better & while CF1's the real draw, Edia screwed it up...
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I replaced all the caps with a kit from Console 5, I tried doing the SMD, but couldn't without a rework station :/ so I used my iron and then installed the taller passthrough capacitors with legs. It works great now. Not the prettiest solder job in the world. There was some built up gunk and such, I cleaned all I could with what tools I had and was able to do the recap. System works! That's what counts.
That's all it was! (almost, the other issue I had was random controller inputs. I reflowed the port connectors on the board for the controller as well as AV out and cleaned the controller inside and out, since then it's been flawless!)

Too bad there's no 1UpCard for TG16/PCE, had to use a Keith Courage with a coffee filter+Rubbing Alcohol combo, but it did the trick!
System came in and works great! Just had to clean the hu cart pins a little. Other than that, no problems. Now to give it a good cleaning and some retro brighting love! I do have another issue, but I'll open a new topic for that one (if a site search gives no results)
Getting back into TG16, it's going to be a slow road as I notice the prices have jumped and leaped a few times since I last collected. Luckily I got a everdrive to help with the game droughts in between pickups as I wait to find games at a decent price (Still waiting to find Magical Chase for $2 at a yard sale) I grabbed this last night for $10 at my local game store (they didn't have much of a selection, about 6 games, and most were $80+)

It's a Classic! Keith Courage!

Let the re-collecting begin!

Awesome! Good to hear, was worried it could be something major like a bad CPU or something I couldn't replace without a donor machine for parts. Glad to see it's most likely something like dirty contacts or cold solder points/weak broken solder that need to be reflowed. Not bad, I'll know Monday (give or take) how bad it is, that's when it arrives. If I need any help, I'll be sure to let you know.

Quote from: Keith Courage on 10/04/2021, 06:58 PMAs far as Hu cards not working, I've seen a few DUO-Rs where the solder joints for the Card slot go bad on the board. So it might just need to have all the pins for the card slot re-soldered. The 2nd possibility could be a Dirty card slot (fix by putting rubbing alcohol on a hu cards pins) or that one or more of the pins of the slot are actually bent/damaged. Usually these pins can be bent back into position again.

Most likely there isn't anything super major broken with the console since CD games load up just fine.

While you have the console open, you should also put new solder on the Power, AV, and Controllers ports. The solder for the pins on those all fail inside R and RX consoles as well.

R and RX consoles do not suffer from bad caps. Only the Black DUO systems have the bad cap problem.

If at any point you decide that you don't want to mess with the repair yourself just let me know and I can help out.
Oh man, I remember thesteve. He fixed my TurboDuo 6 years ago. The one I got couldn't read CD's and I couldn't get the pots just right, I replaced all the caps, but the sound caps had dissolved their traces, so I barely got the caps on, but wasn't pretty. He got it, fixed the drive, reworked the sound circuit better with ceramic caps, and made it better than ever! He didn't even charge me! I just supplied the shipping. He was a class act and a great member! I'm not afraid of doing repairs myself, just re-capped my turbo express last night, works great now! But glad to see other members here who might be able to help me when something could be too far gone for even me.

Quote from: NightWolve on 10/04/2021, 01:12 PMWelcome back, you were one of my account-undelete/rebuild experiments (about ~30-40) which works 100% now... :lol:

I extracted a better shot of the game, but no, I can make out what it is.


As for your repairs, we pretty much have only ONE active repair person (maybe two if you're willing to pay Canada shipping rates to Jodi/Turbo Reproductions as a last resort), ChrisComputers (KeithKourage). I'll forward him your thread, he's one of the few I privately invited to test the rebuilt forum and say hello. TheSteve/TurboKon pretty much retired from it, as did others... Voultar might take 1 Duo once in a blue moon as a special request for a friend, they require too much time to offer service for general customers.
This list might change, since I haven't touched a PCE/TG16 in about 6 years (that's all changing now)

but from what I remember... I would say my top 10 would be... (In No Particular order)

1.) Splatterhouse (My brother and I loved parts 2 & 3 for Sega Genesis, never could find part 1, then later in my 20's in early 2000's I figured out it wasn't on Genesis)
2.) Neutopia
3.) Alien Crush/Devils Crush (grouping them together as 1 since they pretty much both pinball, but soooo good)
4.) Bonk's Adventure (fell in love with this game when I first saw it as a kid on Nick Arcade on Nickelodeon)
5.) Toilet Kids (it's such a weird shooter, I love it!)
6.) Ys Book I&II
7.) Dungeon Explorer
8.) Loom (big fan of LucasArts as well as any Point and Click adventure game really, Jealous that Sega CD got The Secret of Monkey Island and TG got Loom, I LOVE Monkey Island)
9.) Popful Mail/Magical Fantasy Adventure (I do like the Sega CD version a lil better, probably due to being in English)
10.) Snatcher (I LOVE this game on Sega CD, and sure I'll love it just as much on TGCD, but just can't read it, but still counting it)

That's what I got from memory, I'm sure once I start playing again and trying new games this will all change
Not sure if anyone has one for sale. I just picked up a TurboExpress, but the back housing has some annoying scratches and white stress marks in the bottom corner of the system on the back housing. Looks like it fell and hit some concrete some point in its life. The front shell, battery cover, and everything else is fine. Just the back shell could be replaced to kick up its condition a notch. It's also missing the rope like wrist strap if anyone has a spare one of those for sale.

Thanks everyone!
For a while, I wasn't collecting TG16/PCE stuff, I had some in the past but didn't use it much so sold it all (was about 20-30 games, 2 TurboExpress systems, and a Turbo Duo) Big regrets selling it, and I did miss it in the back of my head. I sold it because I was in the middle of moving and trying to raise money and clear clutter. Now time has passed and I'm in my house with my wife now and it's all finally settling down (the move ended up being a huge headache with contractors screwing me over and lawyers and goodies like that). Anyway, yesterday after some yard sale hopping just looking for random things I have an interest in, I came across this, and I picked it up, I didn't even care it it worked or not, for that price I had to have it. I even talked the seller down to $20. I got it home, the screen lights up, and that seems to be all it does. I did get a TurboExpress and same behavior, lights up, no picture. So I'll recap it. It's also rekindled my love for the PCE/TG16 and starting the collecting back up, just picked up a DUO-R (non working) off eBay last night, hope I can fix that as well.

Glad to see there are still some bargains out there, just far and few between.
Hey Everyone, It's been about 6 years since I sold off my PCE/TG16 stuff and was on this site. (big regrets selling it, looks like prices have shot up a ton since then)
Anyway, I'm working on getting back into the PCE/TG16. I picked up a Turbo Express broken that I think just needs a recap, the caps come in tomorrow from console5, as well as a LCD I haven't decided if I want to install or not in the express, so I'll know soon if that's all it needs. I also just won a PCE Duo-R last night https://www.ebay.com/itm/334056446113 looks like it powers on, it's in pretty good shape, and it's playing some game (anyone know what game that is in the pictures?) I'm assuming the game is a CD based game. The description says the system works but won't play hu card games. Any idea what might cause this? Would bad capacitors cause this? I hope it's repairable and not something like a bad special chip/processor/cart connector destroyed (something that's not easily sourced to be replaced, like capacitors would be).

Just looking for some possible ideas on what it could be, It should arrive in about a week (also ordered the controller that shipped with that system, it's super yellow, so UV+peroxide based de-yellowing is in my future)

Thanks in advance everyone! It's great to be back!
Quote from: Psycho NecroPhile on 07/15/2015, 10:05 AM
Quote from: JohnnyPhantom on 07/14/2015, 08:06 PMHmm no Pm received....
Translation: you ride the short bus.
ouch sick burn, well I'm done here, I was trying to be civil but seems that's not a welcomed trait here. Sure on ebay I was asking $800 and slowly coming down, as I will continue to do, but when I first got my TG16 this was a great community, seems to have gone down hill since then, I was ready and willing to take any acceptable offer, heck $400 shipped for it all would have been okay with me. Well, insults like I ride the short bus have caused me to lose faith in this community, so I'm pulling out, just like I did to necromancers mom last night, ohhh snap
Not sure I follow, why wouldn't a working system be less collectible? I do understand that in the cade of the sticker. As for gouging, I beg to differ, on ebay these peices sell for much more alone and in their sum total, and I want people to feel free to send offers that they feel are reasonable and not gougey. On ebay I have to lost it for more to consider the ebay fees, shipping, and PayPal fees as well, but here I can avoid most of that and sell much less
Hmm no Pm received, but do want to add the data bank is fitted with a chopsudo and the duo was repaired by chop5, I did the recap, but was having audio problems so sent it to chop5 who repaired the Cd mech and upgraded my audio caps, looks and works great! He does the best work!
Oh you should have seen it before, pics are on this site someplace
Hey Everyone,
I had my collection listed on eBay, and figured someone here might be interested as well.

On eBay I'm asking $800 but here I'll take any reasonable offers ^-^

Sorry I never got back to this, actually, my problem was a worn motor on the laser rail. I had another member of this great community test my system out, found the problem, replaced it and it has been working great ever since!
Quote from: FiftyQuid on 05/31/2013, 03:02 PMDid you try lacquer thinner on that glue?  If it's not actually in the plastic lacquer thinner (in moderation) would have worked.  That shit gets everything out, except coffee stains.  You just have to be careful and test it first to see if the plastic reacts and by reacts I mean melts.
I tried everything :P Gasoline, goof off, lacquer thinner, alcohol, kerosine, and sacrificial voo-doo magic, nothing helped even a tiny bit
Quote from: guest on 05/31/2013, 12:29 PMI'd not do that to a clean, undamaged Duo, but it looks okay (certainly better than it did).  :mrgreen:
Totally agree, I don't like putting skins or decals on my systems, but had to in this case ^-^

Quote from: Duo_R on 05/31/2013, 12:32 PMThis is a good candidate for a paint job.

You know u could try light sanding then rubbing and polishing compound on that. I had a unit that had a smaller scuff like that and it came out almost completely.
Hmmmm, sounds like a idea. I may try that someday, any particular compound better than others that I should use?
Hey everyone,
I'm not sure how many people were following my journey into PC Engine goodness, but a late last year, I picked up a Turbo Duo Cheap! It played some games, but it had the common issues that seems to plaque a lot of Duo systems :( plus it also has a spot on the CD drive lid that wouldn't come off, looked like dried glue, but nothing took it off, and it felt like it was in the plastic. I noticed when playing Castlevania, that the music would chop, or static, or just vanish. I've replaced all the caps in the unit, and that seemed to fix it. Then I tried other games and noticed that barely anything was working. I then replaced the laser, still no luck. I greased up the drives gears and put a couple drops of hobby motor oil in the motor, and problems remained the same. I then adjusted the pots and still nothing. My system would not skip audio tracks, causing most games to freeze. If I played a music CD and just let it sit and play, it would play the entire CD, but skipping a track would cause the issues to occur. I then did the best move ever, I sent my system to chop5. He tested the machine, and in no time was able to determine that the lasers motor wasn't spinning at the speed it should have been. He replaced it with a new motor and now it runs beautifully!! This was my only Duo, so I had nothing to compare the motor speed to, so I had no clue the motor wasn't spinning up to par and getting the laser to its destination on time. He then also replaced the audio caps I replaced, with even better caps! He dose INCREDIBLE WORK!!!! I got my system back and dove right in to some games, and I've never had a single problem since. Now that my system plays beautifully, its time to make it match that on the outside. Since the Duo is a hard to find system, shell parts are hard to find. so I needed something to cover that Drive lid issue.

Then I think I came up with a good idea, take a look! Black carbon decals!

I wasn't sure If i just wanted to cover the drive, or put a decal across the entire system, I've included the before, CD only, and across the entire system decal pics.


Let me know what you think!

I'm loving my system now! BIG THANKS TO CHOP5 Who also gave me a Chop Sudo and works incredibly on my Memory Bank card!

Now I just need to detail clean it ^-^ get rid of all that dust build up in the nooks and crannys
ah, so thats the problem :P

hmmmmm I may need to think harder on this or give up :P

I have a dead express I could steal the slot from, but that seems like a waste so I wont do that.
Hey everyone,
I'm working on making a Japan to US hu card adapter, and if all goes well, I can make a few for sale cheap.

I have the idea and how im gonna do it in my head, but curious, whats the best thing I could use as a hu card slot. I saw some folks use a PCI connector, that seems to work, but I'm looking for  something a lil better..

I'll post updates when I get started on this project, it's going to be a timely thing

I ordered a new laser, would that help? what can I do to fix the focus issue?

thanks thesteve, as always, you're a excellent resource ^-^
Hmm, quick update, I've noticed if I skip/seek to any track thats when the laser fails. (I've tried with both the stock laser and the replacement I purchased) BUT! if I put the CD in, press play, it will (so far) play tracks past track 1. So Far I'm at track 7 of 21 so I'm not 100% through the CD. what would/could cause the track seeking issues?
Did you ever get it working? I'm going through the fun of adjusting pots myself in mine.
Sounds great, I'd love to see them become available someday ^-^ just curious, is this only for the hu door or the cd door as well?
Congrats to the winner ^-^
Hey everyone.
This is my "Last Attempt" thread post before I ship it out to "thesteve"
I have a Turbo Duo. I've replaced all the Capacitors and attempted to adjust the pots by ear and also with a multimeter measuring the resistance using the chart below. I also tried both the original laser and a new replacement laser. Same results.


It almost seems to be working great!... almost. What it does it, It will turn on, play HU cards PERFECTLY, but when I play a CD based game, either a real retail game or a CD-R copy. It'll play the intro of the game, the music, and then thats it. It will pretty much freeze. I've tested the system with a Audio CD and found that it will play Track 1 of any music CD just fine, perfect audio, crisp, clean of clicks or pops, and no static. BUT! when it goes to play any track higher than 1, the laser struggles, can't find where it should read, goes back and forth, the cd will stop spinning at times, and it never plays audio track 2 or higher.

I've attempted to adjust the pots and the dial on the laser as well, so far no improvements. Right now I'm back to the measurements from the chart above, based upon the problems, can anyone tell me where I should start to troubleshoot? or what pot to focus on?

Here's a video I shot of the problem
I'm open to suggestions, and like I said, if no luck still, off to "thesteve" it goes ^-^

Thanks everyone!
I've posted a topic about it before, its not melted melted. but there seems to be some chemical spill on it, and it made it less pretty. :( It fully works, its just a cosmetic thing
I highly recommend contacting "thesteve" from what I've read he does great work! and soon, my Duo will be making it's way to him as well
My Duo is still in some need of a good looking CD drive Lid,

Mines okay.. but melted :(

If you have one to sell let me know and your asking price

If it not to late, I'd like to join this one ^-^
Sign me up, Always looking for a new awesome game ^-^
You guys who host raffles rock!!!

Some day I'll have to return the favor to the community and host one of my own
Oh wait, I may have jumped the gun, The VERY NEXT POST after the chart post by DUO_R says "Update: ok did another read on VR105:

AB: 0
AC:  .300
BC: .300

I am going to blame it on the cheepie ohmeter, looks like it wasn't displaying the decimal there. Not sure about the AB measurement but this is what I am getting now. Ok going to throw away the cheepie ohmeter now. lol"

sooo... AB at 0 is normal?
Hey everyone, It's been a while,
It's great to be back ^-^, was wicked busy with other problems/projects these last few months. BUT!! Free time now, so I dusted off the non working Duo and replaced all the caps! Wooo!!
I also replaced the laser when I last touched it.
Now its like 99% almost working. Here's the scoop. I adjusted the pots according to this guide, https://www.pcengine-fx.com/forums/index.php?topic=8926.0 , measuring resistance with a multimeter
Using this chart...


Now, all my pots are lined up pretty close to those numbers. EXCEPT!!! 105.
on my 105 pot, AC is correct, BUT!!! not AB. AB shows ABSOLUTELY NO RESISTANCE at all. a big ol' 0 shows up on the multimeter, and when I do a connection test, the multimeter makes the "beep" noise to indicate those two points are connected. I looked around the entire board and I don't detect/see any solder bridges or anything. I can't see whats causing the connection. When I power the unit on, and load a game, as far as I can tell, the machine runs perfectly! Games load, HU card sounds, CD sounds, and redbook audio sounds perfect, no clicks or pops or anything.

Could it be a bad pot? are they replaceable? what should I do?

I'd like to make sure the system is 100% repaired, but this pot having no resistance makes me a lil.. iffy.

Should I just ignore it?

thanks for the help everyone!
Quote from: NightWolve on 12/27/2012, 01:28 PMFor a second, I misinterpreted your thread thinking someone had gifted you a TurboEverdrive, but you meant that you got one for yourself this Christmas. Anyway, yeah, great gift to have bought for yourself. ;) Man, you've been pretty active, haven't ya? Already 100+ posts... I remember ya from just trying to fix your Turbo Duo like weeks ago.
No I didn't gift me it, was a gift from my Brother ^-^ I'll be gifting my self a EverDrive 64 however ;)
Sign me up ^-^
Sign me up, I'm always down for a raffel, and some day I may even win one :P
People who give back to the community by doing these raffels are truly awesome people!
I just got a Turbo Everdrive for Christmas this year, man that things sweet!!

Been playing alot of those games I'll never get my hands on (mainly Magical Chase)

Is there any free to distribute awesome homebrew games I should check out?
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: Awful Raffle: Yo Bro!
12/14/2012, 09:17 AM
oops never mind looks like im a lil late, time to eBay hunt for this guy
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: Awful Raffle: Yo Bro!
12/14/2012, 09:16 AM
I've never heard of this game, cant be that bad. Sign me up ^-^
The sleeves are AWESOME!! I can't wait for the DVD cases and the CD trays to be available as well ^-^
Ok System has been fully recapped, plays great, and tested with the 5V AC adapter, and the system runs fine, no glitches thus far, I'll post more findings once found
Hmm I wonder how that would look. I may just have to try it out
do you get 5V there when running off the 4Ds at 6V?
I'll have to play with it more when I get the screen 100% up and running and look for glitching.
If I measured the correct points, I get 4.38V, measuring ground with the far right top pin of the board, if looking at it from the inside, has the thickest printed circuit that runs all the way to the left that connects to the first pin on the ribbon cable.
where would I measure the voltage on the card slot?
Quote from: thesteve on 12/06/2012, 12:50 PMthe GG tube is too long
however there are more good tubes than good screens for now
Just the matter of getting my hands on a good tube :P

Since the screen in my to be modded/lcd upgraded express is going to be useless soon, I'll play with it and LEDs and see what I can do