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Mr. GameSack
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Space Harrier, Shenmue 1 & 2, Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 (Gamecube editions only!), Uncharted 1 & 2, Burnout Paradise, Castle of Illusion, Shadow Dancer (Genesis/Mega Drive version only!), Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Thunder Force 2 and 3

Hi, I'm me. Isn't that just fantastic?!

4-11-08 - My First Car Wreck

11-13-07 - domain purchased at local thrift store.

Things that piss me off

Short list of things that piss me off. I may add things to this list as time goes on, and I may not... who knows? Enjoy.

-Getting a haircut
-Going too long without a haircut or shave
-Going to sleep
-Waking up
-Vince Vaughn
-Fake boobs
-People smoking anywhere near me (this includes any kind of smoke, not just cigs)
-Cheap asphalt
-Any and all Apple iApps (such as iTunes, iMovie, etc)
-People in public who don't seem to realize that there are other people besides them who may need to navigate by/around them
-USB 1
-People who cannot spell "definitely" correctly
-Cowboy hats
-50Hz (the refresh rate, not the audio frequency)
-Composite video
-John Leguizamo
-WMV & WMA formats
-People who drive under the speed limit
-The sun
-Lossy audio compression, like MP3
-All MPEG video or any compression scheme that uses interframes
-People who stretch 4:3 video to fit a 16:9 screen
-Wasps, hornets & yellowjackets
-Most airlines
-Explosions without a death toll
-Cats who feel the need to vomit and/or pee on the rug
-Dog slobber
-Diane Keaton
-The lack of teleportation
-Parallel ports
-Carls Jr commercials
-Microsoft Internet Explorer
-Power Point
-Nearly anything that requires extreme amounts of patience
-The smell of seafood (and usually the taste, too)
-John Cusak
-Memory sticks... they're just so lame
-People who spend time looking for a close parking space
-Optical media burned at too high of a speed
-Matthew McConaughey
-Static electricity
-Shipping via UPS
-Uwe Boll
-Those lame AIDS/Breast Cancer ribbons (they won't help cure you or anyone else)
-Command prompts
-Those who have no respect for punctuality
-Apple/MicroSoft updates breaking more than they fix
-Randy Newman
-Movie theater prices
-Broken CD cases
-Sticker residue
-Sonic (the restaraunt, not the game... though lately the game sucks as well)
-Real Player/Media
-Anything that makes a buzzing sound (get your mind out of the gutter)
-Soccer, baseball and other sports where excitement is extremely rare
-Matrixed (ie: fake) surround sound
-Home theaters in a box
-Clowns (I'm not afraid of them, they're just stupid and therefore anger me)
-Zapf Dingbats, Webdings and other retarded non-fonts
-Billy Bob Thornton
-Audio clipping (levels, not content)
-Long-sleeved shirts
-Circuit City
-Interpolated frames on 120Hz TVs
-Automatic transmissions
-Blind faith
-Buildings less than 100 stories tall
-Bike seats
-Itches on my back that I cannot scratch
-Thin walls
-Dolby "A"-Type
-Knowing that there is a project that I have not yet completed
-Those lame "tramp stamp" tattoos on the small of the back (right above the ass) that almost every female my age and under seems to have
-"Moist" farts
-Books that are fiction
-Being offered countless warranties and miscellaneous "reward zone" nonsense when being rung up by a cashier
-Being asked for my phone number, e-mail address and/or zip code when being rung up by a cashier (which I either decline or lie about... or give out freely if the cashier is cute)
-College sports
-2001: A Space Odyssey (watching turds flush is more entertaining... and has better editing)
-Crappy music
-Roland Emmerich
-Sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.
-Tom Green
-Unskippable previews and menus on DVDs
-Family Guy

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World domination, mostly.

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A lot of people seem to like this one. A recording session for a Viagra-type ad (10MB).

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