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Sapphire DEBUG mode & hidden things

Started by ccovell, 07/23/2018, 10:15 AM

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Hey, folks, I was poking around in the Sapphire ISO and initial loader (IPL) and found a few things.  First of which is a debug/configuration pre-load menu that went unused and deactivated:


The debug mode DOES work and has things to play around with by pausing the game and pressing buttons. The game can even run without the Arcade Card.

RAM Values for...
Debug: $2698 00/$FF off/on
Level: $269A 0..2  easy-hard
Play rec.: $269E 0..2 normal/trace/record
Demo No.: $001E 0..9 (not used ?)
Stage No.: $269C 0..9 all/1-9
Acc Read: $26A9 00/$FF off/on

If you skip the AC detection manually in the IPL, it loads the game, but with garbage for cinemas / large enemies / ground. If you set the above RAM value to turn "off" AC, it skips some screens and the BG is just blank. I haven't played through the game with these hacks yet.

Also, there is an earlier Arcade Card warning screen hidden in the ISO, before the well-known cheesecake pic was decided on:



That looks more like "before the character designer was hired" art.

This is really cool, btw. I hope someone will figure out a way to make it available via a patch.


Wow this is really cool.  Good work and thanks.
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that's neat! I guess it's inaccessible through normal use?


Awesome! Mednafen will want to add a Cutting Room Floor page once/if you release how to patch the ISO to activate this! :) She did a good job with the Ys IV Debug mode.


Sweet, nice find!  Oh, what wonders & secrets are still left to be found in PCE games, 20+ years later.