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Games that were first on the PC Engine and ported to SNES/SFC or genesis

Started by exodus, November 09, 2018, 03:05:32 PM

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I don't think this specific thing has been done before - I'm interested in looking at games that began their lives on the PCE and then got ports to other consoles. Most specifically I'm interested in games that were essentially "remixed" for another platform, ala rondo of blood vs dracula x, or valis iv vs super valis iv. But I'd like to talk about all of them I guess, so I can sift through? And this would be games that didn't start on other systems or arcades first, so the SNK games don't count, etc.

I'll start:
PCE: Rondo of Blood
SNES: Dracula X

PCE: Valis IV
SNES: Super Valis IV

PCE: Valis III
GEN: Valis III

PCE: Exile
GEN: Exile
(I'm counting this since it's a total remake/retelling of XZR II and doesn't have a pre-console equivalent)

PCE: Devil's Crush/Crash
GEN: Devil's Crush/Crash

PCE: Dungeon Explorer II
SNES: Crystal Beans

PCE: Lords of Thunder
SCD: Lords of Thunder

PCE: Startling Odyssey
PSX: Startling Odyssey I: Blue Evolution

(adding everyone else's)

PCE: Bonk's Adventure
NES: Bonk's adventure

PCE: Nectaris
GB: GB Nectaris
PSX: GB Nectaris

PCE: Bomberman '94
GEN: Mega Bomberman

PCE: Tokimeki Memorial
PS1/SAT/SFC: Tokimeki Memorial

PCE: Cosmic Fantasy: Bōken Shōnen Yū (1990)
Cosmic Fantasy 2 (1991)
Sega CD: Cosmic Fantasy Stories (1992, Sega CD)

any others you can think of?
It'd be fun to do this for all consoles forever, but that seems impossible :P


Bonk's Adventure -> NES Bonk
Bonk III -> SNES Super Bonk (-ish)

Bomberman '94 -> Mega Bomberman

Nectaris -> GB Nectaris

Fire Pro Wrestling... maybe?


yeah, those are good... though I don't think bonk 3 totally counts(!?) it's certainly debatable! I'll keep it out for now.
I was on the fence about GB Nectaris but I guess it uses the same maps, so that counts.
Gonna have to look into/compare contrast PCE fire pro and super fire pro!


Quote from: exodus on November 09, 2018, 03:05:32 PMPCE: Startling Odyssey
PSX: Startling Odyssey I: Blue Evolution
Hmm, I didn't know SO got ported to PSX, wanna find screenshots now, see what it looks like on there.

As to the experiment, you already mentioned Dracula X, an obvious one. I'd have to get to my PC to look at the PCE catalogs some time to see if something jogs my memory, but drawing a blank on anything else.


startling odyssey is *such* a remake that I might have to take it off the list, even :P the story and systems are the same though...


yeah, I guess that's also a straight remake with the same maps and arranged music, so it probably counts.

Tokimeki Memorial PCE CD: 5/27/1994
Tokimeki Memorial PS1: 10/13/1995
Tokimeki Memorial SFC: 2/9/1996
Tokimeki Memorial Saturn: 7/19/1996



Cosmic Fantasy: Bōken Shōnen Yū (1990)
Cosmic Fantasy 2 (1991)

Ported to Sega CD:
Cosmic Fantasy Stories (1992, Sega CD)