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No, NOT a trick, a Halloween treat! Presenting the Dead of the Brain 1 English patch by David Shadoff for the DEAD last official PC Engine CD game published by NEC before exiting the console biz in 1999! I helped edit/betatest and it's also a game I actually finished in 2023, yaaay! Shubibiman also did a French localization. github.com/dshadoff/DeadoftheBrain
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Re: Le TurboDoodle: Xmas

Started by SuperPlay, 12/27/2018, 05:44 PM

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Esteban a ture hero of xmas :-)
P.S. What has happened to this sites cursor!


OH! No kidding, Le TurboDoodle is back with a Christmas in New Jersey special!!! I didn't see that one coming!

Bah humbug, it's 2 years old, you tricked us ?? :( Much nostalgia though, good flashback.

Quote from: SuperPlay on 12/27/2018, 05:44 PMP.S What has happened to this sites cursor!
Keith Courage Turbo-Takeover, he couldn't be stopped! ;)

P. S. I hope that wasn't just a passive-aggressive way to express dislike for it, I mean, I never thought I'd see a cursor creation based on raw PCE sprites before, I quite like it (it's created from a raw sprite dump from the game itself). I was hoping to use Bonk somehow, but obviously for pointer purposes, it's gotta be a character with a sword like Keith, Yuna (from Valis), or a whip like Ritcher (that could work with diagonal adjustments, etc.).


I've gotta say, I do find the cursor super distracting!


Quote from: exodus on 01/01/2019, 08:27 PMI've gotta say, I do find the cursor super distracting!
The obvious solution is menu options for such things, but how to integrate one, where to put it ? Then I remembered one of the next upgrades I wanted to tackle was a right-click menu before eventually working on this ugly pink/blue Habboland theme.

Since the default right-click menu sucks anyway, besides back/forward/reload options, a custom PCEFX version would be nice with a PCEFX board link tree, recent posts/unread replies options all there, Inbox, etc. and at the bottom there could be "Cursor Options:" with either Keith, System Default, etc. or any more I might do like with Dracula X's Richter or Valis' Yuko, since you need PCE characters with swords/whips to pull it off. Sorry Bonk, can't make that work... :(

And voila, problem solved for those that don't like a custom-themed PC Engine cursor. :)

One protip with the cursor given the button effects I added to links is to move from the bottom to top, that will avoid the back'n'forth flashing that occurs if you move from top to bottom and the link moves down 1px to simulate a button effect, which moves it out of hotspot range, so then the cursor flashes endlessly to arrow/hand modes till you position it better.

Fact is though the "Keith Kursor" is dead accurate, the sword tip nails a hotspot rectangle region at the top/left perfectly when it comes to linked content... With the default arrow/hand combo, the hand has a rounded tip and it moves a bit. I think perhaps you guys would've preferred it to stay in the 32x32 standard range, but Keith is bigger in the 48x48 range.

But anyway, I do want it to be the PCE default, and then have a right-click menu that lets you change it back to the cheap arrow/hand system combo as an eventual solution when I get around to it.