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Pixelization/Animation Perfection
« on: August 14, 2021, 03:40:36 PM »
Wanted to branch out from the PC Engine Pixelization thread after Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys to include/link cool animations from any game/console.

To start it off, much credit again to Kishi's Gift of GIF, now a lost thread after the forum was scraped in 2020 and rebooted with XenForo. But thanks to WayBack and some grunt work we can dig out some of the best highlights!
Find more animated GIFs be it Falcom and others below e.g. Ys I-III PC-98 ports:*/**/**/*


And finally some of Kishi's finest work, the NES/SNES Super Punch-Out Parade! :boom:

Arcade extra with Bald Bull: